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  1. Pete T C

    Platoon Blu-ray

    Does this Blu-ray have the color balance of the MGM DVDs or is it closer to the original Artisan nonanamorphic DVD?
  2. Pete T C

    Echo Bridge- The problem and the solution...

    From what I understand Miramax doesn't really exist anymore. Its just IP owned by a group of investors looking to make the most money auctioning off the IP. Therefore, I'm not sure said group cares much about Miramax's "reputation." If they did, they would have accepted a bit lower bit from...
  3. Pete T C

    Finding LOTS of defective HD-DVDs...

    I liked the HD DVD interface and DRM setup far better than Blu-ray. However, the flakiness of disc manufacturing was always a concern for me. It seemed they never could get the manuf process down just right with lots of discs causing problems due to actual physical issues not just a...
  4. Pete T C

    Paramount boards the BD+ bus...

    Press Releases - Digital Entertainment Technology - Macrovision Just what we need, more DRM... Thanks Paramount. :/
  5. Pete T C

    3-D Blu-ray Made Simple: Which would you prefer?

    Option 1: Dolby method * Compatible with most current Blu-ray players (does not require new player purchase in most cases) * May require new HDTV purchase, but is compatible with many current 3D DLP HDTVs (requires new TV purchase if you do not have one of these) * Should be compatible with...
  6. Pete T C

    Blu-ray Glitch List - Titles you might want to avoid.

    New title added: Let the Right One In * Subtitle translation is incorrect. ! Magnolia does not consider this an issue and is not issuing replacements; instead, they will release a new version in the future with correct subtitles for purchase. Return your disc if you are dissatisfied with the...
  7. Pete T C

    "Eco-Friendly" Packaging Here To Stay

    We will see how Eco Friendly these cases are when I have to get 10 copies of the product from Amazon in order to get one thats not damaged, and then buy a real Blu-ray blank case to transfer the artwork/disc into anyway. Bad move, Sony, and it is going to cost you and other companies that try...
  8. Pete T C

    Blu-ray Glitch List - Titles you might want to avoid.

    http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showp...9&postcount=38 Not stretched as badly as The Truman Show, but still distorted nonetheless.
  9. Pete T C

    Blu-ray Glitch List - Titles you might want to avoid.

    details: 'Black Pearl' Blu-ray Disc Exchange Details Revealed | High-Def Digest
  10. Pete T C

    Blu-ray Glitch List - Titles you might want to avoid.

    It is an authoring problem for which replacements are available, but most player manufacturers have already issued firmware updates to get around the authoring problem as it is a high profile title. Therefore in your case replacement is optional.
  11. Pete T C

    Blu-ray Glitch List - Titles you might want to avoid.

    The AVC version has numbers on the top label, while the MPEG2 does not.
  12. Pete T C

    Microsoft: "No plans to integrate Blu-ray into the Xbox 360"

    Blu-ray honestly does nothing for today's game systems aside for providing more space for the hours and hours of HD FMV movies you see in select high-budget Japanese RPGs. Those games are the only ones that can actually use the space, but on the 360 they get around it by using multiple discs for...
  13. Pete T C

    Microsoft: "No plans to integrate Blu-ray into the Xbox 360"

    At this point it would make no sense whatsoever to add Blu-ray to 360. You can buy a Panasonic BD35/its upcoming model refresh that does everything that the PS3 does, plus more (like bitstream HD codecs and deinterlace 1080i Blu-ray Discs properly, for instance) for $200-220. And its fast, too...
  14. Pete T C

    Blu-ray Glitch List - Titles you might want to avoid.

