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  1. Guy Foulard

    The Guns of Will Sonnet: Complete Series (CBS MOD)

    I for one will keep my fingers cross that CBS will gift us with some more Ben Casey, if they feel they can get a few pennies out of the project...
  2. Guy Foulard

    International The Outcasts, Matt Helm, The Quest, The Iron Horse

    Amazing! Nice to know international companies are still doing their bit, since the US side is collapsing (over and over again).
  3. Guy Foulard

    Is the b&w era of TV on DVD slowly coming to an end?

    Something new and B&W is being released next month (apologies if this has already been posted): "Lost and forgotten in a garage in New Jersey for over 50 years, the Deadline TV series (1959-61), which dramatized stories drawn from actual newspaper headlines of the 1950's, has been rediscovered...
  4. Guy Foulard

    Ben Casey

    This is encouraging. The CBS MOD DVDs for The Young Lawyers were unremastered, but uncut and watchable, so hoping they have full-length, un-sped versions of Ben Casey in the vaults.
  5. Guy Foulard

    Dan August – The Complete Collection

    In the two episodes I watched, I noticed Burt's voice is a little higher and faster that I would have expected.
  6. Guy Foulard

    Dan August – The Complete Collection

  7. Guy Foulard

    Mr. Novak, NBC TV Series 1963-65.

    I ordered my Series 1 from DeepDiscount -- $43.11, plus tax, no shipping cost. I'm gambling these will be pressed discs, so I'm willing to pay a little more than Amazon. I can't believe this stinkin' series is finally being released. So psyched! I'd actually stopped checking this thread...
  8. Guy Foulard

    Press Release New Twentieth Century Fox Television DVD Titles Coming Soon (September 20 2018)

    I guess it was madness to hope for MODs of Bracken's World and Judd for the Defense! :rolleyes:
  9. Guy Foulard

    A Quinn Martin Production

    The death of Burt Reynolds reminds me that I'd love to see a DVD set of the one-season Dan August ("A Quinn Martin Production"). I'd settle for an Amazon MOD set (a la The Young Lawyers) at this point.
  10. Guy Foulard

    Television's Lost Classics (VCI)

    A couple of new B&W TV era listings I just stumbled across on Amazon. I'm assuming these are classified as Public Domain. VCI is saying they're restored, and they're releasing them on Blu-Ray: Television's Lost Classics Volume One (2 Prime Time Specials): "This is a special series of lost...
  11. Guy Foulard

    Blondie (1957) - Classicflix Kickstarter See Post #7

    ClassicFlix is planning to release the TV version of Blondie (1957) on DVD...and maybe Blu-ray? Not quite my thing, but figured some here would be interested!
  12. Guy Foulard

    A Quinn Martin Production

    I originally saw this on Mystery Science Theater 3000 in the 90s:
  13. Guy Foulard

    What were your best bargains for Home Video Purchases?

    For me, the complete four-season Naked City for $25.49 (inexplicable pre-release price at Amazon). I'd been anxious to get the whole series after getting the mixed early releases a few years earlier, so I would have happily paid $100 or so for it. (Now can someone do that with The Defenders?)
  14. Guy Foulard

    CBS Mod Program

    This stuff never really bothers me. There's so much artifice in older movies and television that after a lifetime of seeing it, I just take it as part of the suspension of disbelief you have to bring to things from the studio-bound era. It's also fascinating to track the changes from location...
  15. Guy Foulard

    Questions about series pilots from the 1960s & ‘70s

    The video quality is pretty so-so, and I don't think either series is a huge classic--but I bought them. ;) One thing they have in common with each other: a complete change in supporting cast with the first proper episode.
  16. Guy Foulard

    Please FINISH Peyton Place on DVD! *Official Thread*

    This was a highlight, and Lee Grant was great in the role. There are some false-start plots before she comes along, and then that storyline definitely revitalizes the show.
  17. Guy Foulard

    What Vintage War Series Left to be Released on DVD?

    Mid-sixties, before Peter Graves took over the lead in Mission: Impossible, but this sounds intriguing. According to its Wikipedia entry, it was filmed in England (it was a US/UK co-production), so it has a similar mix of guest actors to the excellent 'Espionage' from a few years earlier...
  18. Guy Foulard

    THE IMMORTAL (1970-1971) to hit DVD very soon!

    This should be fun. I wish VEI was a little more competent in their sleeve design, though!
  19. Guy Foulard

    Minor 60s Shows Left

    All three of these shows (East Side/West Side, Get Smart, and He & She) were from David Susskind's and Leonard Stern's Talent Associates. I think it's likely that Buck Henry considered ES/WS dated. I can see that perspective, but I think a lot of...
  20. Guy Foulard

    THE IMMORTAL (1970-1971) to hit DVD very soon!

    I always enjoy these 60s-era Fugitive knock-offs, so I'm in.
  21. Guy Foulard

    Mr. Novak, NBC TV Series 1963-65.

    Also very excited about this news! I zipped through The Lieutenant and have been steadily watching the longer-running Dr. Kildare, so I'm sure I'll dig this. Early 60s b&w drama is my favorite type of American TV. Spring is a long way away, but I've waited this long...especially worth it since...
  22. Guy Foulard

    A DVD set of failed/'lost' pilots: why not?

    Is the Dick van Dyke show pilot the one that starred Carl Reiner in the lead role ("Head of the Family")? That one was included in the Season One set of TDVDS.
  23. Guy Foulard

    So What Unreleased /Stalled Shows Still Have A Chance?

    Ah, this explains why I remember seeing it! I turned six that summer--couldn't figure how I could recall a show that was on when I was 3 years old...
  24. Guy Foulard

    So What Unreleased /Stalled Shows Still Have A Chance?

    There must be existing tape transfers of all (or most) of this series floating around, since it was rerun on the defunct cable network Trio in the early 2000s as part of their "Brilliant But Cancelled" series. I don't...
  25. Guy Foulard

    Coronet Blue coming from Kino Lorber

    I've been enjoying this short-lived show a lot. Too bad they didn't manage to wrap it up! One detail that makes sense for a 1967 show that was actually filmed in 1965: Broadcast episode 3, The Rebels, with Jon Voight, David Carradine, and Candice Bergen was a loose fictionalized version of...
  26. Guy Foulard

    The Rockford Files: The Complete Series (Blu-ray) Available for Preorder

    Willing to gamble on the quality for this price, especially since the set'll have a smaller footprint on my shelves than the old DVDs would.
  27. Guy Foulard

    Beverly Garland's Series Decoy Coming to DVD This Month

    Just $11.99 at Amazon now, folks!
  28. Guy Foulard

    Coronet Blue coming from Kino Lorber

    I prre-ordered at $49.95 with the assumption that Amazon would drop the price to a more friendly amount. That usually pays off.
  29. Guy Foulard

    Warner Archive In 2017. Take A Shot!

    Based on the novel by Joseph Wambaugh, creator/consultant on Police Story. I'll be picking this one up.