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  1. Nathan Bjork

    H/K AVR 230 problems

    Hi everyone, I have had my H/K AVR230 for a little over a year, I bought it brand new. I was watching The Simpsons on DVD with DD-EX and it was around 11pm, so the volume was set a -60.. down very low. My sub was sleeping because it was so low. Well I would hear a weird, low freq. buzzing...
  2. Nathan Bjork

    White Van Dealer Story

    Today I was in Mobile getting some gas, and as I was leaving two guys in a Blue Ford Explorer came up beside me and they asked me if I wanted a home theater system that they had left over from thier "job".I asked what kind and they said its like bose, pull over and you can look at it. I said...
  3. Nathan Bjork

    Who sells a combo without a sub...

    How about JBL... surrounds are $119 a pair. Front Left/Right $169 a pair E30 and a JBL EC35 center for $200. They are all JBL's.
  4. Nathan Bjork

    Bose Is Boss

    Well since everyone else is doing it... Thats my bike!
  5. Nathan Bjork

    Opinions wanted on system purchase

    I got myself a SVS 20-39 PCi subwoofer, and the best way to describe it is as you said And if you do get an SVS, you have to get the Pink Floyd- Dark Side of the Moon SACD its awesome with an SVS, a whole new experience.. Sorry I don't have any other speaker recommendations.
  6. Nathan Bjork

    Best 5.1 Home Theater Speakers for Under $1,000

    I will also recommend JBL, I love my JBL setup along with an SVS subwoofer (20-39PCi). My S38II's are discontinued, but the JBL E50's are just about the same in every way (I own both S38/E50), along with the EC35 for the center, and E10's or N24II's for surrounds. I got my setup at...
  7. Nathan Bjork

    Reciever shuts off at loud volume/scene

    I had this problemall the time with my AVR, and my car amp, it was always a speaker wire short. I would check them real good.
  8. Nathan Bjork

    No sound out of left speaker

    Stupid me, just before I send my AVR in I see 3 knobs that I have never touched and, I see the balance was all the way to the Right...
  9. Nathan Bjork

    No sound out of left speaker

    Hi, The other day I ran my speaker ID through my H/K AVR 230, and there was no sound coming from my left front speaker. So I checked all my connections, and they are fine. I put in my calibration disc, and selected the speaker ID in Dolby and DTS, still no sound from my front left, but while...
  10. Nathan Bjork

    is it normal not to hear it?

    I was just testing my sub before I found this thread, and I was playing a 20hz sine wave to see what db's I could get off of my SVS. Im in a 10x10 bedroom and my RS meter reads at 102db @ 20hz. I've never heard the clicking noise, so I figure my sub hasn't bottomed out. I can feel my bed shaking...
  11. Nathan Bjork

    Okay, my SVS isn't working. :(

    This is kinda off subject, but my car amp is doing the same thing! (blowing fuses once they are put in. old amp works fine) Just let me know if u fix it without having it replaced. Thanks :)
  12. Nathan Bjork

    Too Much Sub for Room Size?

    I have a SVS 20-39 PCi in my 10x10 bedroom, and with it calibrated it sounds great! But if the gain is turned up more than 1/2, its just annoying.
  13. Nathan Bjork

    Good bookshelf speakers for, well, bookshelves.

    I've have these JBL E50's in my living room for a 2ch music setup. They sound great, and they are front ported. They are HUGE bookshelf speakers though.
  14. Nathan Bjork

    Upgrading System

    ok, thanks alot Brad
  15. Nathan Bjork

    Upgrading System

    Thanks Brad. I was looking at the brand "Pyle" and I didn't know if they were a good brand? Are they known for having problems or anyhting? also is Boss a good brand?
  16. Nathan Bjork

    Upgrading System

    Hi, I got my brother old truck once I got my license, and he left me with a decent stereo, but it broke after a few weeks. I belive the amp burnt or somthing, because it will not turn on at all, and I checked all the fuses and connections, so it looks like im gonna be getting a new amp. I'm...
  17. Nathan Bjork

    Help with a Subwoofer

    I purchased an SVS Cylinder sub for $600 (20-39PCi), and I have to say that it is great with music. I don't listen to rap, so I don't know how well it would work with that kind of bass. I bought it for my home theater, but it has turned into a music room now. It is very clean and tight and...
  18. Nathan Bjork

    Whats your favorite sub and surround sound demo?

    Master and Commander has my favorite surround sound, and I like the Darla scence for Finding Nemo for bass. Fight Club also is a great bass demo disc. I know its not a DVD but Pink Floyd- Dark Side of the Moon SACD has some of my favorite bass/surround.. sounds.
  19. Nathan Bjork

    Oh my goodness...I'm getting an SVS!!

    Aside from what everyone else is talking about, I just got my first SVS last week. And its amazing, it is the 20-39PCi tuned to 17hz. I have only been able to watch Finding Nemo, and I never really liked that movie untill I wacthed it with my SVS. I do have a small room 10x10ft, and with it...
  20. Nathan Bjork

    Another speaker placement question

    I have 1 N24II mounted right above me (i sit at the wall) and it pointed down for 6.1 and it sounds great, i have a pirture if u click on the link in my signature.
  21. Nathan Bjork

    Does the center speaker have to be *exactly* "centered" on top/bottom of the TV?

    I got a ikea shelf for I think $10, and everyting else from ikea, so look at my pictures in my signature.
  22. Nathan Bjork

    The younger there any hope

    Well im 16, and I was in not really into music, except for sublime, and thats about it. Then about 8 months ago my older brother (20) found my moms old records (Zeppelin, Floyd, Aerosmith) and he started listning to them. So i got hooked on the older stuff, and now I cant stand listening to...
  23. Nathan Bjork

    Sony 685 SACD player, play DVD-A???

    I recently purchased a Sony 685 DVD/SACD player so I could cut down on space, so I wouldn't have to have a separte CD and DVD player. I started reading up on SACD and purchased a few and now I cant live with out an SACD. One of my favorite bands (The Doors) does not offer a SACD in any form, but...
  24. Nathan Bjork

    The Doors on SACD/DVD-A

    nevermind... I found it in DVD-A
  25. Nathan Bjork

    The Doors on SACD/DVD-A

    I did a search on this forum and I couldn't find anything on a DVD-A or SACD of the Doors. I also searched on google and only found an article that was talking about how great the song Riders on the Storm sounded in surround sound. So now I really need this SACD/DVD-A anyone know where its...
  26. Nathan Bjork

    Which Subwoofer, and other speaker questions

    Thats wierd, no one suggested an SV Subwoofer. Jonathan, have you looked at SVS yet for a subwoofer, or are you not able to go to $600 shipped? Are you set on Athena or are you open for all kinds of Ideas for speakers? Have you looked at or heard JBL speakers yet? The JBL E50 bookshelf...
  27. Nathan Bjork

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

    when is the Extended Edition sopposed to be released? or is that the box set?
  28. Nathan Bjork

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

    Is there going to be a DTS 6.1 Discrete or Matrix sound track avalible anytime soon or is DD-EX all they have to offer?
  29. Nathan Bjork

    New to subwoofers

    ok, you need 1 RCA wire (female on both ends) one end should be plugged into the SUBW1 on you NAD and the other side of the wire should be plugged into the white "in" on the sub.