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  1. Oscar

    Any idea of what happened to A Wrinkle In Time?

    I remember seeing the ad for this mini TV series movie in the "Spy Kids" DVD. And that it would be broadcasted it at the ends of January, this is one of my favorite books and the series looked excellent. But i never heard from it, again. And ABC is one of my favorite networks and i don´t...
  2. Oscar

    Official Van Morrison Music Thread,

    Though my threads releated to his excellent irish singer have been heavily ignored. I can say that many people here who know a lot about music may know about him. As you may know Van Morrison is one of the best singers of all time. So I dedicated this thread to him and to every fan on the...
  3. Oscar

    Any news on the Henry Fool DVD or any other Hal Hartley movies?.

    Ok i might assume that only a 1% of the forum know who Mr. Hal Hartley is, he is a brilliant independent filmaker who has a lot of great movies (Henry Fool, Trust, Simple Men) and dissapointments (No Such Thing and Flirt). As far as i know, this are the only movies from him on DVD. The...
  4. Oscar

    Van Morrison Dts Dvd??!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I was at Circuit City today in the afternoon to make up my mind about buying Harry Potter. I didn´t have much time, i had to go to a family reunion. I was heading to the door (without the HP DVD) and saw in the Concerts section a DTS DVD of a concert with Van Morrison!. I truly couldn´t...
  5. Oscar

    How would you like or how do you think the cover for the Episode 2 DVD will be?

    I think it would be nice that if they used a somewhat altered design of the cover of the storybook
  6. Oscar

    Are there any news on a better edition for Wings of Honneamise?

    I am just curious, because the current one is so godawful that i destroyed the disc! :angry:
  7. Oscar

    Has anyone noticed this with Jurassic Park 3?

    When the ending credits start scrolling up, you will notice that there is a orange ghosty halo (a big one) around them. Now, i didn´t saw this film until the ending credits so i cannot say if this is about the transfer or the film. But can anyone tell me what is it?!
  8. Oscar

    Oscar´s DVD review collection:Volume 1-Deep Impact

    This a set of reviews of the 54 DVD´s I own. The first one is Deep Impact, which i brought in expectations of buying myself a DVD player. I brought it on 1999 and i didn´t have my player until September of 2000. So here is my review. DEEP IMPACT Film: :star: :star: :star: :star...
  9. Oscar

    What is the music on the Black Hawk Down trailer?

    The one that starts when the "Produced by Jerry Bruckheimer" credits start. What song is and what artist sings it?.
  10. Oscar

    Wanted: more adult content on _Potter_ disc.

    The reason why i created a part 2 was because it seems that they closed the thread. It was regarding the problems on Disc 2 on the U.K. version of Harry Potter. I am sorry if i was too harsh or too uncareless for the people who might enjoy the extras on Disc 2. But i want Warner Bros. to...
  11. Oscar

    When a reissue of a DVD comes along and you have the old version, what do you do...

    with the old one?. So far i haven´t brought any reissues. But when i see them coming I don´t buy the old issues. But I keep them for comparsion or i sell them. Also it is, depending on how worthy the reissue is.
  12. Oscar

    A Superbit version of Charlie´s Angels?

    I heard this on a website. I do not remember the URL. Though i hate the movie, i am just curious.
  13. Oscar

    DTS tracks:Marketing purpouses or a service for people who want high quality audio?

    DTS came along as a competitor format back in 1999. It has already appeared on Laserdisc. Many HTphiles loved the crisp clear quality of DTS. Many times it was a huge improvement over a DTS track. Also DTS track were recorded at a 1509 bit rate. Then DTS began to grow, many titles coming...
  14. Oscar

    How can i change my DVD player´s Region Encoding?

    I plan on doing this, to buy Region 2 DVD´s mostly anime titles. How can i do that?
  15. Oscar

    Questions about normal TVs and Widescreen ones.

    A friend of mine ordered a normal big screen TV which is a 60 inch one. But it isn´t widescreen. Yet he has this question: 1:Without the black bars on the left and right side of my little TV, am I going to see the whole picture of a movie, or do i need a widescreen TV for that?.
  16. Oscar

    How are the Star Wars VCD´s?

