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  1. nolesrule

    Amazon Prime- Shipping

    I've had to program estimated shipping dates into websites before. I would hope that if I accidentally introduced a bug that miscalculated the date and it somehow made it through the QA process it would not be deemed fraud. Bugs happen, even on ecommerce sites.And keep in mind that anything...
  2. nolesrule

    Amazon Prime- Shipping

    I work in ecommerce and have done some sites for retail clients that use Ebay Enterprise (formerly GSI) for their order fulfillment. Place order timing can sometimes affect the delivery date due to timing on all the backoffice data handoffs, but I don't think I've ever seen a two-day delivery...
  3. nolesrule

    Weekly RoundUp 11-5-2013

    Just The Hobbit AUJ EE for me this week. Will wait on a price drop to pick up Mad Men Season 6 (and will probably pick up season 5 at that time).
  4. nolesrule

    2013 - 2014 NHL Discussion Thread

    I don't understand why you are in Panthers territory. You are much closer to the Lightning. Then again, you guys get the jags games and not the Dolphins on your CBS station, which had to apologize for that fact. I'm not sure I like the reallignment. It has made for some brutal road trips for...
  5. nolesrule

    Anyone contemplating the Samsung Galaxy Note III?

    I'm "stuck" with my S4 for another year. I actually love the phone and have no complaints. But we recently picked up the Note 10.1 2014 for my wife/ She's been busy woth work, so I set it up for her and have been playing around with it. I think I've fallen in love with the Note line. I'll be...
  6. nolesrule

    Favorite Android Phone In Samsung Galaxy Series?

    Love my S4. Had the S2 and the Captivate (AT&T's S1) before that. I find the Note line very intriguing. We just picked up a Note 10.1 2014 for my wife, and I'm thinking of getting one for myself.
  7. nolesrule

    I need help with a picture frame measurement...

    That's usually the case, but if you want to make it special, it can be worth it. Matting, and even double matting like in Mike's sample above just really make the presentation just that much more impressive. Some of the things I've gotten custom matted and framed are my marriage ketubah (Jewish...
  8. nolesrule

    I need help with a picture frame measurement...

    I would do custom framing with custom mattes. It's more expensive than just buying a frame off the shelf, but it looks so much better. I like using framesbymail.com but you might be able to find someone local who does that type of work. If you are looking to put 2 items side by side in a...
  9. nolesrule

    Get ready Orlando, here we come!

    Head east on 528 and go see Atlantis at the Kennedy Space Center. Way more impressive than any theme park, and you're just standing there staring. We were there on Monday after taking a labor day weekend cruise out of Port Canaveral.
  10. nolesrule

    Logitech Introduces Two New Advanced Harmony Universal Remotes

    I agree with Johnny on all counts. I have an 880 as well (and had a pre-Logitech 659 before that). I prefer the LCD as an "extender" for buttons that don't exist, but I prefer having tactile buttons for my most-used functions.
  11. nolesrule

    Ultraviolet: What do you like and not like about it?

    Hehe. That's like selling the ballpoint pen for $3000 and throwing in a Super Bowl ticket.
  12. nolesrule

    Who belongs to the "AAA" motor club?

    I had AAA membership through my parents growing up, and my wife and I have had AAA Plus since we've been married. I think it costs us about $120/year for the 2 of us. I always pick up the state books, as well as road maps when going on a driving trip to a place I've never been, sometimes even a...
  13. nolesrule

    Anyone using SodaStream?

    I've been using mine for about a year now. I generally by the "Coke Zero" syrup and the fruit flavor add-ins for water... makes it Perrier like. I hate straight water, so having sparkling water is at hand is a great way to get my water intake. I buy through Bed bath and beyond, unless I want a...
  14. nolesrule

    Why can't I ship myself again....?

    I resemble that remark.
  15. nolesrule

    Is anyone considering buying Pebble?

