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  1. Anthony_De

    The $499 Grudge Match: PS3 vs the A2 (DING!)

    The only reliable reports of PS3s "overheating" came from the Tokyo Game Show. Demo units playing unfinished code for hours on end, stuck in a small display case. Not too surprising some should freeze up or crash. It's not about "running cool" it's about moving the heat away from the components...
  2. Anthony_De

    PS3 reviews... looking forward to some hands-on comments...

    Some PS3 Bluray impressions courtesy of a translation from Beyond 3D: You can use the controller for BR playback just like you could use the PS2 controller for DVD playback.
  3. Anthony_De

    My Rant: XM Radio's greatly diminished sound quality. What to do?

    How exactly are codecs/bandwidth handled? I mean how do they upgrade the audio codec on their end and on the receivers' end as well? 64k AAC+ sounds really good, even if 300 channels were at that quality you're looking at 19.2 Mbs. That's what..one HDTV channel stream? Do these companies really...
  4. Anthony_De

    2006 at the Box Office

    I misunderstood you then. But I saw it as a contradiction. On one hand you said you didn't believe people weren't genuinely excited (fine), but then you said the excitement felt obligatory. Like somehow people are only excited because it's the big thing to be excited about (and it's not genuine...
  5. Anthony_De

    2006 at the Box Office

    What a snobbish and insulting thing to say. I don't know what the deal is with the negativity campaign against this movie but for some reason it really, really angers me. It all comes off as "holier-than-thou".
  6. Anthony_De

    Star Wars discussion from The Bits...

    It sounds like very cultish, dogmatic reasoning. I'd like an honest explanation on how releasing a clean, anamorphic transfer of the original versions means not being "true" to Lucas' vision. The fact is, one doesn't preclude the other. Releasing good quality alternate versions of movies has...
  7. Anthony_De

    Warner films on BD-9 Blu Ray?!

    I don't understand the details either. Just hoping you could help. :D It's strange that the different video formats wouldn't be interchangable as to how they're written to disc, though. Seems like it needlessly complicates things.
  8. Anthony_De

    Warner films on BD-9 Blu Ray?!

    I don't really understand this as all UMD movies are apparently MPEG4-AVC. So how can all these studios have MPEG4 tools for producing movies on UMD but not for the HD formats? What exactly is the problem? It can't be the encoders as there are MPEG4-AVC encoders out there in consumer level...
  9. Anthony_De

    Blu Ray delivers another blow to hd.

    How so? The CPU is going to be produced by Toshiba, IBM, and Sony themselves. That's three different providers. Not to mention the Cell chip in the PS3 has redundancy built in to improve yields. The GPU is highly derivative of a current PC GPU that has been in production for ~8 months. It...
  10. Anthony_De

    Zombie Movie Appreciation Thread

    Anyone seen http://www.anchorbayentertainment.com/index.asp?p=MultipackDetail&SKU=DV13855&PriCatID=3 Think it would be worth picking up?
  11. Anthony_De

    *** Official BATMAN BEGINS Discussion Thread

    Wrong. The fight in the beginning with the prisoners, before he ever becomes Batman, in probably the worst as far as being shot too close and shaky cam.
  12. Anthony_De

    *** Official STAR WARS Saga (episodes I to VI) Discussion Thread: Part 4

    After seeing all 3 prequels I don't understand why Anakin didn't just leave the Jedi Order. At the end of Episode I there's resistance to him becoming a Padawan. In Episode II the Council's still wary of him, plus he expresses tension with Obi-Wan, and he falls in love with and marries Padme...
  13. Anthony_De

    George A. Romero's Land of the Dead Teaser Trailer Premiere This Week

    There's a WMV-HD 720P trailer up at the official site. Unfortunately they had to take out the Dawn/Day images and audio (licensing?). But it looks gorgeous. http://www.landofthedeadmovie.net
  14. Anthony_De

    George A. Romero's Land of the Dead Teaser Trailer Premiere This Week

    You just made my day Travis. :emoji_thumbsup: Too bad it's attached to xXx 2. Maybe I'll sneak into a showing when I go to see Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy. And...the trailer is out! http://movies.yahoo.com/feature/geor...ofthedead.html It still wanna see it on the big screen though.
  15. Anthony_De

    Upcoming Horror Movies! / News, discussion, calendar, etc.

