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  1. Brad_Shifflett

    XBox as DVD Player

    Ok, I did a search and did not find anything on this topic. I have a 1272q projector and currently a Iscan Line Doubler with a JVC 65gd or something like that model player. I am interested in hearing what people say about DVD performance from there X-Box machines? I am wanting to upgrade my...
  2. Brad_Shifflett

    "Rush In Rio" DVD

    Awesome, release date???
  3. Brad_Shifflett

    FS: Bettercables Silver Serpent VGA/3 RCA Breakout 8m (26 ft)

    Here is a link to the specs on the cable: With my projector I needed a VGA/5 BNC breakout cable, this is a VGA/3 RCA breakout cable. I received it with my Line Doubler last year and never been used by me. $50 plus shipping takes it off of m hands...
  4. Brad_Shifflett

    anybody going to deep fry a turkey this thanksgiving?

    I deep fryed my first one this year, here is a link to all the photos. Hope you all enjoy: Very good, highly recommended to do.
  5. Brad_Shifflett

    FINALLY, I have dolby in my house!

    Speaking of posing cats, here is mine I tried to pose for a halloween photo. Very difficult to get them to hold still with strobe studio flashes going:
  6. Brad_Shifflett

    What Do You Think Of This Idea: "The DVD Channel"?

    That is what the forum is for, we do not need another cable channel. I would get bored watching it. I like to just read about the newest DVD's online and interact that way.
  7. Brad_Shifflett

    November HT Clubs meet

    It is in Oakley California, I believe Bryan forgot to mention that in the title of the message. Brad Shifflett
  8. Brad_Shifflett

    November HT Clubs meet

    AS you know Bryan, I cannot make it, hope everyone has a great time.
  9. Brad_Shifflett

    Joe Satriani SACD Question

    Does anyone know if this is a Hybrid SACD that I can play it on a regular CD player? I do not have a SACD player yet but plan on one in the future, so if I could, I will buy my cd's in a different way, if they are SACD's and can play on a regular player, I will buy that one first, if not, then I...
  10. Brad_Shifflett

    Any musicians around here?

    Hey Nick, let me know if you are planning to sell your bass or not, I may be interested. Let me know what type you got and how much you plan on getting rid of it for. Brad
  11. Brad_Shifflett

    FS: Cambridge Soundworks Center Channel Plus

    Sorry to take so long to get back to you Joel, here are some photos of the center: Link Removed Link Removed Link Removed The center in these photos are sitting on top of a 32" Toshiba TV. So that gives you and idea of the size. It is not very deep. If you are not interested, please let...
  12. Brad_Shifflett

    FS: Cambridge Soundworks Center Channel Plus

    As soon as I get home tonight I will! Looks practically brand new, used for a littl over a year and a half. Brad
  13. Brad_Shifflett

    FS: Cambridge Soundworks Center Channel Plus

    I am looking for $40+shipping or something of an even trade. I am looking for a Shiva Sub or email me with any other offers. The Center Channel Plus features four 3 1/2" bass/mid-range speakers and a 1 3/4" tweeter Specs: Min/Max power 10 - 150 watts. Frequency Response 85HZ - 18KHZ...
  14. Brad_Shifflett

    Opinions On Music DVDs

    I would highly recommend the following: 1. Joe Satriani- Live in San Francisco, just awesome. 2. G3 Live 3. Diana Krall Live in Paris 4. Eagles, Hell Freezes Over 5. Keb Mo- Sessions at West 54th Stay away fromt the Rush Chronicles, it was really bad. I LOVE Rush, I was so mad at this...
  15. Brad_Shifflett

    August 17 thats right another norcal meet

    Link Removed What a blast. Here is what I posted at HTT, I am just cutting and pasting the post here for everyone to see. Please email [email protected] or [email protected] to be put on our mailing list for upcoming events. Put it this way, we are currently scheduled every...
  16. Brad_Shifflett

    Who else cannot stand host on Dog eat Dog?

    I like the show, but I find Brooke Burns to b annoying game show host. Something about her just annoys me. Maybe the lack of enthusiasm in her voice, lack of moving around like Jenny McCarthy in Singled Out. I dont know, what does everyone else think?
  17. Brad_Shifflett

    Anyone Into Digital Photography?

    I am into Digital Photography enough to have started my own business Link Removed Lots of potential in digital photography. I love to take photos and I am also looking into the S900 printer, how do you like yours?
  18. Brad_Shifflett

    Somebody should do a Bay Area, CA meet...

    Thanks Bill for posting those links. We are actually starting a formal website and hope to expand from the Bay Area. If anyone is interested in being involved and attending the meets pretty much being sponsored by the club, send myself or Bryan Wright an email, we will add...
  19. Brad_Shifflett

    Northern California Meet

    Pictures are up of the meet: Link Removed What a blast it was, I just got around to this thread, I am more active over at the other forum. Hopefully for those that did not make it to this one will be able to make it to the next in July, see this thread for details...
  20. Brad_Shifflett

    Photography forums???

    I visit a couple of Digital Photography forums that will also help with 35mm SLR cameras. They are the following: 2 good sites. Brad
  21. Brad_Shifflett

    FS: Sony STR-D635 DD Receiver

    Price dropped to $100, Buyer pays shipping. Brad
  22. Brad_Shifflett

    Notice Things Changing Around Here

    I personally hate all the stuff I have to scroll through to get to the forums. Not interested in all the ads and stuff. Just give me the forums. That is why I am here. I understand the need for the ads to support the forum, it is needed I guess. Other than that, colors are nice and easy on eyes...
  23. Brad_Shifflett

    FS: Sony STR-D635 DD Receiver

    I am selling my Dolby Digital only receiver. Here are the Specs on it: /V Receiver: STR-DE635 Stereo Mode Power Output, both channels driven into 8 ohms 80 w x 2 THD at rated output 0.09% Bandwidth at rated output 20 -- 20,000 Hz Surround Mode Power Output, all channels driven, 8...
  24. Brad_Shifflett

    Coffee Table for CRT Projector ideas? Pics?

    Anyone build a table to install there CRT Projector in? I am looking for some ideas and ventilation issues. Anyone have any pictures on-line showing off there creation? It needs to be enclosed to keep kids from playing with it and when not being used, have the door on the front lock. I am...
  25. Brad_Shifflett

    Any paintball players around here?

    I have been playing for about 6 months. I got a Spyder TL with a 18" DYE barrell (I think it is 18"), anyways, I would highly recommend this marker. It shoots awesome and looks great. Here are a couple of sites to check out: This will get you...
  26. Brad_Shifflett

    How to Calculate New Speakers?

    Well I hear about people testing there speakers with the SPL meter (which is all I got), they say they measure from 1M. How do you recommend to do this? Do you do the test at with a certain tone? CD? etc... Ok, so what is semi-anechoic and in-room difference mean? I find these speakers seem to...