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  1. William-R

    Advent 27" HT2751A

    i just got this tv and i have to say for the price i got a very good deal DVD's look amazing tv is just as good as a regular set it is a good set for anyone with a low budget
  2. William-R

    dumb newbie screen size ???

    im thinking of geting the Philips 30PW850H its a 30 in widescreen tv but i was wondering will the actual higth of the vewing area be less than a standerd 30 in tv ?? and if so how many inches
  3. William-R

    Dark Angel S2

    i saw over at tvtome.com they say Dark Angel - The Complete Second Season will be available in the United States on October 21, 2003 and will have a suggested retail price of $59.99. is this info correct??
  4. William-R

    anyone buy these types of movies??

    i was at the local mall i stoped in suncoast and they had a bunch of these B-grade movies for $10.00 you get a total of four movies in one package has anyone bought these or should i stay away from them ???
  5. William-R

    buffy seasons 4&5 price ?

    ok i was thinking of buying the region 2 sets of buffy season 4/5 but looking at the price it comes to around $114 u.s. a season is it realy worth spending that much on these sets when most likely when they are released in the U.S. theyl sell for $45 any opinions
  6. William-R

    Lexx Season 4 vol 1 on jan 28 =)

    Lexx Season 4 vol 1 is coming jan 28 I cant wait to pick this up lexx goes to earth lol
  7. William-R

    need some good movie mags

    ok i have to get rid of the net and i need to know some good dvd/movie mags a already get cinescape anyone know any other good movie mags
  8. William-R

    need help finding fifth element

    im trying to find the german 2 disk delux set but have no clue where to get it ive seen it at amazon.de but cant read a damm thingcan anyone help me find a place that has this disk that will ship to the U.S.