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  1. Willy_Loo

    room with vaulted ceiling

    Thanks to you all. I feel fairly confident now I'm heading the right direction: "front speakers are along the wall where the ceiling is the lowest" (Wayne P. describes it best).
  2. Willy_Loo

    room with vaulted ceiling

    I'm trying to setup my HT system into the living room with a vaulted ceiling. Dimensions of the room: 13-6 by 15-7. On the far end of the room is a fireplace (which I don't use) so I plan to put my TV in front of it. That same wall extends straight up for 9 feet and that's where the vaulted...
  3. Willy_Loo

    What else........SPEAKERS!!!

    I second the earlier post of going for the JBL Northridge E series. Regarding the fronts, you might want to consider the E90 instead of E100. The reason I mention this is due to the 110W/channel rating on the Yamaha 5790. The E100 has a higher than 110W continuous power rating. Not that you'll...
  4. Willy_Loo

    Speaker Power handling question

    Continued from first post... What about a speaker set of Power Handling (Continuous/Peak): 125 Watts/500 Watts?
  5. Willy_Loo

    Speaker Power handling question

    If a set of front speakers (8 ohms) has a power handling specs as follows: Power Handling (Continuous/Peak): 110 Watts/440 Watts is it ok to drive it with a 120W per channel receiver (Yamaha RX-V2400)? Would there be a strain in receiver performance as I build my HT system and add...
  6. Willy_Loo

    crossover frequency question

    I've been looking at 3-way speakers and their specs. I noticed that for the higher freq crossover it's typically at 4kHz, but the lower crossover varies from 450 to 800 to 1000hz. Eventually I'd have to listen to them to figure which ones sound better. But from a scientific perspective, is it...
  7. Willy_Loo

    How much for B&W DM604 S3?

    B&W prices seem to be pretty well-kept. There're no list prices on their site and it seems there're no online dealers too. Looking to get a pair of dm604 S3, what are some of the numbers people here have paid for?
  8. Willy_Loo

    Stuff at Best Buy worth to buy?

    I agree with the above recommendation to go with the Yamaha receiver 5790, and the JBL E90. I'm not familiar with the other suggested equipment so I've no comments. I recently did a one-on-one comparison between the E90 and the B&W DM603 S3. The two models are very fairly matched, and I had...
  9. Willy_Loo

    B&W DM603 S3 versus JBL E90

    Thanks for all your comments. After making 2 trips to separate dealers, I was still undecided. The B&Ws and JBLs are equally matched. B&Ws are more punchy and better at reproducing full-body music (like a whole orchestra playing at once). JBLs have a more natural sound and slightly better bass...
  10. Willy_Loo

    Yamaha RX-V1400 and strange smell

    I just bought a RX-V2400 and started using it yesterday. I did noticed a faint smell, but didn't give it too much thought. I will be concerned if the smell becomes stronger.
  11. Willy_Loo

    Alternative to surround and subwoofer?

    Has anyone tried using floor standing speakers instead of a pair of surround speakers and a subwoofer? This idea just came up, and I thought I'd run it by some of the folks here. I've been listening to various subwoofers and it may be just me, but I've not been impressed. They either sound...
  12. Willy_Loo

    Used Yamaha receiver sold as New

    Thanks for all the advice. Everything else in the box looks brand new except for the unit itself. The dealer is also an authorized dealer listed on Yamaha's website. For those interested, the location is Greenville, SC. I've been waffling if I should go back to the dealer because I've hooked...
  13. Willy_Loo

    Used Yamaha receiver sold as New

    Not sure if this is the forum to post this but here goes anyways... Last week I bought a Yamaha RX-V2400 from a local authorized dealer. As I took the unit home to open it, below are some of the observations I made which made suspicious if the unit is brand new. 1. Tape (used to secure the...
  14. Willy_Loo

    B&W DM603 S3 versus JBL E90

    I'm starting up my HT system, and was wondering which would be a good pair of front speakers to complement the Yamaha RX-V2400? I've listened to several other manufacturers such as Totem, Energy, Sapphire. The B&Ws and the JBLs seem to appeal most to me in terms of sound and price tag (~$1k)...