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  1. Jeff R.

    2006 Formula1 season

    A few thoughts:Ferrari is back!More reliability problems for McLaren?Super Aguri, the new Minardi.The new qualifying format and relaxed tire rules are going to keep things interesting.Will Jenson Button finally get his first win this season?
  2. Jeff R.

    2.4 Ghz phone and 802.11b

    I currently have an 802.11b wireless network in my house. I found a cordless phone I want to get but it is a 2.4 Ghz phone and I have heard that there can be a lot of interference between the two. Are there certain cordless phone features that would keep it from interfering with my wireless...
  3. Jeff R.

    possible laptop screen problems?

    My Compaq laptop is about a year and a half old and I have not had any problems with it. Over the last couple days, the left side of the screen is developing a red tint. It has been getting worse too. Does anybody know what could be causing this? Am I going to need to get the screen replaced?
  4. Jeff R.

    Telephone wiring

    I am trying to add a telephone jack in my family room so I can plug in a computer modem. I ran some CAT 3 cable from a junction to the wall. There are three cables comming off this junction point to other phones throughout the house. My new telephone jack appears to be working fine (I have a...
  5. Jeff R.

    dimensions of laserdisc?

    What are the dimensions of a laserdisc case? (cover, sleave, whatever they are called) I saw some frames online for laserdisc cases but it doesn't give the dimensions. I actually have something else that I think is the same size as a laserdisc case that I want to frame so I was wondering if...
  6. Jeff R.

    Heavy Metal: Boxed set vs. SE

    I've been thinking about getting Heavy Metal and Heavy Metal 2000 and there is a boxed set available that has them both. There are also standalone discs available too. The standalone Heavy Metal is listed as a special edition but the version in the boxed set isn't listed as a special edition...
  7. Jeff R.

    good elliptical trainer

    I need some advice on good models of elliptical trainers. I'm trying to establish an exercise routine and I really like the type of workout an elliptical trainer gives. I have my eye on one model in particular but I would like to hear other peoples oppinions on what to look at and what to...
  8. Jeff R.

    Starwoids: Was it released?

    This title is listed everywhere as being released on 10-23 but every web site I've been to lists it as "on order" or "ships in 4-6 weeks." Was this title delayed?
  9. Jeff R.

    coax to composite

    I have a pretty simple question which I haven't yet been able to get an answer for. I know a RF modulator will convert composite to coax but is there a device that'll do the opposite - convert coax to composite? I have an old video game system that only has a coax output and I would like to...
  10. Jeff R.


    I watch this movie every time it comes on the AMC channel. I would absolutely love to see it on DVD.
  11. Jeff R.

    French Connection 5-Star vs. Collectors Box

    I just noticed there is a collectors box set with both French Connection I and II in it. Is ther a difference between the stand alone 5-star French Connection I and the version in the collectors box?
  12. Jeff R.

    cable modem with AT&T Broadband

    I just found out that I can now receive cable internet service from AT&T. I want to buy my own cable modem though. I have been looking at the Netgear line but none of them are listed on the AT&T site as recommended modems to use. Anybody hear using a Netgear cable modem with AT&T? Any good...
  13. Jeff R.

    19 inch computer rack cabinet

    I want to set up some computers in a computer rack but I would like to have the rack in a nice wooden cabinet so that it will look nice in my office. I have not been able to find such a cabinet online. Is this something I am going to have to make myself or are there some out there?
  14. Jeff R.

    Liquid cooling?

    Anybody know of any good liquid cooling solutions for a computer. I want to build a system but the noise from all the necessary fans required to keep it cool would probably drive me crazy. I haven't heard of any liquid cooling solutions that work well. Any suggestions?
  15. Jeff R.

    DirectTV reception through trees?

    I've been wanting to get DirectTV for some time now but I have hesitated because my house is surrounded by a fair amount of trees. I was curious how much the trees will affect the reception quality? Mounting the dish in the trees probably isn't an option and they are too tall to mount the dish...