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  1. Jean D

    Pearl Jam - "Ten" (Legacy Edition)

    Im impressed by the remixed quality. much more detail has been enhanced I feel. If only this would be done to other great albums from the 90's like Siamese Dream and Under the Table and Dreaming. Anyone else diggin' the new vibe of this classic?
  2. Jean D

    Will "Annie" be re-released properly?

    Ok, so I want to buy Annie so my daughter can watch it, I loved it as a kid and shes been singing "the sun will come out" because my mother sings it to her. Anyway, I have two crappy options. a wide screen 2.0 DD version or a full frame 5.1 version. neither one I want to settle for. Anyone know...
  3. Jean D

    XBMC help

    Anyone use XBMC on their original X-box? I'm trying to decide if I should do a software mod or a dashboard mod. Anyone have any input. I'm a bit confused by the instructions on these and any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Jean D

    SVS's mid-line MTS-01's announced

    Has anyone seen the news yet on SVS's news page seen here. These pictures look like renderings, but I'm not so sure I like the looks of them. I mean, I'm sure they sound great and are probably worthy of their price point, but I don't see them as aesthetically pleasing. There is too much...
  5. Jean D

    UK's "The Verve" being Reunited

    Heres the article confirming the claim straight from VH1. I'm a huge Verve fan, I cant wait to hear the new stuff. Anyone else like the Verve?
  6. Jean D

    Internal HD Vs. External HD (pros & cons)

    Hi, I recently filled my 120 gig drive w/ media (mp3's, mpegs, etc) and backed up documents. I am in the market for a larger drive. my question is, Should I get an internal (as I have now) or an external. Basically Id like to get a compare contrast going on like this: Internal Pro:Faster...
  7. Jean D

    Low proile car subwoofers; Good, bad?

    In my newest Parts Express Summertime Sales Flyer, it has a 10" and 12" Pioneer Low profile subwoofer. I found the 10" model online as ts-sw2541d I would like to add some bass into my newest suv, however, my other subs are far too large and I dont want something big as I have 2 kids now, but I...
  8. Jean D

    Need help making a Sealed sub become Ported.

    I need help making a enclosed sub of mine into a ported one. I have an old Cambridge Soundworks 10" enclosed Cube sub. Ive replaced the sub w/ an old Orion sub I had and the box has a 250watt place amp. I'm not happy w/ the freq. response of it, and when being used w/ my SVS SBS-01's, I'm...
  9. Jean D

    MX-500 controling volume on Denon issue.

    I have a Home Theater Master MX-500 remote which is programed for my Denon AVR-2106 receivers. However, in order to adjust the volume, I have to rapidly press the vol. up or down to get it to where I want, instead of just holding the button down and it rapidly changing on its own. Is there a way...
  10. Jean D

    Halo 3 beta HTF Matchups

    Anyone want to start matchmaking on the Halo 3 Beta (5/16/07-6/6/07) assuming you have access? I played a bit last night, its different from Halo 2, but I was getting pwned already. Some people are just naturally good Im starting to think, either that or they don't have job's or school and just...
  11. Jean D

    Same receiver different speakers. one set has lower volume.

    I wasn't sure if I should post this in Receiver's or speaker's sections. Heres whats bugging me I have a Denon AVR-2106 in my livingroom using Fluance SX-HTB's I have a Denon AVR-2106 in my bedroom using the SVS-SBS-01's I have calibrated both using the setup mic the Denon's came with...
  12. Jean D

    Marilyn Manson - "Eat Me, Drink Me" (new album)

    Has anyone else had a chance to listen to this yet? It doesn't come out for a month or so, but a radio station played the whole thing last week on air after it was leaked to torrent sites. It's not your typical Manson album. but I still think its decent. Its very Rock driven, lots of guitars and...
  13. Jean D

    Hellyeah (a new metal supergroup)

    Hellyeah is a new metal supergroup with it's debut self titled album out. I heard the new single "You Wouldn't Know", and got the album. So Far, good stuff. The band consists of former members of Pantera, Mudvayne, Nothingface. Anyone else listening to this yet?
  14. Jean D

    iPod vs. Zune

    I've been trying to determine what I want to do later this year. Either buy an iPod or a Zune. I would prefer 80gig+ in size which I know the Zune doesn't have avail. (although I could swap out the HDD in it), I was waiting for a larger video (true widescreen, possibly touch pad) iPod...
  15. Jean D

    Boosting FM reception to A/V receiver

    Without spending more than about $30-40, whats the best method to increase FM reception? I have access to my attic, and already have RG-6 cabling running up there. I'm assuming that getting a powered FM antenna would be best. Currently I have a powered Terk UHF antenna, but it doesn't help w/ FM...
  16. Jean D

    What's your Denon AVR's EQ Setup?

