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  1. Doug MacGregor

    ATI 3850 to HDTV

    Not sure if this is the correct forum for this... I would like to connect my ATI 3850 PC display card to my HDTV (Samsung LN32B460) as a secondary display. The adapters that came with the card are as follows... DVI-I Dual to VGA. S-Video to RCA. S-Video to RGB Component. The cable length...
  2. Doug MacGregor

    Subwoofer "popping" with new Denon AVR-590

    My 8 year-old Mission 8" powered subwoofer has started popping under load. I was watching a hockey game and the subwoofer started "popping" almost like it was clipping. I checked the speaker cone and it was intact. The crossover is set to 80Hz on the speaker and the volume control is set to...
  3. Doug MacGregor

    JVC CRT Problem

    My father has a 5 year old JVC 27" CRT TV. He just told me that the picture has recently started to become darker and darker. He says he has to turn the brightness control all the way up to see the picture. 5 years doesn't seem to be a very old TV to me. He will have it checked out by the...
  4. Doug MacGregor

    720p vs 1080i/1080p

    I'm close to buying a flat panel HD TV (within 6 months) and I need some basic advice. The offerings now at some of the big box stores (Futureshop/BestBuy) are beginning to come down to my price range - less than $800 - and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. The least expensive ones...
  5. Doug MacGregor

    Questions about LCD Display Quality

    I haven't taken the plunge yet to HDTV because of several concerns, the most important of which is display quality. I have always been a believer that CRT displays give the best picture quality hands-down. I have investigated the latest HD CRT offerings from Samsung with the full intention of...
  6. Doug MacGregor

    Popping Sound on New RCA DVD Player

    I received a new RCA basic DVD player ($69 CDN) a few days ago to replace my 3 year old $300 JVC. I usually listen to DVD's thru my Home Theater System but I do connect the analog audio cables for whenever I want to listen to a DVD on just my TV speakers. I noticed right away that when I...
  7. Doug MacGregor

    Article on Tv's - Interesting

    Check out this link from News.com http://news.com.com/Flat-panel+TVs+c...?tag=nefd.lede
  8. Doug MacGregor

    How Good Are the CRT HD TV's?

    I have been watching the prices of the various offerings for HD TV's drop over the past couple of years but not to the point where I would consider or could even afford one. I'm sure the cost factor is the one thing that is preventing most people from purchasing one. That being said, with the...
  9. Doug MacGregor

    Does my DVD Player Need to be Cleaned?

    I have recently noticed that some of the DVD's I rented are not playing properly on my JVC DVD Player (XV-S500). It is about 20 months old. The strange thing is that those same DVD's play perfectly in my PC-based LG DVD player (it is only 6 months old). Does this indicate a dirty DVD player...
  10. Doug MacGregor

    DVD Reviews

    Is there an archive of DVD reviews without all the replies/comments? I would like to send the links of the reviews to my parents as purchase/rental suggestions without all the feedback. Thanks.
  11. Doug MacGregor

    SPL Meter Calibration

    Just getting ready to calibrate my 18 month old HT with my new RS analog SPL meter. I have read Vince's primer on the process and I have just one question. When I set the SPL meter on the tripod at ear level and the viewing position and angle it upwards at 40 degrees, do I point the meter at...
  12. Doug MacGregor

    Analog Output Problems

    How likely is it that one of the analog output channels on a 9 month old Hitachi DVD/VCR Combo Unit is malfunctioning? It is a model DV-PF73U. I completed the installation on my parents HTIB yesterday and everything checked out except the Right Analog DVD/VCR channel connected to the Receiver...
  13. Doug MacGregor

    Continuing Installation

    I am getting set to complete the installation of my parents' HTIB. The first attempt succeeded in running the wires, although hiding them along the walls was a major effort. They didn't want to tuck very well along the edge of the carpet but I did the best I could. The carpet is in a condo and...
  14. Doug MacGregor

    Polarized Speaker Wire?

    Can someone tell me what the difference is between Polarized Speaker Wire and just speaker wire, as sold at Radio Shack? They sell spools of the stuff in 20, 50 and 100 ft. lengths. And is 16 ga. wire sufficient for hooking up the Rears for an inexpensive RCA HTIB (model RT2360/2370)? I don't...
  15. Doug MacGregor

    DVD Digital Audio Outputs

    Although I've been running my Home Theatre now for about a year and have never had any problems with the various inputs, I find myself confused all of a sudden. I purchased the new Digital Video Essentials calibration DVD (which is excellent by the way) to finally calibrate my system (long...
  16. Doug MacGregor

    HT Video Questions

    I just watched Hometime on TLC where they were setting up a Home Theatre. They mentioned 2 technologies I hadn't heard of before. 1. Line quadruplers. 2. Interpolators. Can you explain what these are? Thanks
  17. Doug MacGregor

    Opinion on HTiB

    A friend of mine bought his first HTiB because the amp in his projection TV was on the fritz (always cutting out). He told me he bought the GO Video HT2015 unit because he didn't want to spend too much. It seems to have all the required video outputs (Component, S-Video) and mimimal power...
  18. Doug MacGregor

    Control Problem with JVC Receiver

    I just want to get an explanation here. A while ago my JVC RX-6010VBK HT receiver started having problems with the front buttons...all of them. First of all it's not a problem since it's still under warranty so I'll be taking it in, but I just want to understand what's happening. Every time I...
  19. Doug MacGregor

    Update to Spelling Mistakes in FOTR:EE

    I posted a thread here a couple of weeks ago about the spelling mistakes in the FOTR:EE booklet in the Scene Seletion area. I wrote to Alliance Atlantis and finally got an answer back. Judge it for yourself... Doug ~ Thank-you for taking the time to write to us here at Alliance Atlantis...
  20. Doug MacGregor

    LOTR EE Booklet Typos

    I don't know if this is unique to the English Canada release of LOTR EE but I've found at least 3 typos in the accompanying booklet. The Scene Selection List is bilingual, as is the front page. Everything else except the liner note sheet is English only. Here is the list of typos... 35...
  21. Doug MacGregor

    Monitor Out on HT Receiver

    My JVC RX-6010VBK HT Receiver has a "Monitor Out" jack. I'm not using it because I'm not sure what it's for. My TV has only a coax input so I go composite from the DVD Player to an RF modulator and into the TV. Where does the Monitor jack on the Receiver fit into this? Or does it? The...
  22. Doug MacGregor

    Sub Woofer and Mains

    I read somewhere here in the last couple of days (can't find it now), where one of your members suggested setting my Mains to Small regardless of their size to get the most out of my Sub, due to the fact that "most Mains are not full-range" Here is my setup... I am new to HT so bear with me...