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  1. Donald W

    What should Criterion do next

    It's been a long time since I've posted on here...and it's still seems that Criterion is still at the top of their game with great DVDs...and since Criterion hasn't done a chat over at HTF in a while hopfuly they will read this and take some of this imput in from us...What movies would we like...
  2. Donald W

    House of a 1000 Corpses

    ok so I guess that Rob Zombie is going it alone to put out House of a 1000 Corpses on DVD and video...so why the hell doesn't Anchor Bay step up to bat and get ahold of this film and do something with it...I bet that they could make some good money with this film even if it has to go to video...
  3. Donald W

    MGM and The Conqueror Worm UNCUT

    I know that MGM owns the rights to this film...and it's one of the last Vincent Price/AIP films that MGM hasn't put out on there Midnite Movies label *this and Masque of the Red Death*..I hope that they put on the disc both the export European version that has more nudity, and the original...
  4. Donald W

    anyone esle having problems with Spy Game????

    I just picked up Spy Game *the widescreen version* and it's doing the same thing that Monty Python and the Holy Grail did on my DVD player...the subtitles pop up for no reason and I go to turn them off and they pop back up....I'm wondering what I should do...take the DVD back or see if Universal...
  5. Donald W

    Lost Highway on DVD Petition???

    Does anyone know if there is a petition to get Lost Highway on DVD??? If not I want to start one...this film is overdue to be out on DVD...who has the rights to this film BTW...I know when it came out to theaters it was from October Films and the on video it was Polygram??? It has to be uncut also!
  6. Donald W

    what TV shows need to be on DVD?

    I was just sitting here and thinking about this...but what TV show really do need to be out on DVD in the next 2 or 3 years...I made a short list here but feel free to add to it... Cheers *a nice big box set would be so cool* Dallas *I don't like the show, but I know some people out there I...
  7. Donald W

    Meet the Feebles SE and Heavenly Creatures SE

    now that Peter Jackson has made a name for himself with LOTR's I hope that someone can get the rights to Meet the Feebles and do a nice UNCUT SE of the film...I have the old VHS version that Dead Alive put out and it looks like crap...it would be funny to hear a commentary on what he thinks...
  8. Donald W

    Prince of Darkness SE on DVD R1 not just R2

    ok I'm getting really sick of sertan films only coming out in a SE on R2 and not R1..case in point...I read over that Ain't it Cool News that both They Live and Prince of Darkness are going to be SE disks for R2 and not R1...this sucks so much cause I want to hear both commentaries for both of...
  9. Donald W

    The P&S problem...and the fact that MGM may have solved it

    I know we all hate the fact that P&S is still being used as a format for many DVD's...but for once I think that MGM may have done something right for a change...on both Jeepers Crepers and Leaglly Blonde they have the Widesreen version and the P&S version on one side of the disk, and then all...
  10. Donald W

    Columbia- We want a Bram Stokers Dracula SE

    I don't think that I'm the only one who wants a Bram Stoker's Dracula SE version...I'd love to see what was cut from the film, and whatever else that they could but on the DVD...I know that Criterion had out a SE laserdisk so even if it was just stuff from that it would make me happy...oh well I...