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  1. Will_B

    Where is Journeyman on DVD?

    Finally on DVD, with all the special features about how the series would have continued had it not been for NBC and the strike. But, it is from the UK, Region 2: I wonder if the special features were actually produced...
  2. Will_B

    Where are the Get A Life Season Sets, Rhino?

    Cool. Did he say anything about why the extras are so Mirkin-focused?
  3. Will_B

    Where are the Get A Life Season Sets, Rhino?

    And just to resurrect this thread, for the record, the complete series of Get a Life was released on DVD this year, 2012, with absolutely none of Chris Elliott's & Adam Resnick's 2005 commentary tracks (nor the featurette CE said he filmed), and without their participation in any of the extras...
  4. Will_B

    Blu-ray Review Total Recall: Mind-Bending Edition Blu-ray Review

    I'm holding off until I see whether the new US edition has the problems that a recent UK release has - yellow skin tones, blue lights changed to yellow, contrast artificially boosted, etc. Sounds like they wanted to fix this film but couldn't.
  5. Will_B

    True Blood: Season Five

    I'm enjoying it. Rewatching each episode (and fast forwarding over the Terry scenes when i rewatch). Better than last season. Anna Paquin is portraying Sookie differently than in the past seasons, which is a nice change-up.
  6. Will_B

    Blade Runner 30th Anniversary Edition (2012) - any changes from the earlier 5-disc set?

    I wasn't really expecting CL to appear here. It's been a few years since these Talk to the Insiders areas had insiders. Plus, he might be fantastically busy putting together a new cut of Prometheus to answer the critics, or getting special features for it into shape.
  7. Will_B

    Fringe Season 4

    That's fair enough - it is tough to keep talent on board for only half a season when they could surely get a full-season job elsewhere. Very excited for the future-Fringe! Though I will miss Fauxlivia and the rest of the alternate universe.
  8. Will_B

    True Blood: Season Five

    So her delay in whining was probably her brain growing back, right? And once her brain was grown back, she was ready with the same ol' same ol'?
  9. Will_B

    True Blood: Season Five

    Maybe because that is what everyone is expecting, they'll do something different. Just kidding. Of course it will be more of the same from Tara.
  10. Will_B

    Weekly RoundUp 5-29-2012

    But be warned! Even though the Sale tag on the racks says that their set includes "65 minutes of cast Q&A", only SOME of their copies have it, and those few are marked by a small sticker that says "Only at Target". If you arrive at a store with both in ample supply, you'll figure this out. But...
  11. Will_B

    Blade Runner 30th Anniversary Edition (2012) - any changes from the earlier 5-disc set?

    I agree, of course. I'd seriously consider buying this set again IF the Dangerous Days content is in high-def. I might consider buying this set again if the movies have been given a higher bitrate via the use of BD50s, but, that's not as important as finally getting the Dangerous Days...
  12. Will_B

    Blade Runner 30th Anniversary Edition (2012) - any changes from the earlier 5-disc set?

    Seems like every BluRay site except this one is talking about the re-release of the Blade Runner 5-disc set. Some questions that everyone wants to know: Are the discs BD50s this time instead of BD25s? Is Dangerous Days in high-definition this time? Amazon mentions a new photo gallery. Any other...
  13. Will_B

    Blade Runner sequel

    And same ears too, not that people notice such things: ears
  14. Will_B

    Blade Runner sequel

    About Ridley's plan to do a Blade Runner film soon (a film set in the Blade Runner universe, if not a direct sequel in the usual sense of the word), I've been watching Breaking Bad season 2, and, if Ridley needs a Rachael - who, granted, I do not believe is the female protagonist of which he has...
  15. Will_B

    Eight Stills From THE THING Prequel!

    Someone visiting another country got to see a longer version, which had about 20 more minutes of getting to know the people at the outpost. But for the English-speaking world all of that was deleted.
  16. Will_B

    Help. How do I remove myself from Facebook.

    Sounds like you gave it permission to do a "Contact Sync" with your phone. But those hundreds of suggestions that you Friend people aren't coming from your friends, they are just automatic messages from Facebook that basically says "we think you know this person, send them a friend request!"...
  17. Will_B

    Terra Nova: season 1 thread

    BBC's Primevil did it right.
  18. Will_B

    Lethal Weapon Blu-ray $6.66 (61% off)

    AVOID AVOID AVOID! That's the release with the problematic image quality -- everything has "jaggies". It is only being dumped because there's a new edition coming out soon.
  19. Will_B

    Fringe Season 4

    The only way I know if Fringe is on, is by joining the Save Fringe updates on Facebook. They always announce when the show is actually on.
  20. Will_B

    SPACE: 2099 (SPACE: 1999 Remake Series) In The Works

    I was interested until "V" was mentioned. What a horrible show. Why anyone would give that guy control of anything is beyond me.
  21. Will_B

    Ferris Bueller 2?

    Looks like digital makeup from the bottom of his eyes to, well, his chin. Even a person in their 20s has bags and lines, but there's nothing but porcelin-like smoothness there. That's ok. The point was to evoke the past.
  22. Will_B

    I need suggestions regarding my iTunes library, online music stores and why I shouldn't go back to C

    There hasn't been DRM for several years though - though I understand you were saying that was just yet another factor that initially turned you away. Files bought from iTunes do have metadata that includes your name on it, and it can't be removed - as a way to discourage you from making a mix...
  23. Will_B

    I need suggestions regarding my iTunes library, online music stores and why I shouldn't go back to C sells lossless dance singles - if by "dance" you mean like electronica or other modern dance music. Be sure to select the lossless option, since they also sell (cheaper) lossy versions. Like you, I rip lossless CDs, but am hoping that high-definition music (higher quality...
  24. Will_B

    Why does my computer turn on and off by itself?

    Could be heat. If you haven't de-dusted your computer lately, it may be overheating when it is being pushed hard, like when you play video games. With a toothbrush, clean the dust off the little fan on the chip, and if it is a desktop computer, off the big fans too. Then blow the dust away with...
  25. Will_B

    Free easy Web development tool?

    Microsoft Word creates the most bastardized version of html imaginable. Do not use it! I agree with the above, install Wordpress (which is free, and which some hosting services like GoDaddy make available as a simple "1 click" process to install), and then add into Wordpress an already-designed...
  26. Will_B

    LOCK-OUT (Trailer)

    Or like this one:
  27. Will_B

    Underworld Awakening - quick review

    I agree entirely that there is too much action in this new one - and it is ridiculous that nearly all the action takes place in the same location - but it did not feel like a cash grab to me. It felt like they just did not spend enough months developing the story and coming up with dramatic...
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  29. Will_B

    Anyone gone mirrorless?

    That is indeed an upgrade over the included flash. It includes the ability to bounce the flash, and is several times more powerful. Like the Olympus cameras, you're supposed to be able to use these cameras without ever needing the flash. But frankly for parties and such, a flash is handy to have.