    - Per Universal's website, Land of the Dead has been moved up from October 21 to June 24. Land will now launch in between Batman Begins and War of the Worlds. - Bloody-disgusting.com reports that the remake of Romero's The Crazies will be directed by Brad Anderson (The Machinist, Session 9)...
  16. Anthony_De

    Hitchhiker's Guide Teaser out!

    There's a new trailer up at ugo.com. It's much better than the theatrical trailer. Update: Another one that's similar to the second one, contains a bit more footage/spoilers. skyscape.sky.com/skynewsradio/MOVIES/hitchhikers_full-bb.asf And is that the music from the TV series I hear...
  17. Anthony_De

    Upcoming Horror Movies! / News, discussion, calendar, etc.

    From George A. Romero's website: Perhaps we'll be seeing a trailer soon?
  18. Anthony_De

    DVD Rot or How I learned to begin worrying and hate the format

    My Ghostbusters disc has gone bad, as has my copy of Deep Red from the double pack with Tenebre. The Deep Red disc actually turned bronze, compared to the silver of a normal DVD.
  19. Anthony_De

    *** Official STAR WARS DVD Glitch Thread

    Well I finally got through ESB and ROTJ as well. ESB froze 7 minutes into the movie on my Toshiba and there were lots of weird skips on ROTJ, which I watched on my PC. There was also one horrible instance of macroblocks at the end of ROTJ. It's when the camera pans up to the sky showing the...
  20. Anthony_De

    *** Official STAR WARS DVD Glitch Thread

    I'd put up some caps of the LD but this board has some weird limit that stops you from posting links until you've made 15 posts. it's simply a case of a lack of resolution and color fidelity on previous VHS and LD versions of the movies. Though I did think that the colors look a little over...
  21. Anthony_De

    *** Official STAR WARS DVD Glitch Thread

    I just watched ANH and I think I experienced the skipping as well. I thought it was just being oversensitive at first, but now that I see other people are commenting on it I'm pretty sure it's the same thing. I was watching it on my old Toshiba SD-2109. Also, there were many points where the...
  22. Anthony_De

    DVD Review *** Official HTF REVIEW & Discussion Thread: Star Wars Trilogy, pt. 1

    He's out of touch because he is either ignorant of, or completely ignoring the fact that he can fulfill his vision while appeasing his audience at the same time. The DVD format is without a doubt the most versatile way to deliver movies yet. It's easy, cheap, and offers high quality. It would be...
  23. Anthony_De

    DVD Review *** Official HTF REVIEW & Discussion Thread: Star Wars Trilogy, pt. 1

    Well, for one, those are basically the same reason. However, I'd argue that those are really consequences of two more general reasons. 1. Lucas refuses to release the OOT alongside the SEs. 2. His reasons for doing so are either easily refutable or a form of circular logic...
  24. Anthony_De

    *** Official DAWN OF THE DEAD Discussion Thread

    Isn't that what the original Day is about? There's basically nothing left of the world and the only people left trying to do anything about the zombies are working against instead of with each other.
  25. Anthony_De

    *** Official DAWN OF THE DEAD Discussion Thread

    I saw it on Friday and have to say I was disappointed. It felt like a modern, "MTV style" slasher flick but with zombies instead of a slasher. I didn't care about any of the characters as there were too many and you don't get to know any one of them. It seemed like the writer's realized they...
  26. Anthony_De

    THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND THE UGLY on the Big Screen!

    I'm going to be there with my best friend and my little brother. I can't wait!