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  1. jehremy

    SURVEY: How important is flat frequency response to you?

    Didn't Harman Int. conclude that in their blind listening tests that listeners prefer a flat FR and that it was the most important factor in choosing what they thought was the better speaker? IMHO it would be nice to audition all speakers in blind conditions, but we know dealers would never set...
  2. jehremy

    This Is My SetUp, These are my features, Open it up...where are my speakers?

    Don't be fooled, you can do a lot with about $1000. For example: 4 Paradigm Atoms or Titans 1 Paradigm CC170 1 SVS 25-31PCi In a modest size room this would be a very good setup. BTW, I have heard both Atlantic Tech systems. They are both excellent for HT and pretty good for music.
  3. jehremy

    Need advice re bi-wiring/bi-amping

    I wouldn't waste my time, you will not hear any difference in the sound.
  4. jehremy

    Ebay Paradigm Lesson + Gloat

    I agree Ted, I just got those brand-new Paradigm/Premere brackets that Dean paid $25 for at a discount, for $5.00 on ebay.
  5. jehremy

    would mini monitor make good center?

    Yes it is very odd, I wanted my L/R shielded just in case I got a larger TV and had to place them close to the TV, but I was out of luck since the wife wanted light cherry. Here is a link to show the finish choices: See page 5
  6. jehremy

    would mini monitor make good center?

    No, you can only get the shielded version in black ash. Even if you order it.
  7. jehremy

    Sub Connection!!

    I would really like to see a FR for your sub with your "special cable" and a cheap Radio Shack cable.
  8. jehremy

    would mini monitor make good center?

    I believe the shielded Mini's only come in the black ash finish.
  9. jehremy

    Sub Connection!!

    Neil, How the hell does a cable do that?
  10. jehremy

    Popping in Speakers - Receiver/Amp Related?

    Can you turn off the amps "sleep mode"?
  11. jehremy

    Paradigm Center channel Speakers

    If you are running Atoms in the front, I would go with the CC-170. They both have the exact same drivers, with the CC have one extra 5 1/4in driver. If you have anything from the Monitor line, I would go with the 370.
  12. jehremy

    paradigm monitor replacements? Focus series?

    It looks like they are using the same tweeter and mid-range driver as in the Performance Series.