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  1. William*E

    Klipsch speakers are bad don't buy them

    I've always had my doubts about home theater speakers. This is why for the past 10 or so years, I've used concert speakers for my theater system. LR Peaveys, Peavey amplifiers to power 4 Pyle Driver woofers...etc, you get the picture. Recently I went to the local guitar center to purchase a...
  2. William*E

    Yamaha RX-V1400 Sound Levels?

    I haven't tried it....but does the Pioneer D 814-K main volume goes into the + (plus) range? As I recall it starts from 99 thru ? (small the number the louder it gets)
  3. William*E

    How do you Calibrate a Subwoofer?

    I have a Pioneer we all know the crossover settings don't leave much room (or much choice)...100, 150, 200. I have two 15" pyle driver subs...powered by a peavey 4-c 500 amp. Should I select 100, 150 or 200? My front speakers are two Peavey's hc 115. Thanx.
  4. William*E

    calibrating at 55dB- is that okay?

    What I'm uclear about setting all of the INDIVIDUAL speaker settings to MAX (10 db), would I run the risk of FRYING my system....taking consideration of the foremention hardware that I have?? Left-Right at 5db center at 10db surround at 10db sub at 10db and the main level is...
  5. William*E

    calibrating at 55dB- is that okay?

    Because a second, third, fourth, even a fifth opinion is what I'm seeking. It's called deductive reasoning. You get all the answers and you formulate a common answer, but you should know that already. Plus my question wasn't answered.
  6. William*E

    calibrating at 55dB- is that okay?

    Another Question then..... I have a Pioneer 814K...... I've always set Left-Right at 5db center at 10db surround at 10db sub at 10db and the main level is usuall at 41db (lower the number the higher the volume) Now is this okay? Ideal? Now to me it sounds good, but the last...
  7. William*E

    Cerwin Vega Powered Sub

    Thanx for the input guys & gals.
  8. William*E

    Cerwin Vega Powered Sub

    I appreciate everyone's input....thanx. Thank You from South Texas
  9. William*E

    Individual Audio Levels

    My Pioneer goes from 99 (the lowest) to 10 (loudest)
  10. William*E

    Individual Audio Levels

    I apologize for the Real Dumb Ass Question. I've only been involved in home theaters for 12 years. I've only dealt with Pioneer Receivers.....the current one is my third one in 12 years. I don't know about the volume levels for other brands. All I know is that the lower the db display, the higer...
  11. William*E

    Cerwin Vega Powered Sub

    I wanted to know your input about the followng sub HT-S15 POWERED SUBWOOFER thanx
  12. William*E

    Individual Audio Levels

    My apologies if this question has been asked before. I did a search and couldn't find my answer. I have a Pioneer VSX D-814. I've had two other Pioneer models and have always used these setting for the individual speakers: Left & Right Front...5 db.....Peavey 115 HC Center..............10...
  13. William*E

    Speakers at high volume - HARSH!

    IMHO, you need to look for clarity, NOT loudness. Just because it's loud it doesn't mean it sounds good. Clarity is what you need to aim for.
  14. William*E

    dual woofers

    This may be an overkill, but I use 4-15" subs all powered by a Peavey 500 watt amp. I'm not looking for LOUDNESS, I'm looking for clarity.
  15. William*E

    Question on Speaker Settings on Receiver

    I would set them to small. I myself have a pair of PEAVY 15" Black Widows and still have the receiver setting to SMALL. It made a big difference on the sound.
  16. William*E


    Good Evening, I just wanted some input/opinions on 15" Pyle Drivers being used as subs. I have 4 of them (two per cabinet) and only use two speakers at a time and rotate cabinets about every 6 months to give them a break now and then. They're being powered by a Peavey 4-C 500 watt amp. Thanx.
  17. William*E

    Professional stage speaker as a Sub for my HT

    I wouldn't worry about the size of the cabinet brother. Since location is not really a factor for LFE, I would keep the whole thing and rock the house when you're watching TLOTR. I myself have 2 boxes, both have 2 15" Pyle Drivers. I use two at a time and rotate them about twice a year. They're...