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  1. Jonny P

    Favorite Blu Ray.......With a Lousy Transfer

    The Bourne movies (all three). Maybe it is just a general issue with Universal's "catalog" titles, but each of these left me fairly underwhelmed when comparing them to their DVD counterparts. They looked alright, but they didn't look as good as they could have looked. And I would concur...
  2. Jonny P

    Blu-ray Review HTF BLU-RAY REVIEW: Tangled (3D/2D Combo Pack)

    I read that this Disney entry was titled "Tangled" instead of "Rapunzel" so as not to turn off a young male audience. Since much of the animated fare these days is designed to appeal to 10 year-old boys, that shouldn't be surprising, but it took what could have been a very special Disney...
  3. Jonny P

    A Few Words About A few words about...™ Unstoppable -- in Blu-ray

    In certain respects, this film serves as a "companion piece" to Tony Scott's redux of the subway thriller "The Taking of Pelham 123" (Scott is sort of going through his "mass transit" period)... The beauty of "Unstoppable" is its simplicity. It is a movie boiled down to its essence -- but as...
  4. Jonny P

    Blu-ray Review HTF Blu-ray Review: THE EXPENDABLES Blu-ray Combo Pack

    The 90 minute documentary is really worthwhile. I picked up this blu-ray last week and thoroughly enjoyed the set.
  5. Jonny P

    Has tv lost its heart?

    I would argue that television in the last decade has "closed the gap" and even "surpassed" theatrical motion pictures in terms acting, writing and overall production value. Three of the shows James pointed to are comedies. TV since 2001 or so was going for this "dark/gritty" vibe. Many...
  6. Jonny P

    Blue Bloods Season 1

    Overall, I enjoyed the second episode more than the first, and think it has a nice "procedural" vibe going for it. Like Mark_B, I don't know why there has to be an "undercurrent" that is an investigation into a "secret brotherhood" of cops. And I don't necessarily think every episode...
  7. Jonny P

    Hawaii 5-0 season 1 thread

    I thought is was pretty good.   Like other comments in this topic, I thought the "bickering/bonding" was a bit forced between Scott Caan (Ocean's 11, 12, 13) and O'Loughlin.   Of course, the same was true of "NCIS: LA" early last season, and that show started to find a groove by the end...
  8. Jonny P

    NCIS Season 7

    One of my favorite shows. I will say this... Shane Brennan isn't nearly the storyteller that Donald P. Bellisario was (who left as NCIS showrunner after an apparent conflict with Mark Harmon). Brennan has gone on to create NCIS: LA. I do wonder if perhaps he is being run a bit thin...
  9. Jonny P

    NCIS: Los Angeles Season 1

    Alright... Finally finished Season 1 on the DVR... Shane Brennan (creator and exec. producer) is no Donald Bellisario. There are some good bits on the show, but the whole is not greater than the sum of its parts. The show probably needs a bit of retooling going into the second season...
  10. Jonny P


    As one who watches a myriad of shows on cable channels like USA and TNT, I am used to "mini-seasons" in the winter and summer, so the break between the fall and spring for "Glee" didn't throw me off, or effect my perception. But since Ryan Murphy suggested that the first 13 were already in...
  11. Jonny P


    But Josh, a number of shows that "stayed just as good" or "improved" had producers, writers and actors who "tweaked" things as they went along. For example, I thought season 3 of "24" was decent, but many fans (and critical media types) thought it spun its wheels during a number of hours in...
  12. Jonny P


    As I said before, the pilot ep of "Glee" was fantastic. But in my mind, that largely had to do with the fact that the music was "integrated" into the first ep using "real life" musical opposed to "fantasy/dream" sequences which have now become standard. It has become far too...
  13. Jonny P


    "Theme weeks" have started to permeate the show. Not a bad thing necessarily, but a departure from the first episodes. I think the pilot episode ranks as a classic. And there have been a number of other nice moments as the show has progressed. What I don't know is whether they can...
  14. Jonny P

    Alias gets a Reboot?