    In these times (pun intended of course), with everyone carrying a smart phone, with DVRs, microwaves, ovens, and an infinite number of other appliances around us having digial clocks on them, watches are an anachronism. Their value is purely for style now. I wouldn't consider these, or anything...
  16. nolesrule

    MP3 & phone app deals/freebies (Amazon/Starbucks/etc.)

    That was pretty cool. Interestingly, though unsurprisingly, it added songs from a CD I bought for my mother in law. Looks like now I'll go back to buying CDs 100% of the time that they are available for auto-rip, rather than buying the amazon mp3 version. What would really be nice is if they'd...
  17. nolesrule

    Help connecting Blu-Ray player to old projector

    Any computer with an external video adapter will support SXGA. You'd be hard-pressed to find video drivers that don't support resolutions as low as 800x600 for backward compatibility. Most modern widescreen computer displays of the LCD persuasion are not technically a native HD resolution, but...
  18. nolesrule

    Help connecting Blu-Ray player to old projector

    I haven't heard anything about aspect ratio in this discussion. The actual projection of SXGA and 720P HD are very different beasts. This projector was designed as a conference room projector to be hooked up to a computer back in the old days before computers went widescreen, hence the 1024x768...
  19. nolesrule

    Lord of the Rings Extended vs. Theatrical

    I don't think anything is sacred. As for languages, I guess it depends on where you're from. The width of the Shire is somewhere around 120 miles. That's wider than Connecticut, so you've got the Bronx at one end and Rhode Island at the other. Or near the border with our Canadian friends...
  20. nolesrule

    Lord of the Rings Extended vs. Theatrical

    I thought about addressing your points one by one, but I'm not really sure where you're going with them at all. Most of those points, while maybe not explained in the movie, either had their roots in the book or in Tolkien's statements and writings regarding the book, and if you take the time to...
  21. nolesrule

    The Hobbit (merged thread)

    All kids are different (that goes without saying) but I would say typically The Hobbit is a good book to read to children younger than 12. Once they hit that age, it is on level for them to read themselves. In fact, the only reason I read it the first time when I was in early 8th grade was...
  22. nolesrule

    Lord of the Rings Extended vs. Theatrical

    Tolkien's thoughts on the eagles are a matter of record, and he presents a somewhat plausible explanation regarding their lack of use (in that the Eagles themselves are not beasts of burden, and of course, the whole travel in secrecy thing), but of course it will always be open to debate. As for...
  23. nolesrule

    Need help set up wires for Home Theater

    That doesn't work so well with tile floors and hallway-like openings to other rooms. You can't just assume certain construction and finishing types. My original story that got lost was about HT installation in my brother's south Florida new construction home, which I helped set up, and the...
  24. nolesrule

    Need help set up wires for Home Theater

    arg. Triple post. And then the one with my actual message in it got deleted. I'm not retyping it, but the gist was, we can't assume that a cellar/basement exists, or that baseboards are an option, depending on opening to other rooms.
  25. nolesrule

    Need help set up wires for Home Theater

    Check behind any of the existing wallplates on your walls.
  26. nolesrule

    Best Remote For Home Theater

    Pretty much any Logitech Harmony Remote will do. Just pick the one that has the features, button placement, and price point that appeal to you.
  27. nolesrule

    What's the last TV DVD/Blu-ray you bought?

    Just picked up Futurama Volume 7.
  28. nolesrule

    The Hobbit (merged thread)

    I really don't think it could have been done with justice in one film. I think it would have been fine with the original plan of 2 films had they stuck to just the original book material with some minor embellishments. But when you start adding in a more-detailed Necromancer subplot, the...
  29. nolesrule

    The Hobbit (merged thread)

    Hi Mike. Yeah, it's been awhile. I've been busy with life and the (not so) new (anymore) job, which I love but takes a lot of my time, so my free time is mostly focused on my family. Case in point, this is the first, and likely only, movie I'll see in a theater in 2012, though I am hoping to see...