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    Venturer SHD7000 v. Toshiba HD-A3

    The owner's manual for the Venturer SHD7000 is finally up: Link So we can compare it with the existing Toshiba models. Which one should we compare it with, exactly? Let's proceed by elimination. The second-generation models had the drive on the left, and the third-gen on the right. The...
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    'The Fighter': Aronofsky reduced to hired gun?

    From Hollywood Reporter I am a Darren Aronofsky fan but... Another true story of a boxer's fall-and-rise? Meh. And Damon and Wahlberg now playing brothers? Double meh.
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    Warner's Total HD cripples HD DVD (temporarily) and Blu-ray (permanently)

    From Home Media Magazine: Firstly, it must be known that any Total HD releases between June and August will be single-layer for both formats. However, it is even more serious for Blu-ray owners: the Cinram exec gives no timeframe for the readiness of an HD DVD 30GB/Blu-ray 50GB, so going...
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    Paprika, a new film by Satoshi Kon

    Some information has appeared on the new project by Satoshi Kon, one of my favorite anime directors (and also one of my favorite current filmmakers, period). It is based on a novel by Japanese author Yasutaka Tsutsui, about a female psychiatrist/detective who solves crimes by entering into...
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    Ultimate AV Mag report on Blu-ray demo - lots of information

    http://blog.ultimateavmag.com/thomasnorton/ These are the main data: All first titles are expected to be limited to a single layer. There are two Blu-ray modes: Movie Mode (used for high definition films) and BD-J Mode (a fully programmable mode that includes interactive features, like...
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    Very interesting (and sobering) Cnet article

    HD-DVD's Xbox 360 strategy Some interesting excerpts:
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    OAR is again in danger for HiDef

    As more and more people buy HDTVs, I'm afraid we'll see once more the tendency to cater to the public's desire to fill their (wide)screens. We've seen it already with DVD and broadcast, so we can't assume it won't happen with HD DVD or Blu-ray. Let's try to analyse the different classes of...
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    Studio allegiance at work: a scenario

    Okay, apart from the initial launch releases, how would all of this pan out if all parties dug in their heels? We've got Fox, Disney and Sony with Blu-ray, and Universal with HD DVD. Paramount is going to release equally for both formats. WB is releasing for both formats, but more for HD DVD...
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    Any photo/video experts? Help me debunk 'London bombers picture manipulation'

    On another forum, a guy who's very keen on any 'unorthodox' stuff, has posted this: Was a "Bomber" Superimposed? Of course, the people who say that have no expertise whatsoever in the field of digital video or graphics. But I'd like an expert opinion on whether their claims have any...
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    Vendetta, Potter, Corpse Bride, Fountain showcased at Comic-Con TODAY!

    Just saw this. Sorry for the short notice! http://www.comic-con.org/cci/cci05_prog_fri.php
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    Unnecessarily happy endings

    I just read Michael Osadciw's review of the movie Hide and Seek, where he says something I totally agree with: Yuck.
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    German SVS importer?

    I just found a rather positive review of the PB10ISD on areadvd. The part that made me raise my eyebrows was at the very end: (svsubwoofers.de is still under construction as I write) So, apparently SVS now has an importer for Germany. Obviously they must be a reliable company - I don't...
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    Nostalgia for the heroic years of DVD

    I think the release of the Star Wars original trilogy (flawed as it was) marked the end of a shaky but charming time for many DVD enthusiasts and movie lovers. For a time, it really seemed a lot ot titles were never being released. I remember reading about all the problems, legal and...
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    Cypher - German edition

    Prompted by PaulP's interest in this title (and its current excellent price on amazon.de), I'm posting some data on the excellent German edition of Vincenzo Natali's Cypher. Image: Anamorphic Widescreen 1.85:1 Audio: DD 5.1 English (448 kbps); 2.0 Headphone Surround English (192 kbps); DD...
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    'Downgrade' from Denon 4800 to Yamaha 2500?

    I have a Denon AVC-A10SE (Euro version of the Denon 4800, minus tuner) and I'm seriously thinking of migrating to the Yamaha RX-V2500. The features I'm interested in include auto-calibration, lipsync delay adjust, video upconversion and Silent Cinema (nice to have with a baby at home). Other...
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    Powerpuff Girls: The Movie gets OAR in R2

    Yes, it's in amazing 1.85:1. I was so wary I asked the attendant to put a copy in their player, but it really is OAR. Go Old Europe!