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  1. BrianM

    Davy Jones (1945-2012)

    I know I am in the minority but I had always hoped The Monkees would be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame while all four members were alive. I think they were as influential as most bands of their era despite their pre-fab origins. I am glad I got to see them on their last tour. It...
  2. BrianM

    CD Storage Ideas?

    This was the greatest solution I have found. I could not have designed anything better my self. Watch the video, it works even better in real life. I ordered 1000 of these and will be ordering more soon. I also ordered the DVD version but have not tried it out yet...
  3. BrianM

    Need advice on setting up a projection TV and screen.

    Thanks for replying so quickly. Your input has been a great help. I should have mentioned in my original post that the screen size I am shooting for is 110 inches and my budget is about $7000 total including installation. I would love to do it for under $6000 and be able to add a Phillips pronto...
  4. BrianM

    Need advice on setting up a projection TV and screen.

    Over the past 10 years the members of this forum have been my best source of information on several projects. I am now planning on installing a projector and screen in my family room and I would love any advice I can get. 1. My projector will need to be about 4 feet above the top border of the...
  5. BrianM

    What Blu-Ray to get for KDL-46XBR2

    I have two blu-ray players, the first one is the PS3 and my newer one is the OPPO BDP-83. I think if your priority is watcing movies (Blu-ray or DVD) the OPPO is the way to go. If you play games then get the PS3. The OPPO does everything I would want in a movie player. My DVDs have never looked...
  6. BrianM

    Downfalls Of Using Ps3 For Bluray?***

    This is in the right section. I think this is a good question and I too would like to see what people think.
  7. BrianM

    A Blu-ray player [Sony BDP-S550] that will do EVERYTHING! (Verified)

    This may be a dumb question but does anyone know if it will also play DVD-A and SACD? Does the PS3 play DVD-A or SACD?
  8. BrianM

    Disc storage options

    I would love to see some responses to this question as well.
  9. BrianM

    Charlie Chan Vol. 4 in February!!

    Can someone explain what exactly the feature labled "Charlie Chan? Courage: A Re-creation of a Lost Chan Film" is?
  10. BrianM

    Why does DVD packaging suck so much?

    My copy of The Flamingo Kid actually had stickers on all four sides of the case. I still haven't figured out what a sticker on the spine is supposed to do.
  11. BrianM

    Cheesy 80's movies on DVD

    The movie I have been looking for is "Big Man On Campus". I have had my Tivo programed to record this if it ever came on for 4-5 years and it has never once shown up. Whats more nobody I know has any recollection of it. Maybe I dreamed it. Has anyone seen this movie and was it really as funny as...
  12. BrianM

    Here's one many won't remember...Americathon (1979)

    If I remember correctly the opening credits song was done by The Beach Boys. Does anyone know what album has this song on it. I have been looking for this song for years.
  13. BrianM

    Sirius Stiletto SL100-TK1 with WiFi Technology

    I have to say that although I like the unit overall, the built in satelite antenna is weak. I have a hard time getting reception in my car even with the sun roof open. I know they make a car docking station but I was hoping to be able to use the stiletto in different vehicles. I have to agree...
  14. BrianM

    I wonder if the Criterion edition of EQUINOX will correct a continuity error...

    There is a scene with a tentacled creature destroying a cabin but it sounds like you are describing a single frame from that scene being spliced into the movie at a different point. I do not remember seeing anything like that but I have to admit I wasn't focusing 100% of my attention on the...
  15. BrianM

    Problem with picture on RPTV

    For many years this is the first place I turn to when i have any hardware questions and I'm hoping someone here can help me now. I have a Pioneer Elite 72" RPTV that is about 6 years old. For the past month I have noticed the picture gets very soft and bright (almost as if someone has turned up...
  16. BrianM

    2010 DVD

    Maybe they are saving this for its 0th anniversary in four years.
  17. BrianM

    FoxNews returns to SIRIUS March 1

    I have been eagerly awaiting the return of Fox News since this thread was first posted but still no sign of it. Did this deal fall through or has it just been delayed?
  18. BrianM

    Fox News Gone?

    The last few days Fox news seems to have disappeared from my radio. Anyone know what happened and is this only temporary? This is really the only news station I liked so I hope it's not gone for good.
  19. BrianM

    It finally happened – Duplicate purchasing

    I accidentally bought this one twice: [url=] ;)
  20. BrianM

    To Kill a Mockingbird and The Sting DVDS

    Does any one know if the new versions of these two movies are significantly improved from the previous releases? I know that To Kill A Mockingbird was one of the first DVD's ever released so I am assuming the new one should be an improvement but I have made this assumption before in the past and...
  21. BrianM

    DVD Profiler not working?

    It's working now. Must have been down temporarily.
  22. BrianM

    DVD Profiler not working?

    Anyone having trouble using the DVD Profiler website? I am unable to add any new discs or connect to their server. I was wondering if this is a problem on my end or is their site down.
  23. BrianM

    DVD Review HTF Review: The Amityville Horror Collection

    Wow excellent review Jason! This set was on my "to buy" list as a nostalgic purchase but after reading your review I remembered just how awful these movies were. Thanks for saving me from another impulse buy. I still have fond memories of reading the original book when I was in fifth grade though.
  24. BrianM

    Bob Marley on DVD

    It's been almost two years since I originally asked this question but I would still like to know if anybody has new information. If not I'll post it again in another two years. I guess it would just be easier to go out and buy the DVD's and see for myself but I have faith in the HTF.
  25. BrianM

    The Ultimate Oliver Stone Collection - Due on 10/19/04

    A whole week and still no info?
  26. BrianM

    Opie And Anthony to make a BIG announcement on Thursday

    Who the hell are Opie & Anthony? More importantly how are they devastating to Sirius?
  27. BrianM

    Amaizing Sirus Deal!!!

    I listen to everything from classical music to classic rock, from hard core jazz to hip hop and I must say that Sirius beats XM across the board. I have both services and usually spend about a week on a different station. The programming is usually excellent on both but if you are into a broad...
  28. BrianM

    DVDs Bought out of Childhood Memories

    Great thread and maybe someone here can help me. I have a very fond memory of a movie from the late 60's early 70's that my brother and I used to watch often. It was a Hammer Horror type movie about people on an island where a creature was killing everyone by removing their bones. I do remember...
  29. BrianM

    Recomend DVD Authoring Software

    Thanks for all the excellent replies. I am going to research each of the programs you all mentioned in detail. So far I'm leaning toward DVDLab. It sounds like it has everything I was looking for in a program. Does anyone else have any experience with this one?
  30. BrianM

    Recomend DVD Authoring Software

    I'm not sure if I am posting to the right area but please move this thread if I am wrong. I have been converting my home movies to DVD and am very dissappointed with the results. I first started using Screenblast Movie Studio 3.0 for the editing and this worked great but the DVD authoring...