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  1. Eric-S

    Any database of Netflix "rental" versions?

    I'm not big on most DVD and Blu Ray extras. In fact, I can't remember when I watched the second disc in a multi-disc release. However, I've always loved director commentaries, and I think WB's "Maximum Movie Mode" is a pretty cool use of Blu Ray. More and more, I'm receiving bare bones...
  2. Eric-S

    The 90 minute rule.

    I think all movies should be able to tell their story in 90 minutes. If they want to make it longer, they have to go in front of a commision chaired by me and give a compelling reason. Otherwise, "snip, snip"
  3. Eric-S

    I think I know the answer, but I thought I would ask anyway.

    I have a new KDS46E3000 rear projection LCD. It has an iris setting of low, medium and high. I am assuming the lamp brightness level stays the same, and a mechanical iris opens and closes in front of the light source. In other words, running the iris in high will not reduce the lamps life...
  4. Eric-S

    Returning A3

    I am returning my A3 to amazon. It came with 2 movies in the box and I could pick 3 more, which were priced separately, how should I go about returning this? ej
  5. Eric-S

    Theoretical question...

    I would like some opinions on a subject I have often pondered. I offer this as only one example. Which do you thin would sound better, a $1000 speaker system connected to a quality receiver playing a DTS-MA lossless audio track... Or a $2000 speaker system connected to the same receiver...
  6. Eric-S

    Cold Case on DVD

    Am I correct in assuming we will never see Cold Case on DVD due to music clearance rights, or is there hope yet? ej
  7. Eric-S

    The Full Metal Jacket in the 5 free disc offer

    Can someone tell me if the disc offered is the original bare bones edition, or the newer collectors edition. thanks, ej
  8. Eric-S

    Full Metal Jacket in 5 free offer

    Can someone tell me if the version of FMJ is the original edition or the new deluxe edition? thanks, ej
  9. Eric-S

    Does PS3 simultaneously output composite and HDMI?

    I am interested in connecting regular old composite to one tv, and HDMI to my projector.not Is this possible? i would rather not have to disconnect it everytime i want to change tvs. thanks, ej
  10. Eric-S

    Some of your favorite TV theme songs...

    The fact that the TV theme song is being pushed out to make more room for commercials, I thought I would give you all the chance to list some of your favorites. Some of mine would include... The Rockford Files Taxi Barney Miller Thanks, EJ
  11. Eric-S

    Is ER available anywhere as a legal download?

    My wife really wants to see last weeks episode of ER with Sally Field, ep 269. I can't find it on itunes or NBC's site. Does anyone have any ideas? Thank You, Eric
  12. Eric-S

    Why a 2.0 track on DVD's?

    Why do discs use space for a 2.0 track? Don't DVD players have the ability to downmix a 2.0 track from the 5.1 mix? Just something I have always wondered. Thanks, Eric
  13. Eric-S

    I'm only 33 years old, and I feel like an old man!

    I remember reading about the first chip capable of decoding a dolby digital signal and thinking it was the coolest thing ever. You could connect a laser disc player and get 5 channels of full-range audio. I still think it's amazing to play a CD and have the signal carried by a beam of light...
  14. Eric-S

    I know this sounds crazy, but are there any large 4x3 LCD monitors?

    My in-laws are looking for a new tv and have little interest in 16x9 displays. they have basic cable and a 1st gen tiivo and it looks like they will be watching standard def material for sometime to come. Are there any flat-panel options? or am i limited to the bulky CRT's? Thank You, EJ
  15. Eric-S

    thinking of hsu stf-1 for my parents 2.1 system...

    what sats would you recommend that i pair with these? they should be fairly small and inexpensive. is there another sub i should consider at the $299 range? thanks, ej
  16. Eric-S

    My parents are looking for a 2 channel sub/sat system.

    They are looking for a system that is unobtrusive and spending between $400 and $600. Any thoughts?
  17. Eric-S

    why not many SE's from netflix?

