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  1. Bill Will

    Black Friday Sales

    Anyone have any sights to go to yet? I just saw on my local news that some website's already have the sales posted but I missed the part where they gave the web addresses. Wal-Mart & Radio Shack reported that the sale prices on the website's were correct for their upcoming sale. Thanks.
  2. Bill Will

    HELP, Which MP3 Player?

    Thinking of buying my daughter an MP3 player as a gift & I know nothing about them so I'm looking for help. I'm looking to spend around $100. I hear that on the Apple Ipod's that the batteries only last a few years before you have to have them replaced. Is this true? plus none of the Ipod's have...
  3. Bill Will

    Magnavox 27" HDTV $414.99

    Don't know much about this set but Circuit City has it on their website for $414.99 with free shipping. The reviews on Circuit City's website all seem good though. Anybody buy this set yet or have more info on it?
  4. Bill Will

    Cyberhome DVD Player $14.99

    One of the stores in my area has it for that price with the mail in rebate this weekend. Maybe next year buy a big box of Trix cereal & get a "Free" DVD PLayer :D
  5. Bill Will

    $300 Receiver Suggestions

    For a friend $300 Tops, On-Line Ordering OK & Refurbished Receivers are OK too but no out of sight S&H Costs. Thanks
  6. Bill Will

    Your Thoughts on Panasonic DVD Recorder for $199

    Looking for some feedback because a small chain in my area is having a one day only sale (11-20-04)on the Panasonic DVD Recorder model PDMRE55K for $199.00 & I was thinking of grabing one because the lowest price I've seen in my area is $279.99
  7. Bill Will

    Which DVD Player Would You Buy?

    Looking for a cheap DVD Player for a guest bedroom & on "Black Friday" Best Buy has an Apex for $19.99 & a Norcent for $17.99 don't know the model numbers but which one would you buy & is there any model numbers I should stay away from. Thanks. Also just found the Cyberhome for $19.99 at K-Mart...
  8. Bill Will

    Help! Panasonic, Sony or Toshiba?

    A friend is in the market for a new set & he can get Panasonic, Sony or Toshiba sets at cost. The set will be placed in the corner of the room & can't be hung on the wall so he's looking for a set that is not very deep & he can spend up to $2,500 at "Retail" prices. He saw a Sony LCD model...
  9. Bill Will

    Looking For Input On Zenith DVD Recorder

    Friend found a Zenith for $148.88 (No Model Number) & I'm looking for your thoughts on Zenith DVD Recorders. Thanks.
  10. Bill Will

    27" Zenith HDTV $298.88 & Some Other HDTV's

    BrandsMart USA in South, FL has the 27" Zenith Model C27V22 for $298.88 The set is "New" & not a Refurb. They also have the 30" Sony XBR910 for $1,098.88 with a "Free" Stand & a Panasonic 27" HDTV for $548.88 For anyone looking to get into HDTV at a Low-Price or for a Bedroom HDTV set you can't...
  11. Bill Will

    Anyone have the new JVC 8040?

    Looking for your thoughts on it. Bought my daughter the old 9010 a few years back & she's always been happy with it, though I've never heard it & now a friend wants the 8040 which S&V Mag. seem to give a pretty good review on. No I can't really talk him out of JVC because he wants to use the...
  12. Bill Will

    34" Daewoo HDTV $549 & 30" w/ HTDV Tuner $549 Samsung HDTV Tuner $219

    Daewoo 34" 34W70N $649 "Refurbished" Daewoo 30" 30W60N W/ Built-In HDTV Tuner $549 "Refurbished" Best Buy has the Daewoo 34W70N Listed for $1,299.99 They also carry a lot of "Refurbished" Samsung sets but these sets are only a Good Deal though if you live in the VA/DC Area because they...
  13. Bill Will

    HELP: RCA's Repair Record On Tube Sets?

    The reason I'm asking is because a friend wants to buy a 27 Inch RCA 27F650T & put it in the family room for his kids. The reason he wants the RCA is because it's the only set that has 4 Inputs & each Input has it's own Picture Settings & he wants to be able to adjust everything & then give the...
  14. Bill Will

    Sony KV-30HS420 Review

    www.cnet.com just posted a "Quick" Test report on this set.
  15. Bill Will

    Toshiba 24AF43 $199.99

    Just happened to be browsing Best Buy's website & they have the "Discontinued" Toshiba 24AF43 for $199.99 with "Free Shipping" The new 24 inch Toshiba 24AF44 is exactly the same as the discontinued 43 & sells for $299.99 Yes the 43 & 44 have the 16:9 DVD mode. This would make a nice little...
  16. Bill Will

    Your Thoughts On The Coby DVDR For $148.88

    BrandsMart USA in South FL has the Coby DVDR1000 on sale now & I know it can't be the greatest recorder going but do you think at $148.88 with a built in TV Tuner it might be a half way decent recorder/player for an old analog set & do you think it might last for a few years? Thanks
  17. Bill Will

