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  1. Jagan Seshadri

    Help appraising a Stratocaster...

    Hopefully someone on the forum might know something about ascertaining the resale value of a Fender Stratocaster guitar. I got it used from a Strat enthusiast, and it was in fantastic condition, and was improved by some aftermarket parts. It's a Mexican-made Strat (serial MN9.....), "Midnight...
  2. Jagan Seshadri

    SPDIF output from Soundblaster Live. Help!

    I just realized that my Soundblaster Live! card has a SPDIF output, so I ran it into my Yamaha RX-V1200 receiver two nights ago and was impressed that my computer could output PCM when playing sound files, and my PowerDVD software could output DTS and Dolby Digital 5.1 over the SPDIF link...
  3. Jagan Seshadri

    Noel Redding (Hendrix Bassist) Dead at 57

    http://reuters.com/newsArticle.jhtml...toryID=2726924 -JNS
  4. Jagan Seshadri

    Beatles Stereo Remix (Day Tripper)

    I was watching the Beatles Anthology DVD and immediately noticed that many tunes have been remixed. I thought that some people on the forum might appreciate hearing a quick A/B sound comparison of a portion of "Day Tripper". It's not the whole song, so I'm off the hook. Yes I am! Click on the...
  5. Jagan Seshadri

    Classic Records' 24/96 DAD - F.Fwd & Rew

    Are Classic Records' DAD discs incapable of being fast-forwarded or rewound? I have an RP91 and once a song has begun, you can't inch it forward or backward within the song. What gives? -JNS
  6. Jagan Seshadri

    Color Photographs circa 1911

    This site is cool. When you think of the early 1900s, you probably envision it in black-and-white, owing to the film technology of the era. This Russian photographer, Sergei Mikhailovich Prokudin-Gorskii, captured images in color by shooting scenes three times over, using red, green, and blue...
  7. Jagan Seshadri

    The Boston Infrastructure and the "T"

    HTF people from Boston: I was wondering if the Boston-area MBTA system (the "T") is as horrible as the website www.badtransit.com makes it out to be. Also, what's the current status of the "Big Dig"? -JNS
  8. Jagan Seshadri

    DVD-A authoring question

    I have a Panasonic RP91 as my DVD-Audio player and one thing that drives me nuts is that going from track-to-track (>>| and |
  9. Jagan Seshadri

    "Needle / Damage Done" & "Day Tripper"

    Can anyone tell me the similarities between the DVD-A stereo version of Neil Young's "The Needle and the Damage Done" and the Beatles '1' version of "Day Tripper"? Here's a hint: Tune in, Turn on, ??? -JNS
  10. Jagan Seshadri

    DVD-Audio New Releases (Link)

    Some technical details for new releases are on this web page -JNS
  11. Jagan Seshadri

    Anyone else 'prime' for hi-rez releases?

    I find myself at the moment relistening to Neil Young's "Harvest" CD to familiarize myself with the album again before I decide to pick up the DVD-A reissue. It's kind of like hearing a 'teaser' of what's to come. "Harvest" was the one of the first CDs I bought about 12 years ago, and being a...
  12. Jagan Seshadri

    Anyone heard Bill Evans [email protected] on SACD?

    I know that Analog Productions recently released the Bill Evans Trio's "Sunday at the Village Vanugard" on a hybrid SACD. Has anyone heard it yet? I have the XRCD which is pretty spectacular itself! I was wondering specifically if the cymbals on the SACD version are improved upon even further...
  13. Jagan Seshadri

    The Police - DTS Surround CD

    Does anyone here own the Police "Every Breath You Take" DTS Surround CD? -JNS
  14. Jagan Seshadri

    SACD Single-Disc Player *without* DVD

    I am wondering if anyone knows of any SACD single-disc players that don't have DVD video circuitry in them as well. Since I already own the Panasonic RP91 I feel that having DVD circuitry in an SACD player would be redundant. I have heard of a Canadian model by Sony called the SCD-XE670 but I...
  15. Jagan Seshadri

    HMV not stocking Warner's titles

    This is from an article in the Globe and Mail newspaper, regarding the HMV stores in Canada. "HMV, has refused to stock Warner Music merchandise, including the (Red Hot Chili) Peppers, until the label agrees to new wholesale terms" (Source Link...
  16. Jagan Seshadri

    Hearing Tests....Who has had them?

