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  1. Tim Raffey

    *** Official ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS MIND DiscussionThread

    Immediately after being overwhelmed by the intensity of the crumbling beach-house, and delighted by the tight circularity of her whisper--"Meet me in Montauk"--I wanted to piss myself laughing from the offscreen line "I didn't crash the plane. The plane crashed. I didn't crash the plane."...
  2. Tim Raffey

    Great movies that you may not have seen...

    The only time I can think of walking out of a video store with a movie I'd never heard of was with a movie called Sweet Jane. It was alright. On my birthday I went to the theater to see I picture I couldn't decipher the blurb to: American Magus, a rather amazing video about Harry Smith. That...
  3. Tim Raffey

    List your top ten movies of the year so far.

    In order: 1. Morvern Callar 2. Lost In Translation 3. Kill Bill vol. 1 4. All the Real Girls 5. The Man Without a Past 6. Dracula: Pages From a Virgin's Diary 7. Regarding This Jewison 8. Spider 9. Être et avoir 10. A Mighty Wind Plus, Talk to Her Ten And I have a certain...
  4. Tim Raffey

    Andrei Tarkovsky (Merged)

    Martin, You'd have to read no more than six words of anything Tarkovsy's ever written to be able to suppose that art holds a place higher in his ideals than even morality (not to say the two aren't deeply connected).
  5. Tim Raffey

    Movies that are too weird for their own good.

    I pretty much automatically admire anything strange enough to mention here--the Quay stuff, The Beastie Boys' 'Sabotage' video, The Happiness of the Katakuris (if 'The Royal Tenenbaums' was too weird...), a picture called The Lost Bundefjord Expedition; I even have a certain affinity for some...
  6. Tim Raffey

    Directors Please help me out guys!!! Urgent!

    1. Usually 25ish, lately 10 to 15ish per month. 2. Often alone, but not exlusively. 3. (not in order, nor likely accurate--close enough for now): 8 1/5 (Otto e mezzo) - Balance of truth and beauty (the biggest virtues of art, to me) Dr. Strangelove... - Satire as a testiment to the power...
  7. Tim Raffey

    Best use of music in a movie

    I think Wong Kar-Wai has an ear for music much like Tarantino, Scorsese, the Andersons (Wes & Paul T.), etc. But to ask me, it's better. i.e.: Dinah Washington doing 'What a Diff'rence a Day Makes', 'Things in Life' by Dennis Brown, Faye Wong's re-recording of 'Dreams' by the Cranberries, and...
  8. Tim Raffey

    Leni Riefenstahl dies at 101 (or 100, depending on source).

    "...less at steak..." Curse you, Dome! Now I can't edit it and save myself a little dignity...:b
  9. Tim Raffey

    Score one for Kyle and Efram! sort of - Ebert on "Shaker Heights"

    Exactly. Hell, if you win Survivor they let you spend it on coke and whores for all they care... Derek:
  10. Tim Raffey

    Looking for some direction

  11. Tim Raffey

    Comedy is harder to do than drama

    While I'll certainly agree that comedies in general can be underrated, to make the broad statement that comedy is more difficult than drama is a little ridiculous. It suggests that D.J. Qualls deserves more respect for his perfomance in Road Trip than David Thewlis in Naked. Again we bring...
  12. Tim Raffey

    Directors Best title sequence in a movie?

    I really like The Magnificent Ambersons, though they might've been at the end.
  13. Tim Raffey

    The telephoto lens

    There's also the depth of field thing. The use of the long lense that made Kurosawa a little different (as I see it) was to move the camera far back for a wide shot. Since everything in the frame is relatively close together it's all in focus, however if one were to shoot a medium shot (thighs...
  14. Tim Raffey

    Movies that make you feel happy

    Wonderland by Michael Winterbottom.
  15. Tim Raffey

    What happened to "On the Road" movie?

    It is. DVD Box Office has it, but I cannot vouch for the disc at all.
  16. Tim Raffey

    What happened to "On the Road" movie?

    I think it would probably (further) alienate fans of the book--but I guess that happens all the time. If you're just interested in what it would be like, Don Shebib's Going Down the Road--I think--caught a lot of the tone and style of the Kerouac book (which, incidentally, is perhaps the most...
  17. Tim Raffey

    Ebert says "Worst film in history of Cannes" -- THE BROWN BUNNY

    Apologies. I just hate going on the internet and seeing people badmouth an artist. Even a supposedly shitty one.
  18. Tim Raffey

    Ebert says "Worst film in history of Cannes" -- THE BROWN BUNNY

    This may be a little pointless, since it seems as though the Ebert has already been deemed champion of this childish little scratch-fest (personally, I was more entertained by Gallo's colon-curse than Ebert's hopeful paraphrasing of the Churchill line), and Gallo certainly acts like a hemorrhoid...
  19. Tim Raffey

    Ebert says "Worst film in history of Cannes" -- THE BROWN BUNNY

    Claire, I was referring not to the actual acts photographed (namely, disrobing versus oral sex--both of which mean different things to different actors; some are clearly willing to explore them) but the taboo nature of it in popular art. I was suggesting, based on the fact that the boundries...
  20. Tim Raffey

    Ebert says "Worst film in history of Cannes" -- THE BROWN BUNNY

    I don't know whether to see this (figuratively) drunk weeping as a tragic emotional collapse caused by an unfair critical attack, or an even more tragic artistic epiphany. I really do have to see this bloody movie.
  21. Tim Raffey

    Ebert says "Worst film in history of Cannes" -- THE BROWN BUNNY

    I don't know why everyone's so suprised by the reported actual sex in the picture. Gallo and Sevigny both belong to a certain American film underground that would rather be associated with the whole 'art house' thing than Hollywood; and speaking of the art-house--those things are filled with sex...
  22. Tim Raffey

    Foreign/Art/Independent Film DVD Preorder List II

    Does anyone know how Kino's new Man With a Movie Camera compares to the old one? I've only seen the version with the Alloy Orchestra's score, but I'm a fan of Michael Nyman and the new special edition is quite a bit cheaper here. I guess I'm essentially asking if they took an hour out of it, or...
  23. Tim Raffey

    Super 35 and action movies.

    Holadem, I don't know exactly what you're talking about, but it could've just been a wide lense.
  24. Tim Raffey

    Foreign/Art/Independent Film DVD Preorder List II

    My patience may be getting the best of me, but does anyone know if there have yet been any reviews of Criterion's by Brakhage?
  25. Tim Raffey

    Movies on DVD with Births/Pregnancies

    Based on your very personal interest, I would highly suggest Stan Brakhage's very personal Window Water Baby Moving; thankfully, it will be a part of Criterion's upcoming collection of his films by Brakhage: an Anthology.
  26. Tim Raffey

    Kurosawa's Seven Samurai -- The Video Game?!

    It almost as ridiculous as a video game from an autobiographical war film where the first casualty is innocence. I'm just waiting for a puzzle-game version of The Passion of Joan of Arc. P.S.-- You can just turn down the colour on most--if not all--TVs, can't you?
  27. Tim Raffey

    Whatever happened to Terry Malick?

    Well, one hiatus after having his illusions of movie-making shattered. He was credited as producer on Zhang Yimou's Happy Times (2000), and--last I heard--he was producing (obvious fan) David Gordon Greene's next movie, for which Malick also wrote the script.