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  1. John A. Casler

    Advice for new Home Theatre speaker setup In wall vs regular focal!

    As a general rule, "IN-ROOM" speakers offer a better option, than "in-wall" or "in-ceiling".
  2. John A. Casler

    Need help with home stereo for college house

    Unless you need a tuner, why not pick up the Behringer A500 (around $225-$250 street NEW, and I would guess close to 1/2 that used) In fact there may be any number of pro-amps (but most have fans which shouldn't be any big deal for parties) that would be as capable. With the CV or...
  3. John A. Casler

    Need help with home stereo for college house

    Look for KLIPSCH or Cerwin-Vega speakers in PawnShops and Craig's List. They will do what you want.
  4. John A. Casler

    Home Theater speakers in wall or free standing.

    How big (dimensions) is the space inside the columns? What is your budget?
  5. John A. Casler

    Audiotrak 5.1-7.1 preamp?

    The HOME website is here
  6. John A. Casler

    Need help to connect S-video Laserdisc player output to Optoma projector without S-video input

    While I too suggest that the composite and S-Video will likely be virtually the same, your other optionn if you have an AVR that will upconvert (actually transcode) to HDMI is to run the signal through upconversion of the AVR.
  7. John A. Casler

    Thinking about my first amp change in 15 years.

    Hi John, Hard to say if you made an upward move or not. It likely depends on the condition of your Aragon. For sure if both were new there would be no contest. FYI Aragon was recently taken over by a company called Indy Labs and will begin marketing the Aragon and Acurus brands again...
  8. John A. Casler

    Need a new receiver... HELP!!!!

    Hi Kris, I am wondering, with all those amps, are you looking for a Pre/Pro or an AV Receiver? I have many clients who use an AV Receiver as a Pre/Pro, but I just wanted to make sure before suggesting something.
  9. John A. Casler

    Help me decide on my subwoofer?

    Look for the BIC F12, might be $20-40 over your price, but likely worth it.
  10. John A. Casler

    Best sub for around $3500?

    What are your mains?
  11. John A. Casler

    Reliable plate amps and where to find online?

    That is the amp I would suggest, and I would NOT get the plate amp version, but the component version. We use a slightly modded versions for our VMPS Subs.
  12. John A. Casler

    Maggie update

  13. John A. Casler

    Maggie update

  14. John A. Casler

    Maggie update

    Oooops, I forgot to mention, I'm on Beverly Glen in Century City. All you need do is come over the hill.:D
  15. John A. Casler

    Maggie update

  16. John A. Casler

    Maggie update

    Just crusing through and saw this post (actually in a search for the "other" Alan) Where in So Cal are you? I'm in Los Angeles and have VMPS and also should properly disclose that I am a dealer for VMPS. You missed the VMPS demo of the LA and OC Audio Society, but you certainly are welcome to...
  17. John A. Casler

    Dual subwoofers....will this work, or will the cancel each other. One front one rear

    I have 4 LARGER VMPS subs, 2 in front and two rear. I run the rear "out of phase" This makes a push pull. It seems to work very well and the also seems to reduce room interaction. As mentioned above, each room is different, but it is an option to try (reversing the phase in the rear sub)
  18. John A. Casler

    See, cables do matter!!! (Yeah right)

    Hi James, not sure how you arrived at that conclusion. I certainly don't dismiss scientific data. I also don't dismiss what my ears hear. I would probably catagorize myslef as middle of the road. I too find many claims to be rather outlandish,...BUT hold an open mind until I can hear them...
  19. John A. Casler

    See, cables do matter!!! (Yeah right)

    I have no idea and have no knowledge of the situation, the test, or even the cables. Nor did I say he could tell the difference. I think sometimes in discussions such as these, it is difficult to keep people straight (I'm not studying psychology) and while I have made statments that might...
  20. John A. Casler

    See, cables do matter!!! (Yeah right)

    I have heard enough different cords, cables, and interconnects to know that I can perceive a difference. Strangely enough the greatest differences seem to be in Power Cords, rather than ICs or Speaker cables. While I assume you would beleive that even less, it has been my personal experience...
  21. John A. Casler

    Power conditioners and amps

    Marc, I don't think "any" power conditioner will help the problem. What you report sounds like an electrical signal in the TV. Might be a faulty degaussing mechanism, or an arcing circuit that arcs when your power reaches a certain level or saturation. I would try another TV if you...
  22. John A. Casler

    See, cables do matter!!! (Yeah right)

    While I agree that in areas as "sensitivity" dependant as this, that mindset, preconception, and even emotional state can offer something to the expereince as a whole, to state that if it is not measurable and therefore does not exist to be perceived, is "not scientific". That is like saying...
  23. John A. Casler

    See, cables do matter!!! (Yeah right)

    While it has to be agreed that some gross measurements provide significant insight as to the basic electrical signal that is being "passed" via a conductor, there are several other considerations on the electro-physics plate to be examined. It cannot be refuted that certain properties and...
  24. John A. Casler

    See, cables do matter!!! (Yeah right)

    Sorry Chu, but I didn't see where I suggested "any" cables??? I simply proposed that while measurments are great, there is not a measurment for all human sensory perception. I certainly could care less if someone wants to listen to lamp cord (I assume all you objective arguers do) or $10K...
  25. John A. Casler

    See, cables do matter!!! (Yeah right)

    Not everything can be measured! Try measuring a "thought". Sure you can measure brain activity, but you cannot from that measurement, tell what you are thinking. While you may be able to measure electron flow and voltage/amplitude and various factors, you cannot look at the oscilliscope...
  26. John A. Casler

    Where to buy HT gear in Australia?

    I have a friend Bhaskar, who is just starting up with some major brands down there. In fact he was here (in Los Angeles) last night for a short listening session before returning home. E-mail him at [email protected] and tell him I sent you. Can't guarantee he is carrying what you want but...
  27. John A. Casler

    Can klipsch be beat??

    Hi Chris, Both great speakers, both will play at high volume. M&K might have a slight edge on dispersion for HT, while TowerIIs definately are better for music (but the M&Ks are great in that aspect too) Towers have much more bass since the M&Ks are designed to be used with a woofer. I...
  28. John A. Casler

    Can klipsch be beat??

    Hi Chris, Both the M&K (150 and 5000 series) and the VMPS Tower IIs we talked about before you got your Klipsch, will compete well with the Klipsch for "overall" good HT sound. Ear bleeding levels are almost entirely the domain of horns but levels just below hearing damage are quite easily...
  29. John A. Casler

    Possible to convert a mono sound tv to be in stereo sound?

    Just buy a cheap "stereo" VCR and use it for the tuner and the TV as a monitor. Take the audio output of the VCR tuner to input your system. "Problem Solved"