    I'm going to have a hearing test done to see how well I actually hear versus how well I think I hear. This could have serious consequences on my audio purchases ;) Who here has had a hearing test done? Do we have any bats in the audience? -JNS
  17. Jagan Seshadri

    Szell / Wagner: Orchestral Excerpts [SACD]

    Has anyone on this forum heard the Szell/Wagner Orchestral Excerpts SACD? I have the CD version (LSBK 48175) and I have my doubts that SACD would improve the sound of this recording. It sounds like some microphone overload distortion (clipping) happened during peaks in the performance (example...
  18. Jagan Seshadri

    DVD-Audio Prices at Tower Records

    Just picked up Buena Vista Social Club and the Doobie Brothers' "The Captain and Me" DVD-Audio discs at Tower. Their sticker price was $25.99 BUT they both rung up as $18.99. So, don't always believe the sticker price. Prices may be more decent than you think. -JNS
  19. Jagan Seshadri

    RP91 Cueing Annoyance

    The Panasonic RP91 is a great machine, but after having it for almost eight months, I am officially annoyed with its slow-poke cueing system on DVD-V (i.e. standard) and DVD-A discs. When I want to cue from track 1 to track 6, I can't hit >>| a bunch of times and expect the machine to get...
  20. Jagan Seshadri

    Who here records their own music?

    As I was writing to Jon Are's "How to Sing the Blues" thread, I wondered how many HTF people record their own tunes? With the capabilities of home recording using PCs it's pretty easy these days. I have dozens of tunes I've recorded and I'm working on a new one now actually (and no, it's not...
  21. Jagan Seshadri

    Peeve: "In before the lock"

    While I am aware that we are guests at the HTF and that moderators are what keep this place from turning into a war-zone like most other internet fora I've frequented, the one thing that drives me batty are those little chirpy snitches who post...
  22. Jagan Seshadri

    Steve Hoffman: Remastering Genius?

    I keep hearing the name of Steve Hoffman whenever the phrase "great remastering job" comes up. I hear that Mr. Hoffman remastered Paul McCartney's early solo work. What other CD's has Steve Hoffman's talents graced? -JNS
  23. Jagan Seshadri

    N'Sync on Multichannel SACD!!

    This scary thought was brought to you by me :D Whoa! I see some panicked folks... Just take a few deep breaths and it will all be better in a minute. There, there. -JNS
  24. Jagan Seshadri

    Achtung! Der Ring ohne Wörter....??

    Heh heh. I always wanted to learn German. Anyway, in my quest to get into non-wussified classical music, I picked up a second hand CD of Wagner orchestral music: Orchestral Music from Der Ring des Nibelungen / George Szell, recorded in 1968 and 1962. What I'm wondering is which recording (CD...
  25. Jagan Seshadri

    Who owns XRCD discs?

    I am curious to hear who else on this forum owns XRCD compact discs pressed by JVC, and if they sound as good as the one I own. I own an XRCD of the Bill Evans Trio, Sunday at the Village Vanguard. Web link here -JNS
  26. Jagan Seshadri

    Doobie Brothers DVD-A Reviews?

    Has anyone listened to the "The Captain and Me" DVD-A? Any comments on its quality? -JNS
  27. Jagan Seshadri

    EE's among us?

    This is where I should have put the thread originally. I was just curious how many fellow electrical engineers there are among us here on the HTF. A/V systems are what got me interested in engineering in the first place, and some discussions on this forum have helped me better understand what...
  28. Jagan Seshadri

    Sony Walkman Blue Demonstration Tape

    Back in the early 1980's I had a Sony Walkman that came with a blue-labeled cassette single that has some "Jungle Strut" song on the first side with cop whistles and synthesizers everywhere, and the second side was a jazzy piano piece with a saxophone solo in the middle, and for some reason the...
  29. Jagan Seshadri

    Yamaha Top-ART: Digitized Inputs??

    I read Yamaha's Top-ART blurb: Digital ToP-ART Design Yamaha's Digital ToP-ART (Total Purity Audio Reproduction) design philosophy maximizes digital quality and minimizes analog circuitry. Specifics include high performance digital circuitry using Burr-Brown 24-bit DACs for all input channels...
  30. Jagan Seshadri

    Marantz RC5200SR remote troubles

    Have any fellow SR-5200 owners (or x200 owners in general) noticed that the RC5200SR remote control doesn't always work? I've noticed that when it doesn't work properly, the LED indicator on the remote's top right corner just blinks once when a button is held down, instead of remaining...