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  1. Mike Boniferro

    No wonder people find HDTV confusing

    Just incredible!! Ignorance of how to use a device is somehow the industry's fault? Being too ignorant to find out what is available on the new service that you are signing up for is the industry's fault? Not taking the time to figure out that you can't dump HD content onto DVD is...
  2. Mike Boniferro

    56" or 61" DLP for 10.5 ft. viewing distance?

    50 or 56" would be appropriate for that viewing. I'd go with 56" if and only if you will be watching only HD and DVD quality on this TV. It will look hideous at that distance for SD
  3. Mike Boniferro

    Projector Buying Store Stupidity

    or Costco or Sams, or grocery stores that want to see the little sticker they put on large items that don't fit in bags....
  4. Mike Boniferro

    New Screen for HTPC help...

    That TV is HD (does not scale HD images down)... it just doesn't have a built in ATSC tuner/cable card slot. (which is totally useless here in Canada anyways for the most part!) If you have a fairly high end video card (6600 or better) then you should be able to run DVI from the video card...
  5. Mike Boniferro

    Projector Buying Store Stupidity

    Check out best buy canada's website Definately some decent projectors there... and no restocking fees. It's amazing how different the US seems to be!! I can see the point in having a policy on things like DVD recorders and projectors...
  6. Mike Boniferro

    Her are some Infocuse 4805 screenshots from my 9' wide screen

    Bart, 4805 obviously looks great... but with the HTPC it's just absolutely INCREDIBLE!! And I built my HTPC, bought the necessary software and purchased the 4805 all for about the same price as the Panny 700 or 900. I am VERY pleased! :)
  7. Mike Boniferro

    Magnavox 51MP392H

    Barry, 2 weeks ago Best Buy in Canada was selling this tv for $999 with a Magnavox HTIB... even at that it is a really tough call. (and they've also got it at $999 right now) No screen protector on this one (which could be good or bad) and the viewing angles are very poor. I wouldn't buy it...
  8. Mike Boniferro

    Help me decide on parts for my HTPC

    Still have to get some pics and screen shots together. The final equipment list : Intel Petium D 820 Chip and model 945 board BFG Geforce 6600GT Video card LG Dual layer DVD/CD writer Maxtor 250GB SATA HD Dynex 5.1 sound card (only reasonable one I could find with optical out ---...
  9. Mike Boniferro

    Help me decide on parts for my HTPC

    Wow that looks pretty cool. Does it come with the RF receiver to hook into the computer? Does it work with Meedio/zoomplayer or TT and all those other non-MCE apps? thanks! I'll also post pics and final parts list once everything is up and running smoothly with my PJ. I played a movie...
  10. Mike Boniferro

    Help me decide on parts for my HTPC

    Any suggestions on which remote to go for? I built it all successfully yesterday.. now just need the remote/keyboard and an M1-DVI connector for my projector! This thing really flies!
  11. Mike Boniferro

    Help me decide on parts for my HTPC

    Do you have any specific opinions on the RF remote? Also, will such a remote come with a receiver that plugs into a PC, or is that an extra accessory? Thanks
  12. Mike Boniferro

    Help me decide on parts for my HTPC

    I am going to play with a few different interfaces before committing to one type of control. Ultimately, the IR Microsoft keyboard with built on mouse capabilities would probably be the best option, but it apparently only works with MCE. I was planning on using Meedio, and have ordered a...
  13. Mike Boniferro

    Help me decide on parts for my HTPC

    Only about a week from starting the build now. The reason for the Intel products is that I have an opportunity to pick up this board and chip EXTREMELY cheap right now, so I just have to go for it. The only Seagate SATA drives I can find are 8mb cache. I notice that the Maxtor and Western...
  14. Mike Boniferro

    Help me decide on parts for my HTPC

    Hey everyone, very soon I am going to start building an HTPC. I will be using it as a DVD player/recorder, to play DVD's ripped from my collection, music server and pictures. I would like to keep the possiblity of gaming open as well, although I probably won't use it much for this. My display...
  15. Mike Boniferro

    Looking at new computers

    I agree... I would not hold off on buying a computer for Win Vista. I suggest getting something that runs at 64 bits since 6 of the 7 vista versions will be available in 64 bit and you'll see way better performance.... but I always wait until around the time of the first service pack to come...
  16. Mike Boniferro

    Questions about LCD Projection TV's

    Anothony, if you read what Chris was saying, he did qualify his opinion. Most people don't properly calibrate their sets, and don't have environments (low light, no crazy viewing angles) that lend nicely to CRT... but if you do, you will almost always get better results than from any LCD or...
  17. Mike Boniferro

    Best Buy is Crazy!