    Your Thoughts On The JVC RX-DP10 at $629

    www.ecost.com has this reveiver "New" for around $710 shipped & a friend came over with the new 2004 JVC Catalog today & was asking me about it because he din't see it in the catalog but I know it's been discontinued & replaced by the RX-DP15 which has "Analog Direct" instead of the 10's "Line...
  18. Bill Will

    "NEW" Sony TV's

    Sony has the following "New" Models with Pictures & Specs. listed on www.sonystyle.com ANALOG MODELS 4:3 KV-20FS120 20 Inch $249.99 KV-24FS120 24 Inch $319.99 KV-27FS120 27 Inch $399.99 DIGITAL MODELS 4:3 KV-32HS420 32 Inch $ 999.99 KV-36HS420 36 Inch $ 1,499.99 DIGITAL MODELS 16:9...
  19. Bill Will

    "New" Samsung HDTV's

    Just came across the following new Samsung models on their website www.samsungusa.com 26 INCH 16:9 MODELS TX-P2670WH TX-P2675WH 27 INCH 4:3 MODEL TX-P2775H 30 INCH 16:9 MODELS TX-P3071WH TX-P3075WH TX-P3076WH 32 INCH 4:3 MODEL TX-P3275H All have built-in HDTV Tuners, A DVI...
  20. Bill Will

    Your Thoughts on "VOOM" HDTV & $500 Rebate

    BrandsMart USA in FL has HI-DEF TV's for $500.00 off if you order "Voom" for 2 years at $60.00 a month or more. This means you could get the 26" Samsung HDTV for "FREE" (Their sale price is $498.88. Is this a good deal? (Not just for the Samsung) The $500.00 rebate from "Voom" I don't know with...
  21. Bill Will

    Zenith 27" HDTV $348.88 Your thoughts

    BrandsMart USA in FL has the 27" model C27V22 for $348.88 I know it doesn't have the built in tuner but it does have a RGB Computer Input. Anybody have any thoughts on this model especially for the price. Thanks
  22. Bill Will

    Jvc Receiver Rx-7030vbk $134.98

    I was just poking around Sears website under audio "cleanrance" & came across the 7030 which would make a nice Entry Level Receiver for someone on a budget or a Bedroom Receiver. It has "ALL" the new Surround Formats & the only thing it's missing is DPL IIx but it does have DPL II. I also...
  23. Bill Will

    New JVC RX-8040

    For anyone who might be interested JVC just posted the RX-8040 on their website. Upgrades over the old RX-8030 include 2nd Room Audio, RF Remote w/ Glow Buttons & DPL IIx. List price is 5 Cents Less than last years RX-8030 :D I was surprised to see it had DPL IIx on it seeing their new top of...
  24. Bill Will

    New Sanyo 32" Flat HDTV w/ HD Tuner $747

    There is a lot of info & talk about it over at www.avsforum.com But simply put, Sanyo's 2 new HDTV Models 30" Widescreen & 32" 4x3 Have: Flat Tubes A Built-In HDTV Tuner HDMI Input 2 Component Inputs 2 S-Video Inputs 1 Optical Digital Audio Output 1 Analog Audio Output 2-Tuner P-I-P...
  25. Bill Will

    Sony Mini-Disc Recorder MZ-NE410 Any Good?

    www.ecost.com has "Refurbished" ones for $54.99 with Free Shipping. Just looking for your thoughts on it because I thought I might grab one for my daughter at that price. Thanks
  26. Bill Will

    New JVC THX Ultra2 Receiver

    Found 2 new receivers listed on JVC's website. The RX-DP15B (Black) the replacement for the "10" no DPL IIx though & the RX-7042 (Silver) the replacement for the RX-7032 no DPL IIx either.
  27. Bill Will

    New Onkyo TX-SR502

    Just thought I'd let you know that www.crutchfield.com has it up on their website with Pics & Specs & I also noticed it has DPL IIx & the "new" remote looks a lot nicer than the older 501's remote.
  28. Bill Will

    Your Thoughts On Kenwwod 7070 & 7060

    A friend just called me & wanted my advice on these Kenwood Receivers models VR-7070 & VR-6070 that ecost has for $195.99 delivered. Both are "NEW" & not refurbs he tells me & if I remember right the 7070 has the Kameleon type remote otherwise the receivers are the same? Any info or thoughts...
  29. Bill Will


    March 25, 1954 RCA starts selling a 12 1/2 inch color tv for $ 1,000.00 1954 (Average) House $17,500.00 Car 1,950.00 Gal Gas .29 Gal Milk .92 Doz Eggs .77 Bread .17 Stamp .03 Income 4,684.00 Min. Wage .75 Hour
  30. Bill Will

    Sony 32 Inch FS100 $488.00

    Bernie's, CT, RI & MA this Saturday Only (March 20th) 9:00AM to Midnight. For people in other areas it should give you an idea of how low the stores can really go on this Sony model.