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    LCD Monitors for Video Editing, DVD Watching?

    What are some good widescreen LCD monitors to use for video editing and manipulation as well as watching DVDs? The Apple cinema displays seem to be pretty good, but is there anything comparable for a lower price?
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    Hi-Def Security Cameras?

    Are there any hi-def security video cameras out there? Surely these would produce better footage than the crappy looking security camera footage we sometimes see on the news when a convenience store is robbed.
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    Beatles Remasters in 2007? Any News?

    The current CDs of the Beatles albums were released in 1987. Next year they will be 20 years old. Anyone know if Apple is going to release newly remastered versions in 2007? I think the 40th anniversary of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band would be a good milestone on which to re-release the...
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    Seinfeld Season 6 Problem

    On Seinfeld season 6, the Inside Look featurette for The Kiss Hello starts out with a title screen indicating "The Kiss Hello" but the content of the featurette is actually about Highlights of 100. Did anyone else notice this?
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    Paramount Price Drops?

    Are there going to be any more price drops for Paramount DVDs? I was surprised to see that the lowest price for Mother, according to DVDpricesearch.com is $21.41.
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    Deleted Scenes Look Better Than The Movie?

    I've read about a few DVDs like Road to Perdition where the deleted scenes look better than the feature itself. What are some others? I thought the Boogie Nights deleted scenes looked better. Less EE.
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    TV-on-DVD's Effect on Programming

    We all know how strong DVD sales resurrected Family Guy. Has TV-on-DVD affected TV programming in any other ways? Will it affect programming in the future? Unlike the cinema, there is little or no room for niche shows that have a small but dedicated followings (Arrested Development), but could...
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    Visions of Light

    Visions of Light was one of the first DVDs I bought, back in 1999. Its non-anamorphic, and the some of the film clips don't look very good. I'd like to see a remastered version someday, with anamorphic video (1.37:1 clips windowboxed) and with better quality clips, since many of the films...
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    Reference Discs, Past and Present

    What are the current reference discs for video and audio? Which discs from past years still hold up, and which discs no longer look that good? The Fifth Element was considered a very good disc for a long time, until the Superbit bested it. Same with the new Toy Story DVD.
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    My Name is Nobody

    Paramount has released an SE of Sergio Leone's My Name is Nobody in Germany. I believe the OUATIW SE was released outside of R1 before being released in R1. Does this mean that an R1 release is in the pipeline?
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    Patton SE Reissue?

    Does Fox have plans to reissue the 2-disc SE of Patton?
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    Ultimate Toy Box UK

    I recently won a used R2 Ultimate Toy Box from eBay. I just assumed that everything from the R1 edition would be ported over, but its missing a few things on the first 2 discs. The commentaries, 5.1 effects-only tracks, Toy Story Treats, and Buzz and Woody on set interviews are replaced by DD...
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    5.1 Sound on Concerts

    A lot of concert DVDs feature 5.1 sound. I can understand if these are fairly recent concerts where DVD or home video is a consideration, and the producers recorded for stereo or surround. But what about older concerts from the 60s through the 80s? How were they recorded?
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    Tartan Belleville Rendezvous

    How is the transfer on the Tartan UK DVD of Belleville Rendezvous (Triplets of Belleville)?
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    Gattaca SE?

    Any word on an SE of Gattaca?
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    Removing Glue from a DVD

    I have a used DVD with a circular paper sticker stuck around the hole, and I want to remove it before I play it. What would be the best way to remove the residual glue without damaging the DVD? What about isopropyl alcohol?
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    Art of Buster Keaton- Chinese Versions on Ebay

    I've seen some cheap listings of the 11-disc Art of Buster Keaton box set from China. One listing I've seen has a Kino logo and some Chinese writing while another has cover art like the Warner/MK2 Chaplin titles and is from a company called Bo Ying. I won't buy bootlegs, are these legit?
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    Wininet.dll, Shlwapi.dll

    After wininet.dll and shlwapi.dll went missing from my computer, I downloaded them but I don't know where to put them. Where do I put them?
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    Will overexposing the negative cause a washed out picture or an overly dark one? Stupid question, I know :)
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    3rd Annual Dallas South Asian Film Festival Nov 5th - Nov 8th

    3rd Annual Dallas South Asian Film Festival runs Nov 5th - Nov 8th The 3rd Annual Dallas South Asian Film Festival kicks off on November 5th with the Dallas premiere of Cosmopolitan, at the Everest Theaters in Irving. From the writer of Monsoon Wedding and the director of the international...
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    Photogenic Locations in Dallas?

    I have this compulsion to take some nice black and white photos of my girlfriend and her apartment won't do :) so I was wondering what some nice looking places in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area are. I'm open to any suggestions, it doesn't necessarily have to be a flower garden or something.
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    Weird Tint Problem

    I notice a problem on my TV sometimes, usually on black and white material or if there is a large light colored blank space in the picture. I sometimes see a slight greenish tint to the picture that last a second or two. Could this be caused by having the stereo speakers too close to the TV or...
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    Sony S530D- Disabling Auto Play

    What do I turn off on my Sony S530D player so that it doesn't automatically start playing a DVD when I load it?