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  1. nolesrule

    NFL 2012 Off Season Discussion Thread

    Scott, the referee (white hat) is in charge of the officiating of the game, including interpretation of rules, and therefore should be the one taking the responsibility of upholding/overturning calls on the field as the leader of the officiating crew. I don't have a problem if there is someone...
  2. nolesrule

    Got a new job

    I haven't posted much lately because about a month ago I got a new job. I spent the last 9 years being self-employed doing computer tech and consulting work. While the money wasn't great, especially during the recession do to a lack of clients, it left me plenty of time to be a stay at home dad...
  3. nolesrule

    Need recommendations - DTV tuner/DVR and antenna

    We're looking to drop cable and save $1000/year. Between Netflix and the internet, there's plenty of content to watch, but I still need my live sports. So I'm looking to add an antenna and an ATSC tuner STB, or perhaps a tuner/DVR. We're not planning to stay in this house much longer, so an...
  4. nolesrule

    Anyone else see the shuttle launch this morning?

    Wow. That had to be the most beautiful launch I have ever seen. It was pre-dawn, so the trail was glowing from being backlit by the sun beyond the horizon. And after separation, the glow off the exhaust from the main engines was a ghostly white, looking like a very wide comet tail. I wish I...
  5. nolesrule

    Announcing Little Kauffman #2

    I am pleased to announce that Sharon Betty Kauufman was born on September 30 2009. The little peanut weighed in at 5lbs 9 oz and 18.5 inches. Sharon is our second daughter.
  6. nolesrule

    Looking for netbook recommendations

    My wife's laptop of 6 years no longer powers up, so she's looking to replace it. She likes the size of a netbook, and for her uses, there won't be performance issues or screen-size issues. She even played around with some of them at Best Buy over the weekend just to be sure. So, I'm looking for...
  7. nolesrule

    FS: TV South Park, Simpsons, Star Trek, The Office

    I've done only a few sales/purchases here on HTF, and I have an ebay feedback rating of 303 with 0 negatives. I got hit with a double whammy, finding out that my wife is pregnant with our second child and losing my biggest client all in the same week, so to pay some bills, some of the DVDs must...
  8. nolesrule

    Monte Carlo Hotel in Vegas on fire

    I was flipping channels and saw on CNN that the Monte Carlo hotel in Las Vegas is on fire. Seems to be contained to the top floors, but it looks like it's spreading outward from the starting point. Lots of firy chunks are falling, causing it to spread to some lower floors and parts of the...
  9. nolesrule

    So a cop knocks on my door this morning

    Last night, I had to park on the street because my cousin was visiting when I got home and took my spot in the driveway. This morning, I get a knock on my door. Turns out it's a police officer. Apparently, one of my tires was an inch and a half over the curb and on my neighbors grass. So he...
  10. nolesrule

    I'm a dad!!!!

    Well, I've been a dad for a week now, but this is the first chance I've had to post about it. Rachel Orli was born on Tuesday, January 30, 2007 at 11:38pm. She was a teeny tiny 4 lbs 13 oz., and 17.5 inches short. Even though she is small, she's a healthy, beautiful little girl. I've spent...
  11. nolesrule

    Help with source of obscure sci-fi quote

    I am trying to find the source of this obscure sci-fi quote. I believe it is from a book. I have tried google using all sorts of search parameters and just can't find an aswer. “Mike, bless me father for I have thirst.” TIA for the help.
  12. nolesrule

    camcorder recommendations wanted

    I am looking to find a camcorder, since we have a baby due in just under 2 months. So far, I have decided I want the following: 16x9 aspect ratio non-HD (to save some money) external microphone input Mini DV tapes Yes, I decided on tape over hard drive because when one is full, I don't...
  13. nolesrule

    FS: Dream On Seasons 1 & 2

    The DVD set is in excellent condition. It was viewed exactly once and has since been untouched. I am asking for $22 shipped media mail. Paypal preferred, but I will accept checks or money orders. I have completed a few transactions here (Joe Kauffman), or you can look up my feedback rating on...
  14. nolesrule

    I took the plunge, bought a Mits WS-55313

    I bought a Mitsubishi WS-55313 55" WS RPTV today at Best Buy. Decided to do it because I had a 10% off coupon, all Mitsubishis were 2 years no interest AND I got the RewardZone points on it. Only $1890 (including tax, but not including other accessories I needed, like component cables) for the...
  15. nolesrule

    FS: Mad Max, Ben-Hur, Godfather, Superman , more

    I'm selling the follwing DVDs. All prices include shipping. All DVDs are in excellent condition, as are their original cases. Most have only been watched once or twice. Batman (1989 WB) $8 Ben-Hur(1959 DVD-18) $10 From Dusk Till Dawn $5 Jackie Brown: Collector's Edition $10 Leaving Las...
  16. nolesrule

    Bucs Super Bowl radio replay today in Tampa Bay @3pm!!

    1010 AM is replaying the Super Bowl XXXVII Buccaneers radio broadcast from 3-6pm ET today. Those of you outside their broadcast range are SOL, because they don't have an Internet feed. I listened to the NFC Championship game against the Eagles yesterday. The Joe Jurevicious catch and Ronde...
  17. nolesrule

    I was laid off today

    Talk about a shock. I was called into my boss's office at 3pm this afternoon and told I was being let go. Apparently, the company of 5 was being downsized to 4 and I was the odd man out. No warning whatsoever. Oh well. At least I get to sleep in tomorrow. I guess I'll be updating my resume...
  18. nolesrule

    TRON: SE case question

    What type of case did Disney use for TRON: SE. When I got my DVD in the mail, one of the tabs for each of the disc holders was broken off (fortunately no disc damage) and I want to replace the case.
  19. nolesrule

    URL error on 30 most recent posts page

    The hyperlinks have incorrect URLs. The post links all have "domain/htforum/index.php/showthread.php?...". The "index.php" needs to be removed. The user profile links in the "Last Poster" column have the same extra "index.php" problem too. FYI, the page is too wide and I am viewing with a...
  20. nolesrule

    Thumbs up/down

    I just noticed the thumbs up and thumbs down "smilies" are using the same "tu" code letters. So no matter which one you click on, you get thumb's up. See? :emoji_thumbsup: :emoji_thumbsup: It's supposed to be a thumbs up then a thumbs down.