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  1. Geoffrey_A

    Anyone Remember CED?

    I have a CED player and a couple of titles. I like the discs for their display alue, they have some really interesting art on them. I especially like the art on Planet of the Apes, which is just bizzare. When I first saw the Ape on it I instantly thought "Man, that looks just like Paul Williams"...
  2. Geoffrey_A

    11 tv show i would love to see on dvd

    Actually, it's the other way around. Super Powers debuted after superfriends and was designed to tie into the action figure series of the same name, rember? the ones with the awesome "action" features, like squeezing supermans legs to make him punch. First there were the super friends, followed...
  3. Geoffrey_A

    Arrrrgh...Movie Piracy: A Big Deal?

    Here's some of the things that strike me about the piracy issue. Firstly, the ridiculous ly high estimates on how much money is being lost. I'm sorry, but every time someone views a pirated film, that is not a ticket sale lost, because that assumes that if they hadn't had the bootleg, they would...
  4. Geoffrey_A

    The New AstroBoy

    Has anyone else caught the new AstroBoy series running on Kids WB? I just took a look at the first episode, and I enjoyed it. The animation quality is very impressive, especially in comparison to the 2 previous astroboy series. It's teh same design style as Metropolis (the anime, not Langs) and...
  5. Geoffrey_A

    Movie Death Scenes that really got to you...

    Man, spoiler tags are a must! I'd never seen braveheart dammit!
  6. Geoffrey_A

    Garfield: The Movie IS COMING!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jeff's boycott based on Lorenzo Music, here's an interesting thought: Lorenzo Music was the voice of Garfield Lorenzo Music was the voice of Peter Venkman on Real Ghostbusters Bill Murray was Peter Venkman in Ghostbusters Bill Murray is the voice of Garfield in the movie Honestly, if...
  7. Geoffrey_A

    Will Peter Jackson or anyone else make "The Hobbit"?? (MERGED THREAD)

    The process of replacing a stuntman's face with the actors, while doable, is very time consuming and costly. That's why it's only utilized in stunt work. It's not cost effective to film an entire movie like that. What I would like to see is a CG animated Hobbit with Live action book-ends. Start...
  8. Geoffrey_A

    Supposedly terrific movies that just didn't do it for you... and why.

    Spider-Man Liquid Sky Gladiator A Beautiful Mind Chicago Sleepers
  9. Geoffrey_A

    Merged Thread for all problem-related issues with TTT:EE ext. ed.

    Has anyone had trouble with the layer change on disc 2? I find that on my Panasonic 5 disc progressive scan player it hangs up at the layer change (right after Aragorn welcomes Haldir to Helm's Deep). It works fine on my regular sony player, but it kind of irks me that on my progressive player...
  10. Geoffrey_A

    Real Ghostbusters on DVD?

    over at rhino's home video section there's a pop up survey when you enter that asks which animated series you'd like them to release in the future, and RGB is on the list. I suggest anyone that wants to see it happen head over there and click yes to RGB ;)
  11. Geoffrey_A

    Star Wars quote help needed

    I take full responsibility. If only I had written the lines better before I was born your joke would now not face this setback ;)
  12. Geoffrey_A

    Star Wars quote help needed

    "Red 6 can you see red 5?" Red 6 - "There's a heavy fire storm - bbzzzttt- Red 5, where are you?" Luke - "I can't shake him!" Wedge - "I'm on him Luke, Hold on" Luke - "Blast it bigs where are you"
  13. Geoffrey_A

    I do not like this as a movie; I do not think it will be groovy.

    I just gotta know: Why is Myer's giving the cat the coffee talk ladies voice? Why did he feel that his poor jewish accent was the best way to go with this character? and stupidest of all, did he not realize that his jewish accent is of the stereotypical female jewish variety? Honestly, I'm all...
  14. Geoffrey_A

    Merged Thread for all problem-related issues with TTT:EE ext. ed.

    Mine was glued really harshly. I spent a good 45 minutes trying to remove the paper, but still ended up messing the box up. Then there was removing gollum. He was glued to the bottom of the box, so there was no way to remove him by opening the bottom, and it's impossible to get him out from the...
  15. Geoffrey_A

    *** Official LOONEY TUNES: BACK IN ACTION Discussion Thread

    It looks like crap to me. I hope I'm wrong. What I would prefer to see is a Looney Tunes movie where it's all animated. I don't really understand why they feel the need to cram the Looney Tunes into the real world. It didn't work in Space Jam, why would they try it again? It's not that the idea...
  16. Geoffrey_A

    The scariest line of dialog in any film you've seen

    My shame is only matched by my appetite for the crappy movies of my youth ;)
  17. Geoffrey_A

    The scariest line of dialog in any film you've seen

    "I'll be back!" - Skeletor - Master of the Universe This scene comes at the end of the credits, Skeletor pops out of the river of, lava I guess, and threatens the audience with a sequel. Now that's scary.
  18. Geoffrey_A

    Whats the longest its taken you to acknowledge disappointment with a film?

    I was a hard core Star Wars geek. Of every movie ever made, Star Wars had the most influence over my life. It was the single most influential series that shaped my tastes and to a certain extent, my values. I was desperate to see episode 1. I stayed in line for 3 days, was the first in line in...
  19. Geoffrey_A

    Time Travel In the Movies

    Sadly, it has to be a really great movie for me to take a time travel story. Not because I dislike time travel stories mind you, but because of what I know about the practicalities of time travel. Especially in the Star Trek universe, which often cites Quantum Physics. Here's the thing. If...
  20. Geoffrey_A

    Why do so many people dislike Gladiator?

    Here's the thing about 'hitting chords' with the majority of the general public. Such movies are not neccesarily good, because they often pander to the lowest common denominator. Look at any hugely successfull action film. Gladiator succeeded because it made that denominator feel more...
  21. Geoffrey_A

    Trailers On DVDs That Give Away Too Much Plot? Biggest Offenders?

    Here's one, Free Willy. A movie I personally can't stand, but was always amused by the trailer, which is a summary of the entire film. The trailer shows Orphan boy, makes friends with whale, people try to kill whale for insurance money or something, boy conspires to save whale, bad guys try to...
  22. Geoffrey_A

    Movies that were a box office hit years ago, but don't date very wel

    What about the Karate Kid? Now that was big back in the day, but now? Well, it just doesn't stand the test of time. The less said about the sequels the better.
  23. Geoffrey_A

    Attn Ron: LOST IN SPACE up for preorder, & 10 other Fox season sets!

    There's only one show that I'm truly dying to have on DVD, and that's Space: Above and Beyond. It kills me that Dark Angel is making it to DVD yet SAAB is still in limbo. I feel like I'm being teased, the way god teased Mosses in the desert. ;)
  24. Geoffrey_A

    Superman/Smallville question

    double post
  25. Geoffrey_A

    To Quote Moe: "Oh, Dear God No!" The Next Superman to be...

    I've got a little website where I posted my casting call for a new Superman film, That is to say, who I would cast. Feel free to take a look and let me know what you think. My Spidey casting call page made it into entertainment weekly, and my pic...
  26. Geoffrey_A

    I'm losing interest in American Idol show

    I can't really see watching the show past the first couple of episodes. The only entertainment value it has is watching the truly horrible people try out, once we've narrowed it down to a field of talented people it's boring. I want to see embarassingly bad singers and see what happens when the...