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  1. Cees Alons

    Announcing New Ownership at Home Theater Forum

    Well, I'm glad the previous owners finally declined that offer of a mr. Musk (who then decided to go elsewhere definitely) and chose for Colin and Jonathan. At least the Moderator Staff didn't get halved now. I'm sure this forum will stay as great as it has always been. Cees
  2. Cees Alons

    Win 10 vs Win 11 disk filling

    Dennis, I don't think so. I upgraded more than a month ago and my impression is that disk load stays the same. The process of upgrading works mostly like a new "feature-upgrade" anyway (like "21H1", this would be "21H2" or so) and isn't even shown properly in your update-history page. The...
  3. Cees Alons

    Press Release Criterion Press Release: The Flight of the Phoenix (1965) (Blu-ray)

    A favourite of mine. I love to buy this Blu-ray version. (As far as the cover is concerned: I already own previous art-work.) Cees
  4. Cees Alons

    Charles Grodin has passed away at age 86.

    A brilliant actor, certainly one of my very favourites. Will watch "Midnight Run" tonight. Thank you, mr. Grodin. And Rest in Peace. You gave us so much. Cees
  5. Cees Alons

    Joker (2019 Movie)

    A rather new member has been permanently banned from this forum for mostly posting plagiarized material. The posts were presented as "discussions" (of rather old movies and some in old threads) and were build together, apparently, from paragraphs that were also present, verbatim, on different...
  6. Cees Alons

    How are you dealing with life now with the Covid-19 virus situation?

    Vaccinated 3 weeks ago (Pfizer). Will get second shot May 5. Feel relaxed. Cees
  7. Cees Alons

    Happy Birthday Cees (pronounced Case) and Happy Birthday Dave Lawson!

    Hello Dave, Yes, changes, both happy and sad ones. Life goes on, indeed. Have a wonderful time and God bless. Cees
  8. Cees Alons

    Happy Birthday Cees (pronounced Case) and Happy Birthday Dave Lawson!

    Thanks, Robert! I'm a bit late to react here myself, because I failed to notice the start of a new page in the thread (at my settings). Cees
  9. Cees Alons

    Happy Birthday Cees (pronounced Case) and Happy Birthday Dave Lawson!

    Thanks guys! Happy Birthday Dave! (Rather sober day, thanks to Covid, but had a wonderful day with the grandkids anyway.) Can't discuss it here, but then watched a guy 2 months older than I being sworn in today somewhere, someplace, to some official responsibility. Cees
  10. Cees Alons

    I need some suggestions.

    Hello Clinton, I'm actually living IN the Netherlands (Amsterdam). I heard about Teufel systems and seen their ads. They're based in Berlin, Germany ("Teufel" = "devil" :) ). "From bluetooth to soundbar" and "from audio to cinema". Their prices seem reasonable. Looks beautiful and technically...
  11. Cees Alons

    20th Century Fox's CinemaScope films

    Will you please choose which account you will go on using? We will close the other one. Cees
  12. Cees Alons

    Goodbye Mr.Bond...Sean Connery Dead At 90

    90 Years, but a shock anyway. The one and only Bond, James Bond, of course. But so many other great roles in so many other movies. And a great person and a great Scot. We'll fondly remember him and I will certainly watch several of his films the coming period. Thanks, Sir Thomas Sean Connery...
  13. Cees Alons

    Deactivated my Facebook

    Never had one. Cees
  14. Cees Alons

    How are you dealing with life now with the Covid-19 virus situation?

    On the positive side of this terrible mess (and about movies, our real subject ;) ): I just read that The Empire Strikes Back has a new boxoffice-high in the US, due to many drive-in studios coming to welfare again. Great you (still) have those so abundantly! It's part of the culture of your...
  15. Cees Alons

    It's been a very long time, but thought I'd check back in...

    We never forgot about you. And about that vodka calories: the single portions are smaller, but, uhm, the amount may be higher than with beers. Welcome back, Ron! Cees
  16. Cees Alons

    A Few Words About A few words about…™ Lawrence of Arabia - in 4k UHD Blu-ray

    "On one's iPhone " Anyone watching it on an iPhone should be called incessantly. And texted. Cees
  17. Cees Alons

    R.I.P. Brian Dennehy

    One of my favourite actors for a long time already. I first saw him in 10, a film sort of loaded with great actors and which made Bo Derek famous. In fact it wasn't a great film really, but Brian Dennehy was a bartender I never forgot. That appeared to be his typical and very precise acting...
  18. Cees Alons

    Terminator: Dark Fate (2019)

    It will be arriving today! Cees
  19. Cees Alons

    Terminator: Dark Fate (2019)

    Haven't seen it yet - just ordered the Blu-ray yesterday. If I won't "agree" with the plot development, it won't spoil a previous movie (like T2) for me. (I read that happened to someone in a review on Amazon.) I feel much closer to the discussion in this thread anyway. Cees
  20. Cees Alons

    I will be dropping by more often.

    Hallo Jack! Glad to see you resuming your posting habits. :cool: (Don't understand how I missed this thread before.) Great to see your Zephyr plans. Our last cat died (23 years of age) ten years ago, and we decided we weren't taking a new one. It ended a lifetime period with them - always...
  21. Cees Alons

    Happy Birthday Cees (pronounced Case) and Happy Birthday Dave Lawson!

    Thanks, Dave. Time runs faster and faster while we age. Sometimes I could have sworn something happened a few months before - and it turns out to have been already two years, or more. Hope to see you in this thread next year! :cheers: :wave-hello: Cees
  22. Cees Alons

    What is Uber's Malfunction?

    Ha, ha. No, that cab saved us. The "terrible" experience was the 30+ mins. before it arrived when we really didn't see how to get a cab easily. We were tired. The area was almost abandoned. There was no regular cab waiting, and no waiting area. We wandered around a bit. Nothing. Local citizens...
  23. Cees Alons

    What is Uber's Malfunction?

    Last April my wife and I arrived at Tampa an hour after midnight. We came from Amsterdam, landing in Detroit where the connecting flight to Tampa appeared to be delayed for just over 2 hours. When we finally left the Tampa airport, suitcases and all, no taxi in sight. None. We noticed several...
  24. Cees Alons

    Testy Area 51

    Recently, there was a programme about Jane Fonda on the BBC. She still looks great. And she's interesting. I've known her since I first saw Barbarella in a theatre (as a student). Just happened to buy a Blu-ray of the film a few months ago. Cees
  25. Cees Alons

    Testy Area 51

    The Netherlands were sort of tricked out of the possession of New Amsterdam (not physically left it, though) by a man who posed as a friend but acted like a spy for Charles II of England (also known as Captain Hook). The name of the unpleasant spy was Downing. Totally unknown by most of us now...
  26. Cees Alons

    Testy Area 51

    Bruxelles, 31 January 2020 :( Cees
  27. Cees Alons

    Testy Area 51

    Does calling George Washington an English officer do him justice? Formally he was an English citizen, of course, but he was born in the 'colonies', wasn't he? From parents who were too. He served in something called The Virginian Militia (I looked this name up :) ), after his brother died who...
  28. Cees Alons

    Testy Area 51

    Those hillbillies moved to the Appalachia Mountains, when? In the Paleozoic Era already? (Then they may have met the Paleoindians, didn't they.) History is soooo confusing. It changes every decade and also when someone else is telling it. Cees
  29. Cees Alons

    Testy Area 51

    "Let's see what happens now. Will Britain flourish or will we be begging the EU to let us back in. :eek: :D " Nah. Merely continue playing soccer. And we're there too. Cees