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  1. Andy_S

    These guys are nuts! (REALLY big remote control plane)

    Someone can get killed with one of these! http://www.ehowa.com/features/b52model.shtml
  2. Andy_S

    Help! My TV Won't Shut Off!!

    I got home tonight and went to turn the TV off and it turned itself back on again. I tried the remote and the power button on the set itself and it just turns back on. I even tried using the TV's timer to try to turn it off and it was no good. I unplugged the set for about 20 minutes and as soon...
  3. Andy_S

    Help Me Name These Drawings

    Hey everyone, Over the years I've drawn a bunch of pictures and I've recently started posting them on the web to share with friends and family. On the site I've named each drawing but there are a few that are old and I don't remember the exact name of the model is. If you guys can help me out...
  4. Andy_S

    Old Live TV Broadcasts - How do recordings exist??

    I always thought that old TV shows that were done live were done so because there was no recording media. If that's true, then how do we have copies of them now? And if they did have recording equipment, why didn't they tape the shows and broadcast them like they do now? In the movie Contact...
  5. Andy_S

    Make Your Own Coasters

    Hey everyone, Over the last couple of years I've come up with some accessories to deck out my home theater and since I'm a tight-wad, I try to make everything myself. This first project I'm posting was cheap and easy and makes a great little addition to the home theater (and keeps people from...
  6. Andy_S

    The Elves of Lord of the Rings

    We all know that there were different types of elves in the Lord of the Rings books, but I don't remember this particular guy in the book: http://www.saputofamily.com/council.jpg The guy on the far right (behind Elrond) looks familiar, I just can't place him.
  7. Andy_S

    Car help - Rim getting really hot

    My wifes Dodge Caravan's driver side rim gets REALLY hot after long drives (1 hour or so). It smells of burning rubber (the tire perhaps?) and when I put a drop of water on it, it sizzles and evaporates in about 3 seconds. I just replaced both drums and pads on the front tires and I thought for...
  8. Andy_S

    Fantasia 2000 Laser Rot!

    Last night I was watching Fantasia 2000 and in the Sorcerers Apprentice, the scene where the broomstick is coming back to life (with all of the splinters also coming back) and the DVD gets blocky, then stops playing. I thought maybe there was a scratch or fingerprint or something so I took it...
  9. Andy_S

    FT - 2 DVD's for 1

    Hey all, I was recently laid off so my ability to purchase DVD's has stopped. I really would love to have the E.T. 2 Disc set so I would be willing to trade my Star Trek: The Motion Picture Directors Cut and Thumb Wars: The Phantom Cuticle (I know I know... It was a gift!) for one. Anyone out...
  10. Andy_S

    Before there were video games...

    People resorted to this: MPEG Video
  11. Andy_S

    My Trucks Transmission Is HOSED! What's it going to cost to fix?

    I went to lunch and my automatic transmission started making a horrible grinding noise when I started moving. Once it got going the noise went away but there was major slipping coming out of first. The rest of the gears seemed fine. Later on, I put in in reverse to back out of a parking spot and...
  12. Andy_S

    Panasonic RP-91 and Non Anamorphic Movie Problem

    I recently watched a non anamorphic 2.35:1 on my RP-91 and when I zoomed the picture, it cut off a bit of the sides. It looked more like 2.00:1. The black bars were smaller than when I'm playing an anamorphic 2.35:1 movie. I tried going back to auto mode and zooming with my TV's zoom feature...
  13. Andy_S

    Why is Planes Trains and Automobiles Rated 'R'?

    I was telling my 12 year old about how great this movie is (he LOVED Uncle Buck) so I purchased it and I was surprised to find it was rated R. I don't remember anything in it that would give it such a strict rating. Was it the scene where Steve Martin is cursing at the rental car lady? Is...
  14. Andy_S

    Help Identify This Sci Fi Artist!

    I remember years ago in High School I checked out a book from the library. It was a big book full of paintings of giant spaceships. Most of them were derelict ships floating through space or ships that weren't quite completely built. I believe they were oil paintings and they were very well...
  15. Andy_S

    Netflix's New Distribution Centers?

    Apparently Netflix has distribution centers around the country. Their web site doesn't mention where they are so I thought we can get a pretty good idea of where they are if whoever has a current Netflix subscription posts here with where they live (using largest nearest city. ie Chicago for...
  16. Andy_S

    Paramount - Audio Mistake Made on Spongebob DVD

    There seems to be a mistake made on the audio portion of the new Spongebob DVD. It occurs in the episode "Something Smells" at about 3:40 into the episode (Chapter 5). This is how the scene is supposed to go: Spongebob: "Patrick, something weird is going on. Everyone keeps running away from...
  17. Andy_S

    Disabling Network Card in Win2K Using Command Line?

    I need to be able to disable a NIC using a batch file. Does anyone know if it's possible to disable a NIC via a command line? Thanks
  18. Andy_S


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  19. Andy_S

    Mad Max, Weird Cut. Frames missing?

    I was watching Mad Max and there's a scene that has seems to have some frames missing. It happens about 5 minutes in where the two cops are arguing about who's driving when they get called for a chase. There's a part where the heavier dark haired guy opens the drivers side door and "colorfully"...
  20. Andy_S

    Jog back some long repressed memories...

    http://www.yesterdayland.com/ The Toys and TV sections (Primetime and Saturday Morning) are great to go through. Click the decade when you were a kid and start browsing through the selection. I've seen a few "Oh yeah, I remember that!" items already. Lots of fun!
  21. Andy_S

    Video on demand not in demand?

    Interesting article at MSNBC.com: http://www.msnbc.com/news/675770.asp
  22. Andy_S

    Hey Brits, if "Shag" is a dirty word....

    ...then is Scooby Doo censored in the UK? Or is it not shown at all?
  23. Andy_S

    Red Push Attenuator for Mitsubishi HDTV

    I have a red push attenuator that I would like to trade for a DVD on my wishlist. New or used DVD, I don't care as long as it works :) Wishlist: http://www.dvdprofiler.com/mc.asp?alias=ANDY_SAPUTO&type=W More info on it can be found here: http://www.hometheaterspot.com/cgi-b...&f=47&t=000058
  24. Andy_S

    Remember "IT" (AKA Ginger)?

    Anyone else excited about this? http://www.wired.com/news/technology...,48703,00.html
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  28. Andy_S

    I'm glad Star Wars/Indiana Jones/BTTF aren't out!

    I would go bankrupt if they were! How much would it cost for: Back To The Future Trilogy Boxset Star Wars Original Trilogy Boxset Indiana Jones 1-4 Box Set If they were all released in a short time span, I'd be dead! ------------------ Home Theater Pics
  29. Andy_S

    Fox Studios... How could you??

    There are no words to describe the horror... http://countingdown.com/theater/trailers/detail/324043 ------------------ Home Theater Pics
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