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  1. RobBenton

    DVD Review HTF DVD REVIEW: Secretary

    I am a fan of this movie and glad to see the re-release. The original release I have is Non anamorphic and grainy with edge enhancement so it would sound as if at least for the PQ there was a good upgrade.
  2. RobBenton

    HTF HD DVD REVIEW: 300 (Recommended)

    I did notice that the bluray and HD-DVD both got 5/5 on extras but shouldn't the hd-dvd have a slightly higher score than the bluray disc as it contains extras not found on the bluray including an extra commentary (on the dvd side) and PIP Blue screen overlay of every scene matched up to the...
  3. RobBenton

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: The Little Mermaid - Disappointingly NOT Recommended

    The image isn't bad but is a bit muted and soft. The sound I as well thought was horrible. They have vocals and instruments coming at you from all speakers without much thought put into it. I enjoyed the home theater mix for aladin and lion king but this is bad. The vocals and instruments sound...
  4. RobBenton

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: Jonatha Brooke Live In New York

    If you like good acoustic rock or folk rock check out here "steady pull" dvd. It is a real hidden gem. How she is not more well known i don't understand. That disc is top notch from beggining to end without a bad song in the bunch and many of which are way better than most of whats on the radio.
  5. RobBenton

    Official HTF HD Quick Look: Happy Gilmore

    This is a really funny movie.. his best by far!
  6. RobBenton


    Did anyone see where it was the 3rd best selling dvd this week on the top ten list? I was hoping for one but 3rd isn't bad especially since I bet it will hang around the list for awhile.
  7. RobBenton

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: The Polar Express - Two Disc Widescreen Edition (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED).

    I agree that the movie itself is overall fairly good but some of the locals they go to even at santa's home are more just scary then endeering and the characters do have a slightly scary look to them that just turned me off. I can see where some people found the movie to creepy for a christmas film.
  8. RobBenton

    Rumors of more pop/rock SACDs coming from Sony

    If the sacd release of Room for Squares uses the same mix as the dualdisc it won't be worth getting as the mix sucks.
  9. RobBenton

    So how is Sheryl Crow's "Wildflower"

    I thought her last album before this was pretty good though not outstanding. This album I like better. It is more mellow thow and lilting. I think there are some good songs on it though I havn't had enough time to listen to it in depth. So far I would say if you are a fan you will enjoy it so...
  10. RobBenton

    HTF REVIEW: House, M.D.: Season One

    Actually it seems to me it took more effort to not make it anamorphic widescreen since it was aired in HD they have 720p widescreen digital version of it.. how hard is it to convert it down to 480p and stick it on a dvd? Instead they took the widescreen digital masters and made it letterboxed...
  11. RobBenton

    HTF REVIEW: House, M.D.: Season One

    Tonight's episode got me a little teary eyed and for me that takes a lot!
  12. RobBenton

    HTF REVIEW: House, M.D.: Season One

    Both me and my roomate watch a lot of shows and this is one of our favorites (as well as lost). It has some of the sharpest dialogue on TV. The episode "three stories" that you mentioned is also our favorite of the season and right after we watched it we just sat back in awe and commented that...
  13. RobBenton

    Clearing Out My Hirez Collection

    I put a bunch of DVD-A and SACD up on that I don't listen to anymore but I thought I would post them on here in case anyone would want to buy them. Message me if your interested.. if you want multiple titles a deal could be worked out. All Titles are in excellent shape and you can check...
  14. RobBenton

    Does DVD-Audio exist anymore?

    3 Doors down Dual disc is also dvd-a as well as Diana Krall's "The Girl In the other room" and the new Foo Fighters disc. There are others too, you just have to look around.
  15. RobBenton

    HTF Review: Dead Like Me - The Complete Second Season

    For anyone who doesn't know already the same guy who did dead like me did a short lived show on fox called "Wonderfalls" which has similar characters and setup and is also well written and has the same dark sense of humor and offbeat characters. If you like Dead like me it is worth checking out...
  16. RobBenton

    HTF Review: Dead Like Me - The Complete Second Season

    I found season 2 to be of less quality then 1. It didn't hold my interest nearly as much and I thought the writing wasn't nearly as witty as the first season. Did anyone else share this view?
  17. RobBenton

    HTF Review: The Outer Limits - New Series (Six DVD Box Set)

    Weren't some if not all of these episodes aired in widescreen on showtime and Sci fi? If that is the case it is sad that they would release them in full screen only.
  18. RobBenton

    DVD-A: Not impressed with selection

    I personally thought the surround mix on the Marvin Gay DVD-A collection to be a very good one and the sound quality is very good as well.
  19. RobBenton

    More exclusive Dualdisc on the way

    The Rob Thomas Dual disc does have good sound on the dvd side the 5.1 mix itself is very dissapointing.. this kind of music needs a good surrouns treatment and you don't get that here.. oh well.. at least it dvd-a and not just DD.
  20. RobBenton

    How's the new Indigo Girls SACD?

    It is good. The mix is a bit more active then the previous SACD from them, but not aggressive by any means. The sound stage is very good and its like having them sing in your room. The audio quality is very good and the songs themselves are solid, if not there best stuff.
  21. RobBenton

    website that will make a CD of my choice of songs?

    Just buy the songs from itunes and burn them on a compilation disc. totally legal.
  22. RobBenton

    Upcoming Elton John SACD's What to get?

    I got 2 of the Elton John discs and enjoyed them. The multi channel mixes are good. Not as good as Yello brick road but still good and the sound quality is excellent.
  23. RobBenton

    Upcoming Elton John SACD's What to get?

    Well I have listened to the regular CD's a few times. I really like EJ and Madman across the water.. Honkey has a few songs I really like but the whole album itself doesnt really thrill me though it might be worth it to give it more of a listen. Thanks for all your input!
  24. RobBenton

    Upcoming Elton John SACD's What to get?

    I am somewhat of a fan but probably won't purchase all of the discs that come out.. I am not that familiar with his older cd's for those of you who are what would you consider are the best of the bunch that are to be released in a couple of weeks on SACD? Thanks!
  25. RobBenton

    My 5 favorite DVD-Audio and SACD albums

    1. Amanda Marshall - "Everbody's Got A story" 2. Mary Chapin Carpenter - "Time, Sex, Love" 3. Flamming Lips 4. Beck - "Sea Change" 5. Elton John "Yellow Brick Road" Amanda Marshall has a great surround mix and is some great rock/pop Mary Chapin's is a great relaxing disc with...
  26. RobBenton

    Enya.Com changes.. new Album Looms

    She usually goes 3-5 years inbetween albums so it is not unusual to not hear from her in awhile.
  27. RobBenton

    Three Super Audio Winners and One Big Stinker!!!

    You don't want it trust me!
  28. RobBenton

    John Mayer Multi Channel SACD!

    From my casual listening the horibble compression is still there.. in songs like "something's missing" it is still harsh to my ears and horribly compressed.
  29. RobBenton

    John Mayer Multi Channel SACD!

    I was horribly dissapointed in this. It claims it is a 5.1 sacd but its basically just stereo. The rears are used for lame reverb at best. They could have done so much with this. If they wanted it to be stereo they should have just released stereo only rather then calling it 5.1. I wouldn't have...
  30. RobBenton

    Opinions on Rio Karma vs. Creative Zen Xtra?

    You might look into the Creative Muvo2. It is 4gb and only costs 200 bucks and is really tiny and has a great battery that is swappable for a new one. I have heard great reviews about sound quality as well.