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  1. Rob Mac

    Some Twilight Time Discs No Longer Playing

    Watched Twilight Time "Experiment In Terror" all the way through with no freezing issues on my Oppo 103. I never realized until now how much this movie influenced Dirty Harry. I was previously having occasional playback problems on this same very lightly used Oppo player that eventually ended up...
  2. Rob Mac

    Where Eagles Dare at 50…

    Would it bother you if they digitally improved some of the cheesy rear screen effects in the gondola scenes?
  3. Rob Mac

    The Good The Bad and The Ugly - 50th Theatrical

    The Good - Most close ups look pretty good. Most of the yellow tint is gone. The Bad - Colors are off a lot. Flesh tones are sometimes terrible. Blood looks like burgundy nail polish. Contrast ranges from good to bad. Dialog volume is low. When camera moves off the actor speaking, an "echo"...
  4. Rob Mac

    Help HTF Members With Criterion Recommendations

    Rififi Charade Blow Out Dressed To Kill Peeping Tom Hard Day's Night
  5. Rob Mac

    Puppet On A Chain limited bluray

    The new Puppet On A Chain (limited to 1000) bluray while missing most of the print scratches present on the Scorpion widescreen DVD, is a very minor upgrade in overall picture quality. This from watching the first 5 minutes and A/B comparing the two discs.
  6. Rob Mac

    problem with speakers

    How is the TV connected to the amplifier?
  7. Rob Mac

    Kiss of The Dragon - Is there a difference?

    I can't find any reviews on the 2015 re-release of Kiss Of The Dragon. Did they fix it?
  8. Rob Mac

    A Few Words About A few words about...™ The Babadook -- in Blu-ray

    I wasn't impressed by The Babadook. It was a good quality movie but borrowed too many familiar elements from other flicks like The Shining and the Exorcist and in the end just seemed like a jumbled tribute to the filmmakers favorite horror films.
  9. Rob Mac

    3D Almost Given Up On My Panny Plasma For Decent 3-D

    3D on my Panasonic ST50 (Panasonic glasses) and Panasonic BDT110 works great. Only ghosting is on some badly produced movies. Some discs that got so-so reviews looked very good on my set. Maybe your player or glasses are the issue? (Panasonic ST series tv's are discontinued.)
  10. Rob Mac

    3D Sin City - A Dame to Kill For 3D - Region B Steel Book Preorder

    (Region A release) While the 3D characters mostly looked good and sometimes really good, the backgrounds when out of focus had very distracting ghosting on some objects and brick walls etc. A lot of times was like a dirty, smeary or cloudy look floating between the actors and the background.
  11. Rob Mac

    The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (4k Remastered Blu-ray) Single Available for Preorder

    Comparing the latest GB&U remastered with the first trilogy version: remaster has a yellowish sepia-like tint, a greenish tint in the blacks and noticeably more detail. With a few tweaks on my television - cooling the color temp, and turning down the green hue, green saturation and green...
  12. Rob Mac

    Dragonfly Squadron Contest: Win A Copy on Blu-Ray

    "A Christmas Carol" far. I do have many more to watch.
  13. Rob Mac

    The Definitive A CHRISTMAS CAROL (1951): Starring Alastair Sim

    Yes, the Campbell radio show is on the bonus DVD of the VCI Diamond Edition combo set and shows up in the menu. It is not hidden as an easter egg.
  14. Rob Mac

    Mr. Majestyk (1974) (Blu-ray) Available for Preorder

    Mr. Majestyk is a bit of a disappointment. While some outdoor daytime close up shots looked pretty good, there are plenty of interior and dark scenes that are extremely grainy. This one belongs in the under $10 sale bins.
  15. Rob Mac

    Do you allow friends to borrow your Blu-ray discs?

    I thought that the DVD that is included in bluray combo packs was for lending.
  16. Rob Mac

    Dead Calm on Blu-ray

    I also avoided this blu-ray for the longest time due to bad reviews. Saw it cheap one day, bought it and was surprised that it looked so good. Great movie.
  17. Rob Mac

    DVD vs Blu-ray: Bad discs

    Sounds like the belt that opens and closes the drawer is worn and slipping. Take the top off the player and you can likely nudge the drawer open and get your disc.
  18. Rob Mac

    Garrison's Gorillas fans?

    Although I find watching it now, the show is a little corny and doesn't have the same magic it had when I watched it as a kid, but I still would buy a set if it came out.
  19. Rob Mac

    What are your top 5 favorite shows from the 1960s?

    T.H.E. Cat Mission Impossible Garrison's Gorillas Outer Limits Lost In Space
  20. Rob Mac

    What are you top 10 favourite animation films?

    Incredibles Iron Giant TinTin 9 Wall-E A Christmas Carol (do I need to say Jim Carrey?) Monster House Despicable Me Jungle Book Mask Of The Phantasm
  21. Rob Mac

    What are your top 10 favorite films?

    The Good The Bad and the Ugly The Great Escape Wait Until Dark In The Heat Of The Night Time After Time Goldfinger Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein The Ghost and Mr. Chicken Out Of The Past Rear Window
  22. Rob Mac

    3D Dial M For Murder 3D $17.99 on Amazon

    Still $44 in Canadamazon.
  23. Rob Mac

    WHV Press Release: SORCERER (Blu-ray Book)

    Sorcerer looks great about 80% of the film. Looks good for the rest. A couple of grainy shots...I'm happy with it. It was worth the wait. Now I need something else to anticipate. Got a date on True Lies yet?
  24. Rob Mac

    3D Blu-ray Review Imax Hubble 3D: THE HTF 3D ADDICT REVIEW

    I would imagine that an object so far away would never look 3 dimensional. Like looking at the moon on a clear night or a mountain in the distance. They always look flat.
  25. Rob Mac

    Rumor: Remastered Rocky and The Good, the Bad and the Ugly on the way

    Ambient sound yes, but principal dialog moving from speaker to speaker in the middle of a conversation is very distracting. It sounds like volume dropouts and does not make me feel like I am "in the movie". No theater is big enough for that to be anything but annoying.
  26. Rob Mac

    Rumor: Remastered Rocky and The Good, the Bad and the Ugly on the way

    The way the dialog on the remastered Good Bad Ugly follows the actors around the screen is the stupidest load of gimmicky nonsense I've ever heard in a movie. Who has a home theater big enough for that to be effective?
  27. Rob Mac

    "A Hard Day's Night" 50th Anniversary restoration Criterion blu-ray confirmed...

    I can understand messing with the audio so as not to impact sales of Hard Days Night CD's and LP's. Why does anyone need to buy the soundtrack when it is in beautiful digital glory on the blu-ray. I hope this time they don't "process" the music audio and ruin the HDN film experience once again.
  28. Rob Mac

    A Few Words About A few words about...™ In the Heat of the Night -- in Blu-ray

    I didn't really notice it in my first glance at the blu-ray, but the 40th anniversary SD DVD has the "twitch"
  29. Rob Mac

    In The Heat of the Night (1967) (Blu-ray) Available for Preorder

    Screen caps I saw are softer looking than what I see on my TV. I don't see evidence of DNR. Detail is noticeably better in the blu-ray. As for squished picture, if you look at publicity pictures of Sidney Poitier's face and compare them to the original DVD and the new blu-ray, it looks more like...
  30. Rob Mac

    In The Heat of the Night (1967) (Blu-ray) Available for Preorder

    If you expect it to look polished like X-Men, you might be disappointed because it never did.