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  1. Brae

    Concrete Anyone? Subwoofer et al

    Hello All, Although I briefly mentioned this in another thread, I thought I would place it in a thread of its own and not little someone else's thread. The idea is using Quikcrete readi-mix concrete in a form to fabricate, in place, a subwoofer cabinet that is about as static as physically...
  2. Brae

    Directors Posting a Poll

    Ok, its not obvious to me. Are all members allowed to post or poll, and if so I am not seeing the traditional vBulletin vB code for poll-stuff.
  3. Brae

    [DIY] Cylinder vs. Box tye of subwoofer(s)

    I am wondering why those threads I do see about DIY subwoofers focus almost exclusively on box-type enclosures and not cylinder-type enclosures. Could this simply be a case of not looking in the right place for DIY cylinder subwoofers? To me, it seems like a cylinder enclosure would be the...
  4. Brae

    Adjusting thumb-stick sensitivity

    Hello All, Is there ANY way to alter the sensisitivy of the right thumb-stick?
  5. Brae

    X-Box Live Requires Credit Card, etc.?

    Hello All, I am setting up my X-Box Live account for the first time. A lot of the information being asked of me was not stated on their website nor the included literature (I may be blind, here, so be patient). First thing I noticed was that they seem to filter GamerTag's. I tried C O...
  6. Brae

    What X-BOX game(s) are you waiting for?

    Curious to know what the X-Box owners are eagerly waiting for game-wise. Please, no non-XB replies as I could care less (actually I could, but my current level of care-lacking is pro-bono).
  7. Brae

    X-Box Hardware Wish List

    X-Box Console Wishlist 1.) KeyPad & Mouse Support for us PC-veteran FPS players. 2.) Native VGA (RGB) Support so we can play at work on our PC monitors. Maybe even RGBHV, too. 3.) Progressive Support via DCDi (it can be had in $150 standalone DVD players). 4.) Full DVD-player Remote...
  8. Brae

    [X-Box] Favorite DOA3 Character?

    Well, I am slowly learning this game. There are some characters that seem to be slanted when played against other characters in terms of combo's. Last night I was having a warm-up session with a coworker and we each picked a character for for each other. My coworker chose Leon for me and I...
  9. Brae

    [X-Box] Any Interest in a 'to VGA' Converter?

    Hello All, I was wondering if there was any interest in trying to setup a PowerBuy for an X-Box VGA solution so that you can play your X-Box on a regular computer monitor. I figure that my work monitor has proven itself these past couple of years at 1600x1200 (21"), so this would allow me to...
  10. Brae

    Use PC Monitor for X-Box?

    Has anyone found a VGA adapter that will work with the X-Box for playing 4:3 and 16:9 at 480p, 720p and or 1080i? I guess you know where this is leading up to, but working Friday nights is less than thrilling. So, I am considering encouraging a friend to stop using his 13" portable TV with his...
  11. Brae

    X-Box HD adapter have optical on it?

    Ok, this isn't that hard but I cannot find anywhere online (in my brief scan for it) where it clearly shows the ports on this adapter. The spec states it supports Dolby Digital, but it says nothing I can find about an optical digital port. Anyone? BTW, talking about price fixing in the gaming...
  12. Brae

    Most spent on one platform!

    Ok, I thought I would try to research a little and see what some of you are spending on the extreme side of the wallet. Please tell me what platform caused you to spend the most money for the console, controllers, adapters, mods, etc., but do not include the cost of games! Also, if you could...
  13. Brae

    Independent Online Gaming Network for XB/PS2/GC/PC?

    Ok, I was talking to a coworker last night as he got an XB for Xmas. I rarely play console games, but PC games are another matter. Still, the only games I am even willing to consider are network games, and I played (an was a beta tester) CS for +2.5 years before retiring it. Well, our...
  14. Brae

    2 PW-2200 or 1 Servo-15?

    Please do not suggest anything as a third option. Thank you! I am trying to determine if I would be better off with two Paradigm PW-2200 subwoofers or one Servo-15 subwoofer for my home theater application. The room is approximately 3,000 cubic-feet in volume with a footprint of...
  15. Brae

    Weight of Pioneer elite VSX-43TX

    I do not have its weight handy, but I do have some curiosity to offer. :D Why is weight a concern?
  16. Brae

    Why MDF?

    Ok, I know I'll get at least one response out of this post, but since I have never built, and have not immediate plans to built, a speaker or subwoofer I still wanna know why MDF seems to be the choice of cabinetry materials, which is then covered in a veneer. Wouldn't it be easier to use...
  17. Brae

    What sub did you own before you bought SVS/Hsu?

    What am I speaking, english? Ok, ok, I was wondering what curren SVS/Hsu subwoofer owners had before they bought their first/current SVS subwoofer. I am looking for subwoofers you SVS/Hsu owners had IN your homes and tested, used, and decided to get rid of that was 'suppose' to be comparable...
  18. Brae

    QSC Amps (PLX/DCA)

    QSC Amps (PLX/DCA) Other than the limited information available on their website, can someone tell me why one would even consider these amps? Does anyone know what the amplification is based upon (MOSFET?), and can anyone tell me what the difference is between the DCA-1622 and the PLX-1602...
  19. Brae

    Speaker Placement Model, Which One?

    Ok, this should be a fairly easy question as I am not asking why you follow, or not, the THX, DD, or DTS models for speaker place, but just which one. My application is 80/20 movie/music using a 7.1 setup with a Pioneer Elite VSX-45TX receiver and its MCACC feature, and the Paradigm Studio...
  20. Brae

    Anyone Explicitly Compared Studio's & Goldi's?

    Hello All, I was wondering if anyone has listened to both the Paradigm Studio 100's and the PSB Stratus Goldi speakers and determined the stronger/weaker (pros/cons) between the two. Both can be had through serious alternative efforts, and both have their own, similar, high/low-cost...
  21. Brae

    Paradigm Contact Info?

    Hello All, I was wondering if any Paradigm owners or authorized dealers could provide me with some contact information for Paradigm. Their website only lists an email address for the webmaster and nothing more.