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    Preorder the Top 10 Movies on DVD for Just $10 at

    Amazon is matching: free shipping over $25. jdg
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    Pushing Daisies - Season 2

    Futon Critic reports that the final three episodes will be burned off starting May 30. Breaking News - "Daisies," "Knocks" Among ABC's Summer Slate | jdg
  3. JohnDG

    The Golden Compass - "His Dark Material" trilogy being filmed?

    Is the trilogy going to be finished in film? Or is the project dead? jdg
  4. JohnDG

    Laserdisc Collection FS: Some rare ones

    bump: now $5 shipping for the discs
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    The Lives of Others

    In the "The Lives of Others" thread in the Movies forum, Iver reported that "One technical note on the DVD version of Lives of Others: there are problems with the subtitles. Every few minutes, there will either be a few lines of dialog with no subtitle or the subtitle will only flash for a...
  6. JohnDG

    The Lives of Others

    Caught this on StarzHD this week: excellent film. However, there were problems with the subtitles as noted on the DVD. jdg
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    Laserdisc Collection FS: Some rare ones

    It will probably take two USPS Priority Mail boxes at $4.60 each. I've had good success with these combined with peanuts (50+ laserdiscs shipped over the last few years, no problems.). Call it $5.00, for a total of $40.00 Note: this does not include shipping the laserdisc player, only the...
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    Laserdisc Collection FS: Some rare ones

    bump: price drop to $35
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    Laserdisc Collection FS: Some rare ones

    I'm in rural Northern California, and a 3-hour drive from just about anywhere. The gas will be more expensive than just ordering the batch. :-) jdg
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    Laserdisc Collection FS: Some rare ones

    Price drop: $35
  11. JohnDG

    Laserdisc Collection FS: Some rare ones

    Priced to move: $75
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    Laserdisc Collection FS: Some rare ones

    I'm cutting the price to: $90 plus shipping jdg
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    Laserdisc Collection FS: Some rare ones

    Robinson Crusoe on Mars (Criterion) Beyond Rangoon (WS) (Not on DVD) The Grateful Dead Movie (WS) Jumping Jack Flash The Cheap Detective (WS) PCU (WS) Into the Night Get Shorty (WS) Sabrina (WS) (Ford) Steppenwolf Grateful Dead: Anthem to Beauty Star Wars* Empire Strikes Back*...
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    Well... I'm probably wrong here, but I thought the film used the new minor league baseball stadium, not the old War Memorial (football) Stadium. jdg
  15. JohnDG

    HBO options Song of Fire and Ice

    In that case, how about filming Zelazny's Amber series? jdg
  16. JohnDG

    Final Fantasy VII - Advent Children...looks grainy?

    One note: looks like the gamma? (black level) is off. I have to turn mine down a bit, and it helped with the look of the overall film. I'd have to agree with the comments above, including a surprising level of pixelation around the hair: something not in the first Final Fantasy film. jdg
  17. JohnDG

    The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (2012)

    I don't think the problem will be "not P.J.," but will be "not Weta." Weta holds all the design and software for the LOTR world, and having a totally different look Hobbit will have IMHO a negative impact on the 5 films meshing together. jdg
  18. JohnDG

    Smallville season 6

    Could somebody please give me some context on the connection to BrainIAC in this episode? jdg
  19. JohnDG

    Heroes season 1 thread

    But where did he get the Spice? jdg
  20. JohnDG

    Mabye some good news for Hobbits!!

    Damn: I'm going to have to re-listen. I could have sworn he stated that they decided not to have multiple glowing swords, as it would be too much like Star Wars. Sting was the only sword to glow in the films. jdg
  21. JohnDG

    Huff Cancelled

    Exactly. I gave up after a couple of episodes. Note: I would imagine Bird was slated to go the way of Teddy in season 3. jdg
  22. JohnDG

    4:3 TV shows on my 16x9 TV

    (Trying to remember from a thread about rear projection sets...) I believe this is an artifact of rear projection 16x9 TVs due to the lense projection. Some sets are worse than others, probably related to the distance from the lense to the screen. Try doing a search on this subject at AVS if...
  23. JohnDG

    Why can't I record the movie channels??????

    Warning: uninformed post. :-) I don't know anything about the Samsung recorder, but I had to manually activate S-Video inputs for my Sony GX7. jdg
  24. JohnDG

    Why can't I record the movie channels??????

    Better would be S-Video or Component. jdg
  25. JohnDG

    Please recommend some Shakespearean adaptations

    Loose: "A Midsummer Night's Rave" Guilty pleasure. jdg
  26. JohnDG

    LOTR broke my sub!!!!!!

    IIRC, the bass in "Titan A.E." is deeper and stronger than LOTR . jdg