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  1. Neil_Duffy

    The Mist

    Well I have viewed the colour version and it's a fantastic film. I also have the B & W version too, which I am toying with to watch. On the introduction, FD says this the B & W is the definite version, a directors cut as it where, and he goes on to explain why he feels this. The DVD is fantastic...
  2. Neil_Duffy

    The Mist

    I'll be honest, I haven't heard of anything about Darabonts preferred black and white cut... could you elaborate anymore on that? Thanks.
  3. Neil_Duffy

    The Mist

    Just wondering if anyone can tell me why there isn't a release of this, alongside the standard def version, in a few weeks time. Thanks.
  4. Neil_Duffy


    Anyone know what's happened to the last few seasons of this? I heard it was coming a while ago... but nothing recently... any news, anyone?
  5. Neil_Duffy

    Le Ballon Rouge - Criterion?

    I read an article a while back on the criterion website about this title and was under the impression that it was coming in the spring... I have been unable to find out anything about this title on there now, and I was wondering if anyone on here can shed any light on this possible release, thanks.
  6. Neil_Duffy

    No Blade of Grass

    I noticed that Criterion is releasing the Cornel Wilde film 'The Naked Prey' soon, and I was wondering if anyone knew of a release of 'No Blade of Grass'?
  7. Neil_Duffy

    Best Source for SD New release calendar

    Well, with Davis DVD now gone, can anyone point me in the direction of a reliable site that has an up to the date release calendar? Thanks.
  8. Neil_Duffy

    The Princess Bride 20th Anniversay Edition

    Can anyone tell me what the special features are on this new release? Thanks
  9. Neil_Duffy

    Batman Begins & Matrix - How come these are on HD and not Blu-ray?

    Yeah, cheers for that. My only hope is that they ramp up the activity in the UK, cause it's pretty dull, blu-ray release wise, at the moment.
  10. Neil_Duffy

    Batman Begins & Matrix - How come these are on HD and not Blu-ray?

    ...forgive the dumbness, but what is IME?
  11. Neil_Duffy

    Batman Begins & Matrix - How come these are on HD and not Blu-ray?

    Just wondering... seen as Warners are releasing titles in both formats, how come Batman Begins and The Matrix have been released exclusively on HD DVD, but not blu-ray?
  12. Neil_Duffy

    Davis DVD

    Anyone know what's happened to this site? It hadn't been updated for ages, now it's gone...
  13. Neil_Duffy

    O Lucky Man in October 07?

    Anyone got this yet? If so... any verdict? extras... pic quality?
  14. Neil_Duffy

    New Kubrick SE's

    Well, I hope they make an annoucement soon... otherwise my mazoola is going the way of the USA...
  15. Neil_Duffy

    New Kubrick SE's

    There's no news in the UK yet of any new releases, either SD or HD. ;(
  16. Neil_Duffy

    New Kubrick SE's

    Hmmm... is this new cover art for the shining then? I like it!
  17. Neil_Duffy


    The image is... not good. Still, it's so great that am just happy to finally have it.
  18. Neil_Duffy

    New Kubrick SE's

    I know this issue belongs in another thread, but the profile and visibilty of HD-DVD is virtually non existent in the UK - blu-ray is everywhere. Yeah, there are HD-DVD titles on the shelves, but people I speak to talk only of Blu-ray. In regards to the Kubrick set, well, if the new additions...
  19. Neil_Duffy

    New Kubrick SE's

    Having started this thread many moons ago... feeling the excitement from DVDbeavers reviews... am actually in a bind! I have just jumped on board the blu-ray bandwagon and I am desparate for these new BD releases to be All Region. No news of them in the UK in either SD or BD, so it's a bit...
  20. Neil_Duffy

    Barry Lyndon

    Thanks for tha info Jack. I wish there was some concrete news about Kubrick Blu-ray in the UK... I have to say, that I am close to upgrading to Blu-ray PS3and I'd like to christian my new set up with the blu-ray 2001... gutted though that they are holding out on Barry Lyndon, this too, is my...
  21. Neil_Duffy

    Barry Lyndon

    With the upcoming Kubrick re-releases in October, I was wondering what was happening with Barry Lyndon - is this not coming out with a new restoration set... is it coming on blu-ray/hd-dvd??? Do we know?
  22. Neil_Duffy

    Garrisons Gorillas

    Any chance of this? Starngely enough, I have been re-watching some old VHS stuff I taped back inthe 80's and I had quite a few eps on tape... highy good fun... would be interested in a set, if there was on coming...
  23. Neil_Duffy

    Invasion Of The Body Snatchers: Collectors Edition due 8/7/07

    Has anyone got the disc and watched it yet... how good are the supplementals???
  24. Neil_Duffy

    O Lucky Man in October 07?

    I can't find the thread for this, but can someone tip me off as to wether this has finally been annouced... dates and specs??? Much appreciated!
  25. Neil_Duffy

    Is Lindsay Anderson's If.... available in any region?

    And while where here... what about O Lucky Man!
  26. Neil_Duffy

    More hints at Star Wars 30th Anniversary DVD set?

    If they are going do this, then they gotta give us the lot; The Biggs scenes, the sand storm scenes, the Boba Fett cartoon. The original making ofs... 30th Anniversary is something special. The powers that be at LFL should have a look at the Superman set - that's how to do a box set.
  27. Neil_Duffy

    The Equaliser

    Do we have any word if the classic Edward Woodward show 'The Equaliser' is coming to DVD soon?
  28. Neil_Duffy

    Larry Sanders - Columbia wants to know your favorites

    'Just as well I recorded it all from ITV4 last year.' Me too. :) As much as I will be all over this new set - I really hope that they re-master & restore the picture. The ITV4 screenings in 2006 (even with ad breaks) is better than the R1 Season 1 release back from 2002.
  29. Neil_Duffy

    Star Wars discussion from The Bits...

    Wow! People still debating the worthless prequels...? c'mon guys... let it go.
  30. Neil_Duffy

    Hudson Hawk

    Can anyone tell me what has happened to the Hudson Hawk 15th Anniversay disc? Thanks.