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  1. Seth Paxton

    Vertigo: Ridiculously complicated or complicatedly ridiculous? *SPOILERS*

    PSYCHO SPOILER Plus that's not the point of suspense IMO. That's the setup for future suspense. The trick was that the audience thinks Leigh is a main character, when in fact she is a plot device meant to put other people in suspenseful danger later. She's more like the old lady in The Lady...
  2. Seth Paxton

    *** Official CLOVERFIELD Discussion Thread

    Still you expect producers to assemble people who do what they are looking for and who's work appeals to them. That's what I was getting at, with the assumption that JJ was pretty hands on with the film's production. At the very least he'd skim multiple spec scripts and latch onto one that...
  3. Seth Paxton

    *** Official 2008 Oscars Nominations List and Forum Discussion Thread

    Director is a tough call I think, perhaps the toughest. Forget the dark horses, just the battle between PTA and the Coens is hard to read. Blood is brilliant direction, even if the film is edited a bit long per the norm for PTA. While the fancier moves have been removed, it's still got the...
  4. Seth Paxton

    *** Official CLOVERFIELD Discussion Thread

    You've seen Lost, right? ;) I think he's pretty comfortable with "coincidences" like this. The running theme might be that we are all a lot more connected than we realize because most of the time it doesn't make sense to us yet and by the time it does it's long forgotten or originally unnoticed...
  5. Seth Paxton

    *** Official CLOVERFIELD Discussion Thread

    Okay, it's probably stated on page 3 or 4, but I'm not there yet. It seemed clear to me that JJ was intentionally saying the thing landed from space ala The Thing or Body Snatchers, grew about 2 weeks under the ocean or however long it was based on the tape date, and then popped out. Before...
  6. Seth Paxton

    Heath Ledger: RIP

    Boy, I don't know. I think Chuck is right, this is still a family film even if it's edgier, and that has to impact how this will affect the response to the film. More so if it's drugs (which seems to be true). It might not be losing Mike Myers before a Shrek release, but it's not nearly as...
  7. Seth Paxton

    Should WB and the BDA give HD DVD owners a "peace offering" to welcome them to Blu?

    Clearly you have not been to Vegas then. This is explicitly what they do! Get a comp card, put it in machines or scan it at tables when you play. Regardless of winning or losing, if you play a lot you get some comps. Why? Because their business is to keep you alive and gambling, not to beat...
  8. Seth Paxton

    Should WB and the BDA give HD DVD owners a "peace offering" to welcome them to Blu?

    It's not really technically that they are "owed" anything, but let's be realistic for a second. REMOVE all those consumers from the equation, heck just take out the HD buyers. How's that adoption of the new format(s) coming then? This is a symbiotic situation. We've seen the importance 100...
  9. Seth Paxton

    2007 Film List

    I'll dump a bunch of stuff here tomorrow. Too tired right now. But I do have to catch up here and in the S&S thread.
  10. Seth Paxton

    Time to Thrown Down! 2007 Top Ten Lists

    Placeholder I've been way out of the HTF loop the last 2 months. Tons of stuff to see still. I will say that No Country is at #1 at this point and should be tough to knock off.
  11. Seth Paxton

    Blade Runner (Beware: SPOILERS!) About Deckard

    I have to agree with you. Plus as others have mentioned there are huge flaws in the logic of this when it comes to the many fight scenes and physical challenges. I mean what idiot created a Rep meant to chase down and kill other dangerous Reps but left him vastly inferior to them physically...
  12. Seth Paxton

    Sarah Silverman Program Season 2 thread

    Love her and the show. My wife loathes her. Go figure. Now to go watch the Tivo of the new episode. :)
  13. Seth Paxton

    Devil and the White City: News or discussion

    My wife just finished this popular book, she even added a trip to Chicago to sight see afterward. For those unfamiliar it's about the 1893 Chicago's World's Fair and the person some consider the first serial killer in the US. Apparently Depp is signed on to be the killer and Universal has the...
  14. Seth Paxton

    I'm not there - Todd Haynes' Dylan biopic

    Nov 21 is the wide release, but it hits NY Oct 4th for their film festival. Also apparently opening in London in a few days. So maybe we'll start seeing some feedback on this film. You're right Craig, Cate could be up against herself this year. You know her career is starting to get pretty...
  15. Seth Paxton

    2006 Top Ten Lists - Time to Throw Down!

    That's what I use, but I wasn't sure how that was breaking down with Lives of Others due to what Adam just explained. Since it was a 2006 winner/nom I just frame it with other films discussed at the end of 2006, though technically it fits the 2007 AA rules otherwise. To me it's not a "US...
  16. Seth Paxton