    I figure a "24" reboot is likely on the agenda in a few years too... The reason I say that is because there was an interview with Kiefer Sutherland a few years ago suggesting you could do the concept with all sorts of professions...police officer...fireman...etc. An "Alias" reboot could...
  15. Jonny P

    24: Season Eight

    Duly noted, Travis. It has been "spoilerized." There is no doubt that death would have been a relief for Jack Bauer, but part of his "lot in life" is that he gets no reprieve. Even when he saves the world, there is little in the way of personal satisfaction for him, and his own inner demons...
  16. Jonny P

    Lost: Season Six

    First off, I want to say that I have enjoyed reading the various comments, theories and prognostications on the finale of "Lost." Most everyone I knew abandoned the show a while back. I stuck with it all six seasons, and stayed through every episode. I tend to go with the camp that...
  17. Jonny P

    24: Season Eight

    There are those who thought the Season 7 ending for "Magnum P.I. " (with Magnum stuck in a coma, walking off into the clouds) was the better ending for the series. Network execs (due to a ratings revival, and fan requests) decided to renew the show for a truncated Season 8. "The Shield" was...
  18. Jonny P

    2010 Fall Schedule (Updated as the information comes in)

    I will say this for the fall sched... I am happy to see them putting renewed "effort" into Friday night. As a lifelong TV aficionado, it has been disheartening to see Friday and Saturday abandoned by certain networks. Some very interesting shows were offered both of those nights in the...
  19. Jonny P

    The Good Guys (Season 1)

    Overall, it seemed very uneven to me...which I found surprising considering the talent involved. It felt like an offering that you'd see on FX. I think it was trying to have that quirky sort of "Grosse Point Blank" vibe, but it misfired.
  20. Jonny P

    24: Season Eight

  21. Jonny P

    2010 Fall Schedule (Updated as the information comes in)

    Of the new shows, the "Hawaii Five-O" reboot looks the most promising... ...and that has me concerned. There hasn't been a reboot lately (other than "Battlestar Galactica") that has been particularly successful. "Bionic Woman" and "Knight Rider" (and even "V") come to mind in that...
  22. Jonny P

    24: Season Eight

    I was happy to see "24" end in typical fashion. When the show debuted in 2001, it helped to transform the television landscape, and further blurred the lines between "TV quality" and "motion picture quality." Jack Bauer has become the prototypical action hero the past decade. I can't...
  23. Jonny P

    DVD Review HTF DVD REVIEW: The Dark Knight: Two-Disc Special Edition

    I agree that TV and catalog releases have looked better than new releases of new theatrical fare. (Although, I don't own that many WB TV shows...) My previous theory as to why the SD-DVD releases looked so poor stems from WB's production of HD-DVD and Blu-Ray the past couple of years...
  24. Jonny P

    DVD Review HTF DVD REVIEW: The Dark Knight: Two-Disc Special Edition

    Whatever the reason, it is annoying. I purchased my first hi-def LCD TV in March '07. I have really enjoyed it, and on a 37" LCD, the picture quality of many DVDs (including "Batman Begins") is very, very good. Not as sharp as HD content, but awfully close in certain instances (especially...
  25. Jonny P

    WHV Announcement: The Dark Knight (DVD/Blu-ray)

    My 2 cents... Warner Bros. has been churning out crummy transfers on SD DVDs for the past year or so. They used to be a leader ("Batman Begins" looks fantastic), but a number of movies have a considerable amount of compression artifacts, digital noise, and look "lo-res" compared to past...
  26. Jonny P

    2008 Fall Schedule

    Very, very happy that "The Amazing Race" is on CBS' 2008 Fall sched. We only had one edition this season, but the ratings proved to be very solid once again. And since they are already casting TAR 14, I can only assume that we'll get a spring edition of the show as well.
  27. Jonny P

    Was "JAG: Season 5" Recalled?

    Folks: Not an attempt to rumor monger on my part. I just went to Sam's Club to buy "JAG" because the price is awfully high everywhere else. When they told me they'd had to send it back to Paramount, I was concerned. I have many, many shows on DVD, and I read about recalls and reissues on...
  28. Jonny P

    Was "JAG: Season 5" Recalled?

    I was at my local Sam's Club a month or two ago and they told me that they'd initially had season 5 of "JAG", but then had to send it back to Paramount. Anyone know if there is any reason for this?
  29. Jonny P

    Jericho Season 2 thread

    Nice ending to the series...although I'd love to see the civil war that would potentially ensue on the show. It was one of the few shows where I really cared about the characters. Amazingly, Fox is renewing "Prison Break" for a ludicrously unnecessary 4th season. "Jericho" is a show...
  30. Jonny P

    Magnum PI Season 8

    When "The Cosby Show" was placed opposite "Magnum, p.i." in 1984, "Magnum" started to slide in the ratings. "Magnum, p.i." had been a mainstay on Thursdays for CBS -- a ratings winner. But "Cosby" helped bring NBC out of the ratings basement as a network and ushered in 20 or so years of...