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  1. Roby Adams

    Toshiba 50H81 Died

    I have a TW56X81 and I have had it repaired twice. Netiher time was there a CRT problem. Costs are as follows: Power supply problem: 650$ Convergance board: 750$ That is for part and labor, pickup and delivery included. I think under 500$ is being wishfull.
  2. Roby Adams

    Movies that are better the 2nd time.

    There is a name for this:
  3. Roby Adams

    Jonathan Demme's "Beloved" - how's the transfer?

    I disagree it is non-anamorphic and quite crap ass on top of that. I like the film but found the transfer to be quite distracting. I wish that it would be redone.
  4. Roby Adams

    Happiness DVD Anamorphic?

    It is not anamorphic. The quality is ok. Not bad but just ok. There are NO extras at all.
  5. Roby Adams

    Brotherhood of the Wolf ...In 3-D?

  6. Roby Adams

    Freakin' Toronto Job Market

    I got laid off today. I've had 4 jobs since I started working profesionally and I've been laid off from all of them. The previous time I was laid off was in Jan of 2001. I'm getting sick of this freaking IT job market.
  7. Roby Adams

    FS: Toshiba TW56X81 56" 16x9 Altanta Area

    Here is the e-mail I sent out tonight. Sorry to the out-of-town guys. Just not worth it on my end. :frowning: If you didn't get the e-mail I apologize. It is first come first serve. If everyone falls through and decides they aren't interested I will let you know.
  8. Roby Adams

    FS: Toshiba TW56X81 56" 16x9 Altanta Area

    Okay whoa! I didn't realize there would be this many people interested. To everyone who sent me an e-mail I will be responding shortly with some more details. A Few quick things: I will more that likely not be able to have anyone come by to look at it until Saturday or Sunday at the...
  9. Roby Adams

    FS: Toshiba TW56X81 56" 16x9 Altanta Area

    Please see here for specs: Link Removed Almost 2 years old exactly (From time of purchase). Paid 3500 new - Have receipt for verification. Excellent condition. Minor cosmetic damage to the back. (The pressboard cover for the 'guts' was removed and lying on the floor and received and...
  10. Roby Adams

    American Psycho 2?

    This is a chessy straight-to-video sequel. It is not based on a book by Bret Easton Ellis (the author of "American Psycho"). Worst of all the "killer" in this one is Mila Kunis, aka. Jackie from That 70's Show. She plays the only victim of Patrick Bateman who survived (this was in the book...
  11. Roby Adams

    I think we need a HTF recognition signal

    Whenever I walk into an electronics store I shout at the the top of my lungs "HTF IZ IN THA HIZZOUSE!"
  12. Roby Adams

    Y'all gettin ready for The Mas'ers? Will Phil choke as usual?

    Ewwwww. The Masters. I grew up in Augusta and lived in an apartment right next to the course for about 5 years. (During the tournament I could hear applause from my front door.) I even worked concessions as a teenager. I can't tell you how much I hated the tournament. Arrgghhh. Traffic...
  13. Roby Adams

    Is the Moulin Rouge DVD anamorphic? is rarely wrong if ever.
  14. Roby Adams

    Is the Moulin Rouge DVD anamorphic?

    I hate to be a thread crapper but there are a million other places on the web to look up this type of information.
  15. Roby Adams

    So, for the heck of it, I e-mailed Bruce Campbell.

    Of course quite a few members should know about my e-mail exchange with Roger Ebert regarding the "Gary Tooze Incident". I've also exchanged e-mails with movie columnist Jeffrey Wells ( from time to time.
  16. Roby Adams

    Starship Troopers SE- May 28th

    I actually don't think it will be a superbit. I think a lot of sites are reporting that without being sure. One of the things I keep hearing is about a commentary by the composer. Commentary tracks would be in contrary to everything we've been told about the superbit line. I think it will...
  17. Roby Adams

    Marc Caro's Delicatessen

    Why just Marc Caro? What about Jean-Pierre Jeunet? No credit for him?
  18. Roby Adams

    My DVD Storage Solution

    Ummmmm Dude. You got a "Jewel" thing or something?
  19. Roby Adams

    Royal Tenenbaums cover - yecch

    BTW how do we KNOW that the Buena Vista release is 2 disc? Has there been a press release?
  20. Roby Adams

    chungking express

    I wasn't aware theat they had edited Malena. Do you know what was done?
  21. Roby Adams

    Moulin Rouge rereleased?!?!

    Playing here in ATLANTA as well.
  22. Roby Adams

    Who else has been laid-off

    I got laid off in January - OF 2001! Still out of work.