    2007 Film List

    Blades of Glory 5 of 10 Just not that well directed or written. Ferrell is still great, by far the best part of the film, but otherwise this is Beerfest or Balls of Fury or any number of other "sports" comedies that neither get the sport nor really know what exactly they want to parody. There...
  17. Seth Paxton

    2006 Top Ten Lists - Time to Throw Down!

    After seeing Little Children I put it at #5 for 2006. Still have Lives of Others and Science of Sleep to view, but currently my top 10 is now like this after some other adjustments and rescreenings: Children of Men Volver The Departed Miami Vice Little Children Pan's Labyrinth Little...
  18. Seth Paxton

    Official 2007 Awards Discussion Thread (not Oscars)

    I'm trying to do better about hanging around here. I feel bad seeing mostly you carrying the torch anymore. Used to be a time this was one of the most active sub-forums. Now it's about 5 core threads and the fanboy film subject du jour, usually the current fantasy, SF or comic book production.
  19. Seth Paxton

    College Police group get taser happy on annoying Florida student

    I can see with my own eyes that he was being silenced long before he even had the chance to resist arrest. First you have to do something to be arrested for. Who wouldn't resist just being hauled off to jail for no reason? The cops created the reason. Isn't that entrapment? He wanted...
  20. Seth Paxton

    Advice on kitty proofing house..

    This is a massive oversimplification. Cats urinate for plenty of other reasons and it's not uncommon. We have 3 cats and have for years. They have all gone in and out of urine issues over that time. Despite our efforts to add even more litter boxes and place them all over the house to give them...
  21. Seth Paxton

    2007 Film List

    Hey Chuck, I'm not dissuading your participation here, but I wanted to make sure you know that this is the 2007 Films list, not Track the Films You Watched. I'm fine with you still commenting on these other films, especially since it kicks off some discussion among the few of us that hang here...
  22. Seth Paxton

    Across the Universe (2007)

    Adam, your review didn't really lighten my concerns. I know the visuals are great (trailers and it's Taymor), I know I love these songs, but I hate the idea of writing a plot to fit the literal lyrics (she came in through the bathroom window, hey jude, sexy sadie, etc). Not sure if I'll hit...
  23. Seth Paxton

    Official 2007 Awards Discussion Thread (not Oscars)

    Vencie majors Film - Lust, Caution Director - Redacted (DePalma) Special Jury - I'm Not There and The Seed and the Mule (La Graine et le Mulet) Best Actor - Pitt (Jesse James) Best Actress - Blanchett (I'm Not There) Cinematography - Lust, Caution Screenplay - It's a Free World...
  24. Seth Paxton

    Official 2007 Awards Discussion Thread (not Oscars)

    Good work getting this going Adam. Not sure if Vickie is still hanging around to do a Guild specific thread, but I assume you plan to include Guilds, maybe the prestige critic lists/wins, and so on. Didn't Venice just have it's winners. I believe Cate Blanchett won for the Dylan film, I think...
  25. Seth Paxton

    Film stereotypes that annoy you...

    Yeah, foreign films = boring talkies drives me nuts. It's not like other cultures just sit around watching high brow stuff...though of course apparently all Asian cinema is either kung-fu or 100 machine gun firefights. Brotherhood of the Wolf is popcorn to the point of almost finishing up...
  26. Seth Paxton

    I'm not there - Todd Haynes' Dylan biopic

    I couldn't find a thread for this in a search, possibly due to the title using bad/generic search words. If there is one then link it here and I'll kill this thread. Anyway, since it just got Blanchett a Venice festival award for actress I figured it was worth discussing. I hadn't realized...
  27. Seth Paxton

    Ever watch a movie more than once in a single day?

    Yeah, fairly often. Obviously for things like Lord of the Rings where I had the tickets even before the first showing. But I'll also go right back and see a film if I was just that impressed by it. It's rare that I go the same day to the theater in that case. Usually I try to get the wife or...
  28. Seth Paxton

    2007 Film List

    Superbad 8.5 of 10 Similar in plot and humor as Knocked Up and 40 Year Old Virgin (including having sex in order to get good at it for when it matters), the film falls just short of those 2. The raunch didn't bother me but it was over the top and unhelpful in many instances. What makes it a...
  29. Seth Paxton

    2007 Film List

    Passion is a beautiful film, masterful direction. I've watched it several times and enjoyed it each time. It and Sunrise are signs of how silent films were just peaking when sound rolled through. The Simpsons 7.5 of 10 I got enough laughs out of it and thought the story was decent enough...
  30. Seth Paxton

    *** Official THE BOURNE ULTIMATUM Discussion Thread

    I forgot to mention that another key plot point that has obviously been opened up for further installments is that whole "why would this person agree to do this stuff?" Seems obvious to me that something pretty messed up happened to him to put him in the state of mind he was when he...