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  1. Kirk Tsai

    Reactions to "The Met: Live in HD" in movie theaters?

    2008-2009 Live in HD! Anyone see any Metropolitan Opera productions at the local movie theaters? I have never attended any operas in person, and these tickets are substantially less expensive than attending the real thing. I am very interested in attending the rebroadcast of Berlioz's La...
  2. Kirk Tsai

    Jules Dassin passes away at 96!

    The director of Rififi, Topkapi, Night and the City (with Richard Widmark as the lead), Thieves Highway and The Naked City has passed away.
  3. Kirk Tsai

    *** Official ATONEMENT Review Thread

    I saw this film in the UK a couple months ago, but I saw the NY Times pan today, so it looks like it's finally being released in the US. I think the British newspapers all went ga ga over the picture, and I know Adam S has spoken very highly of it. So here are my thoughts. The elegant camera...
  4. Kirk Tsai

    2006-07 NBA season

    Another year of pro basketball starts. Here are my random observations/predictions. Scariest lineup: the Suns, with Nash, Marion, Diaw, Stoudamire, Barbosa, Bell, and Kurt Thomas. Even if Stoudamire is only 85%, my guess is that they will have the best regular season record in the league...
  5. Kirk Tsai

    Akeelah and the Bee

    I did a basic search and found no thread on this film. It is a feel good movie about an 11 year old girl in Crenshaw that participates in the spelling bee contests. The characters in the film are very aware of race and class, but the movie does not use them as a sledgehammer. Fishburne and...
  6. Kirk Tsai

    Finally...AFI's 100 Years of Film Scores

    The AFI series is finally coming to film scores! Elmer Bernstein, Jerry Goldsmith, Alfred Newman, Miklos Rozsa, Max Steiner, Franz Waxman and John Williams all have 11 entries; Herrmann nine, Tiomkin and Korngold with seven. To me, this is the most exciting AFI list in a long time. Here's the...
  7. Kirk Tsai

    Directors Your favorite film composers

    Listening again to the RCA Gerhardt series, and realize how much I love film music. So here's my favorite composers, and my favorite five (if they have done so much) scores of theirs in order. 1. John Williams -- The Empire Strikes Back, E.T.: The Extra Terrestrial, Superman: The Movie...
  8. Kirk Tsai

    *** Official "DARK BLUE" Review Thread

    The trailer of Dark Blue really made it seem like a cheap exploitation flick. But after knowing some positive reviews came from Andrew Sarris and Ebert, I gave it a go. Pretty solid. There are some contrived points, but the movie has some fierce energy at times. And no matter how one views the...
  9. Kirk Tsai

    AFI's 100 Years....100 Passions

    Okay, so we all know lists are generally silly and fun. The AFI's previous efforts have generated much debate, but that generally seems to be most of the fun. While I was browsing around online today, I found out that AFI will once again push out yet another list, this time emphasizing on...
  10. Kirk Tsai

    Fellini -- where to start?

    While doing a search on the theaters nearby today, I noticed that one of the theaters was playing Ju1iet of the Spirits. I had meant to start catching up films by European masters, so I ask, is this a good one to start with? If not, should I see "Juliet" until I see some of Fellini's other...
  11. Kirk Tsai

    Fox: Kagemusha

    Are there any plans to release this Kurosawa masterpiece? I certainly hope so. A good looking and sounding film on DVD is enough, but if there is supplements about the film, Kurosawa, or even Coppola and Lucas' involvement, that would only sweeten it much more. Please consider releasing...
  12. Kirk Tsai

    Recommend theaters in the Sacramento area

    Hey all, I'm a student at Davis, but I had lived in Los Angeles before. This is the first year that I have my car up here, so I can finally explore the Sacremento, as well as Bay areas more carefully. One thing lacking in Davis is the movie theaters. There are only two, and though they cover...
  13. Kirk Tsai

    The films of Akira Kurosawa

    I have recently began to start watching more of Kurosawa's films, but could not find many on our beloved DVD format. These are the films I know on DVD: (or at least, region one): Seven Samuri CC Yojimbo CC Sanjuro CC High & Low CC The Hidden Fortress CC Rashomon CC (upcoming) Dersu...