    The margin %'s would be less on monster, but the margin $$$'s are much more. As a business, i would rather sell a $150 cable at 50% ($75 profit) as opposed to a $15 recoton or whatever brand at 80% ($12 profit)... %'s don't tell the whole story if one product costs 10x what another does...
  18. Mike Boniferro

    Do DLP, LCOS LCD, or any other fixed pixel display need ISF calibration?

    Michael, have you had a chance to play with the HM85 sets yet? I know the 52" is available... I wonder if they 'corrected' this step back from last year?
  19. Mike Boniferro

    Wall plate with fibre optic??

    I am just in the process of setting up my HT in my new house, and also just got a projector. All of my gear is being housed in the next room over, but I want to be able to play video games in the main room. SO: I need a wall plate with component and a fibre optic jack since PS2/Xbox you...
  20. Mike Boniferro

    Info on Projectors

    Yes I was quoting average price in CDN $'s for the bulb, sorry. I just installed my 4805 tonight, and I will be enjoying it for movies, sports and the occasional hd show... but I'm talking an average of about 1 - 1.5 hours per day so the expensive bulb really means nothing when you're talking...
  21. Mike Boniferro

    Info on Projectors

    The only downside of using a projector that much is the amount of bulbs you will go through. At the high end, you will get about 3000 hours per bulb at about $400 replacement cost. at 12 hours per day, you are looking at about 8 months per bulb. Also, will your room be light controlled?
  22. Mike Boniferro

    Ordered the 4805

    Well I just ordered mine today. Said it should ship tomorrow so hopefully I have by the end of the week! Already have the mount. Guess I will be building a screen this weekend!
  23. Mike Boniferro

    InFocus SP4805 or Optoma H31

    Hey Norris, I'm picking up the 4805 this week. Evan did a great job summarizing what I was thinking. Where are you located?
  24. Mike Boniferro

    Infocus 4805 placement question

    Thanks for the reply Victor. As far as vertical alignment, where will the projector be in relationship to the top of the screen?
  25. Mike Boniferro

    Infocus 4805 placement question

    Hello everyone, I've got a Toshiba TDP-MT200 that I have on loan at home right now. I have been having a hell of a time trying to position this thing putting it on a coffee table. It seems that there is an unfixable tilt to the picture (can only be tilted on the left side of the projector) and...
  26. Mike Boniferro

    InFocus 'acceptable missing pixels'?

    I've seen tons of dead dlp, lcd and plasma pixels. It is a problem inherent to all fixed pixel display technologies. you are talking about close to 1 million mirrors on tiny motors when it comes to dlp. It is very realistic that their will be problems. A good example of this is at Best Buy...
  27. Mike Boniferro

    Advice from a retail standpoint

    I just have a quick second to comment on this, but I agree with much of what you said Bud. I have seen an insane amount of DLPs go bad... at first it looks like the bulb has gone (lamp, standby etc lights flashing on the front) but often once unplugged for a few hours and plugged back in they...
  28. Mike Boniferro

    What is Best Buy's Price Match Policy?

    Here is the policy from (the Canadian version): ___________________________ Our Lowest Price Guarantee Our Lowest Price Guarantee makes sure you get the best price on the products you buy at Best Buy and We will beat lower prices advertised by authorized dealers...
  29. Mike Boniferro

    Best projector for my buck

    Yep that's what I was counting on. I said 96" max on the screen because the 720p Panny is still on the list. Is this rebate for the ae700 a strictly US thing? I haven't seen anything like that from Panasonic Canada. Does anyone know how the Infocus rebate works for Canadian customers? can we...
  30. Mike Boniferro

    Best projector for my buck

    Hello everyone. I was hoping that I could throw out a few model #'s and the best prices I am able to get on them, and get some feedback on which way I should go. I'm looking for a decent (doesn't need to be fantastic) projector for an HT that I am going to build in my new house. We will be...