    Why won't netflix offer more special edition movies? i would love to hear the commentary from the napoleon dynamite se, but netflix only offers the bare bones version, along with so many others.
  18. Eric-S

    FS: HTPC Cards (my HD and Holograph 3D-I)

    Price reduced on H3d card! myHD MDP-100 is sold. Holo3Dgraph is still available. Holo3Dgraph computer scaler card with faroudja technology. Comes with streamzap remote with USB IR receiver.. Has composite, s-video, component(480i) and SDI inputs. $200 shipped in the U.S...
  19. Eric-S

    Sony 1252 CRT projector - Minneapolis

    $400 OBO. No burn on tubes! 2 RGBHV input cards and original remote! (RM 1271) I will include the ceiling mount and will fire it up for you to prove it works. Must pick up in Minneapolis. Email me here if you are interested. Thanks
  20. Eric-S

    I have a Denon 3802..I want a 3805...can I set them to different remote codes?

    I have a remote extender and the codes to my living room receiver are relayed to my theater room. Can I set up the new 3805 to accept a second set of codes so the 3802 is not affected by my controling the 3805? I did this with my Panasonic player and recorder. Thanks! Eric
  21. Eric-S

    Cheapest receiver to do HD bandwidth component switching?

    I am looking for the most inexpensive Av receiver that will do component video switching with enough bandwidth to handle HD signals. I have the Denon 3802, but that will only handle 480p. Anything higher, and the image starts to soften. Any help would be apreciated. Thanks, Eric
  22. Eric-S

    FS: Samsung SIR-T160 DirecTv/OTA HD Receiver

    $380 Shipped/OBO. Original box and manual are included. Had this unit for about 8 months and it works great! The only cosmetic damage I can see is what can best be described as about a 1 inch gouge on the back of the remote. The case is NOT cracked and the remote has never given me any...
  23. Eric-S

    FS: DVDO Silicon Image Iscan Pro line doubler

    For Sale: Silicon Image iScan Pro line Doubler. Composite, S-Video, and Component inputs. Can output either a component, or RGBHV 480p signal. Picture controls such as contrast, brightness, sharpness and saturation on front of unit. Works great! Asking $250 shipped OBO...
  24. Eric-S

    WTB: Escape from New York LD (w/ commentary)

    I am a big fan of John Carpenter, and have never heard the commentary that is on the LaserDisc. Someone please let me know it they have one for sale. Thanks! Eric
  25. Eric-S

    I REALLY want to hear the Escape from New York commentary on LD!

    I have been looking for this disc everywhere with no luck! I am a big fan of John Carpenter, and am dying to hear the commentary track to Escape from NY that is on the Laser Disc. Does anyone know where I can pick one up? Or at least point me in the right direction? I know it may be some...
  26. Eric-S

    WTB: HSU or other similar box sub in Minneapolis area.

    Interested in a box sub, possibly a used VTF-2,VTF-3 or something similar. Would like to find one locally in the Twin Cities area. Thanks! Eric
  27. Eric-S

    DVDO Iscan V1 Line Doubler $120 shipped!

    Sold to Mario. Thanks!
  28. Eric-S

    FS: Iscan V1 with newer power supply $150 shipped!

    For Sale.. A DVDO Iscan v1 line doubler with 6 month old power supply. I will ship in the U.S. all for $150. This unit works great...no original box. Send private message or email me if interested. Thanks! Eric
  29. Eric-S

    FS: RCA DTC-100 $250 Shipped

    This includes the original remote, manual. No original box. It will come with a card, but I had used it for subscribing, and they may make you buy a new one. It has the latest firmware and has been connected to an elliptical dish for 3 years. I do not have a transcoder to sell with...
  30. Eric-S

    FS: Kramer 2x1 VGA auto switcher

    http://www.markertek.com/MTStore/Sto...?Search=vp-211 (click on the 1 matched product link on the left) For sale...$80+ shipping Kramer tools 2x1 VGA auto switcher. This will automatically switch between 2 VGA sources when a signal is sensed. It worked great for my RCA DTC-100 HDTV...