    Thought this might be helpful to those just getting into BD (UPDATED 5/24/11) CONFIRMED CURRENT PROBLEM USA BDs ***Releases highlighted in red have problems being ignored by the studio*** **** 1408 * Severe jaggies persist throughout the film. ! Weinstein has not addressed this as...
  15. Pete T C

    A Few Words About A few words about...™ The Longest Day -- in Blu-Ray

    Too bad Blu-ray players don't have that Nvidia "artificial grain" chip that was a mandatory part of the HD DVD spec (it was never taken advantage of). While it wouldn't bring back the lost detail, at least you could simulate the grain that was removed and give the option to watch with or without...
  16. Pete T C

    [CES] Panasonic Unveils DMP-BD50 Profile 2.0/BD-Live Blu-ray Player

    I owned the player only a couple of days before the discovery was made. But in the first couple of discs I played, it seemed like something was wrong with my subwoofer. It just sounded wrong on certain movies, like "The Rock" for instance. I didn't know what or why, just certain movies it...
  17. Pete T C

    BD Player Advice?

    Either go for the Sony S500 now or wait to see if the Panasonic BD50 has the LFE bug from the BD30 fixed or not.
  18. Pete T C

    Panny DMP-BD30K upscaling ability?

    That wouldn't be so horrible, I think, considering Secrets of Home Theater and HiFi gave the Onkyo TX-SR805 "Best AV Receiver of 2007" :) Secrets Best of 2007 Product Awards | Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity Was nice to see my Integra DTC-9.8 in there as well as "Best Surround...
  19. Pete T C

    [CES] Panasonic Unveils DMP-BD50 Profile 2.0/BD-Live Blu-ray Player

    I have "full range front speakers" (PSB Stratus Goldi) also, but that doesn't mean its not a big issue to me. There is no easy way to compensate for the bug that is not a major pain in the ass, and I don't want my LFE channel to be crippled as a result. So again, hopefully the BD50 does not...
  20. Pete T C

    [CES] Panasonic Unveils DMP-BD50 Profile 2.0/BD-Live Blu-ray Player

    Unless things change, I'm going to return my BD30 and wait for this player due to the BD30's -5db PCM LFE bug over HDMI. I really really really hope this player doesn't have the bug too!
  21. Pete T C

    Panny DMP-BD30K upscaling ability?

    i have the Panasonic and the Toshiba, and the Panasonic is notably worse than the Toshiba in upscaling. It just looks less HD-like and more like you are watching upconverted DVD. If you use a VP for deinterlacing with the Panny it helps things a bit though.
  22. Pete T C

    Panasonic BD30 and Denon BT-2500 confirmed to have weak LFE output w/ HDMI PCM.

    Just for a little heads up for those looking at new BD players, over at AVS Roger Dressler of Dolby Labs has just confirmed that the Panasonic BD10 and BD30 BD players plus the Denon BT-2500 BD Transport are running 5db quieter than they should be on the LFE channel over HDMI when reproducing...
  23. Pete T C

    Toshsiba HD-A35 or Onkyo DV-HD805 ?

    DTC-9.8 isn't scorching but it has some heat coming out of it. I know the Reon for one puts out some decent heat. It also has three high powered DSPs to process Audyssey and all the advanced sound formats. Unlike some other Audyssey devices - which may disable Audyssey at high resolution - the...
  24. Pete T C

    Issues with new Panasonic DMP-BD30

    No, only Fox's recent releases use BD+. Other titles only use AACS.
  25. Pete T C

    Toshsiba HD-A35 or Onkyo DV-HD805 ?

    They do run hot, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. There is a more under the hood of the high end Onkyos than other receivers so of course it will dissipate more heat. Re: some defective units, you will always see that in consumer electronics no matter what brand you buy. My GeForce...
  26. Pete T C

    Toshsiba HD-A35 or Onkyo DV-HD805 ?

    Here's an idea. Instead of the 3808 and Denon transport or BD50, why not just then get the Onkyo 905 and the BD30? You can use the money saved on the BD player to put towards a more powerful receiver. If you aren't going to use the BD50 features anyway, might as well consider the BD30 and Onkyo...
  27. Pete T C

    Toshsiba HD-A35 or Onkyo DV-HD805 ?

    Well it seems you are really set on the Denon receiver and player, and while I don't want to upset your preferred brand of choice, I'd just advise going over how well a system would work in my first example - and take a hard look at how soundly Onkyo has beat Denon this round in terms of...