    I readed an article on Jeff Kleist´s website www.dvdangle.com Where he discussed the OFFICIAL VCD´S for Back to the Future and the Originial Star Wars triology. According to him, the image is better than VHS. Not as good as DVD, but if you have a very very good DVD player which is able to play...
  17. Oscar

    How do i connect my TV to my 5.1 Home Theater System?

    The other day, i went to Circuit City and they were broadcasting CBS news on the TV, but they had a Phillips HT system connected to it, and the sound from the program was coming from those speakers. Any idea on how i can connect my TV to the HT?.
  18. Oscar

    Is the DTS track on Metropolis Full Bitrate?

    I just finished watching the anime film "Metropolis" on DVD. I thought it was a great movie, and the DTS track was amazing. Much better than either the english or japenese DD 5.1 And to the fact i do not use Dynamic Range compression!. And it sounds like full bitrate DTS track were...
  19. Oscar

    What would you do if the original Star Wars films come out on DVD today?

    Personally, i would have reserved my copy on www.amazon.com And wait for it, also another question is what kind of features would you like on it?. Certainly my only hope is that neither of the leader´s of Lucasfilm say that the SW are not going to be released on DVD but on DVHS!. I mean i...
  20. Oscar

    The new version of The Time Machine by July 23?

    Okay, let me tell you that i totally love this movie. I am a very open minded person (That dosent mean i liked "Battlefield Earth", UGH!). I heard on a DVD website that is going to be with an audio commentary. But no DTS, thats a real shame :frowning: for such a great popcorn film like this.
  21. Oscar

    My experiences on El Paso´s Cinemark.

    I first heard of the Cinemark in 1998. When there was a controversy regarding Invalid people (very, very, very sorry for the term :frowning: ) And these people had problems because there were no seats for this people. So Cinemark remodeled the Screening Rooms. I first got there on June of...
  22. Oscar

    Any news on The Royal Tenenbaums?

    I only know about the cover. And that its release date is July 9th. Any news on specs? or if will it include a DTS track?
  23. Oscar

    Explain this to me about 2.35:1 aspect ratio

    Ok, when i put my DVD player on anamorphic movie;movies with low aspect ratios dont have black bars, but films with 2.35:1 aspect ratio do, why?. I dont have anything against widescreen. And im just curious about that. If anyone understood me, please reply.
  24. Oscar

    Any other films from the director Hal Hartley on DVD?.

    As far as I know; the only films from him on DVD are The Unbeliveable Truth,The Book of Life and Surviving Desire. Any news on Henry Fool or Amateur or Simple Men?. I heard that they plan on releasing the latest HH film, "No Such Thing" on DVD (which I didnt enjoy much)on the summer.
  25. Oscar

    If i am a registered user, how can i get myself a signature?

    I just wanna know that please.
  26. Oscar

    Royal Space Force:The Wings of Honneamise, THE WORST DVD PICTURE EVER?!

    I am pretty sure everyone agrees on that, the picture on the DVD is just plain awful, not even a friends HDTV can improve it,I plan on starting a petition to send it to Manga Entertainment to get out a better edition, despite the awesome Dolby 5.1 track and the few but substantial special...
  27. Oscar

    What do you think of the upcoming Harry Potter DVD?

    In my opinion will be (or already is) one of the most dissapointing DVDs ever. I was expecting documentaries,audio commentary, talk show clips, outtakes, videos of auditions. But instead we got interactive game crap for kiddies. Warner Bros. should understand that the reason why Harry...
  28. Oscar

    What do you people think of the upcoming Harry Potter DVD?

    In my opinion,is going to be (or already is) one of the most dissapoiting DVDs ever, i was expecting documentaries, an audio commentary, videos of auditions of the kids, Talk Show clips, outtakes, deleted scenes (oh that is already there), but unfourtanley studios have been using DVDs as a tool...
  29. Oscar

    What TV should i buy?

    A Panasonic 51" HDTV A RCA 52" HDTV A Sony 43" HDTV or a Panasonic 43" Widescreen HDTV (which i dont like much, because it looks so small, unless its an optical effect, because i saw it in a big store)
  30. Oscar

    What Projection TV should i buy?

    A Panasonic 52 inch HDTV A RCA 52 inch HDTV A Sony 43 inch HDTV A Panasonic Widescreen 43 HDTV I dont like much the 43 incher ones, because they seem very small, unless i am seeing them like that because they are in big places