    Does anyone calibrate their Manual EQ settings for their speaker setups who use Denon receivers out there? If so, what settings do you use? do you default to the ones preset in the receiver or do you customize them? If I can, Id like to customize them. Of course I'm sure that depending on my...
  17. Jean D

    Help me find Mysterious Stones name

    I saw a show years ago about mysteries. and I want to know what these stones are called. Apparently there are these stones that were found are thousands of years old. supposedly there are like 7 rumored to exist, but only 5 have ever been found. These stones were perfect, (meaning that even...
  18. Jean D

    Speaker Mounts

    Does anyone know of decent and cheap speaker mounts that would be rated up to 25 lbs? and who to get them from? I'm shocked that all I can find are mounts that are about $35-40 each.
  19. Jean D

    Denon AVR on screen volume display?

    I have a Denon AVR-2106 which I use to do component switching. I can see the volume level on screen if I'm in a menu, or on a non-component source. Is there any way to get the volume to display across all sources?
  20. Jean D

    Ideas of what could be turning plasma off needed.

    I've got a Panasonic plasma. If I have it on and am watching something in the morning, it would turn off, at the same exact time everyday. Before DST it used to turn off automatically @ 7:05am, but after DST it now shuts down @ 8:05am. this is the only time of day it happens. no other remotes...
  21. Jean D

    Quieting Xbox 360 tips

    Lately my Xbox 360 seems louder than I ever remember it, its set atop a rear projection tv next to my center channel. I use it to stream all my music to my HT. It is really loud and Im looking for ways that any of you guys have tried to help quiet it down a bit, without modding it possibly. For...
  22. Jean D

    In-wall speaker questions.

    Im not in the market for in-wall speakers (not in wall subwoofers), but there are questions I have about them so I may consider them for future upgrades. When mounted, most don't have backs to them right? meaning the sound travels throughout the wall cavity possibly being heard on the other...
  23. Jean D

    Modest Mouse - "We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank" album

    I managed to hear Modest Mouse's new album recently which comes out on March 20th, Has anybody else heard this album yet? Impressions? I like it. Infact, the song that immediately caught my attention was "Parting of the Sensory". Fantastic song. Other than that at this time, Id have to listen to...
  24. Jean D

    eCost.com warning

    EDIT: Update on status on next post (4/24/07) I've ordered from ecost a few other times. and I even ordered a refurbished Denon receiver before without problems. Hands down they have some of the best prices. However, I recently ordered a Denon AVR-2106 through them at an amazing price, all...
  25. Jean D

    Denon AVR-2106 problems, Any ideas?

    I just got my new reciever and hooked everything up properly, however, I notice 2 problems and Im pretty sure its not user error, but I felt I should run it by you all anyway. It's a Denon AVR-2106 Refurb (90 day warranty). 1.) No signal comming out of the sub output. 2.) the center channel...
  26. Jean D

    HTD Level 3's Vs. SVS SBS-01's

    I'm contemplating getting a new 5.1 setup in my bedroom, I want to stay under $600-700 for all 5 speakers. I have a sub already. I originally wanted the SVS SBS-01's as they are small and get decent reviews and I own an SVS sub and I like their products. However, I came across the HTD speakers...
  27. Jean D

    Xbox 360 and WMP 11 (streaming media)

    I have 200+ gigs of music (and some videos) I stream using my Xbox 360 to my HT from my computer (Windows XP w/ SP2). I used to use Windows Media Connect (WMC) to do this but I recently upgraded my WMP to 11 which includes some form of streaming software built in, essentially making WMC vanish...
  28. Jean D

    Deftones New Album "Saturday Night Wrist"

    I saw Deftones a month or so back and they played a few tracks off this new album, and I must say, I like it a lot already. much more than their last studio album which was self-titled. Anyone else listening to this? Thoughts?
  29. Jean D

    Do you think SVS will upgrade their Speaker components?

    I have an SVS Sub (with upgraded driver), and will eventually get SVS SBS-01's for my bedroom HT. (Im waiting to see what their higher lines are for my livingroom). With their Sub lines they tend to upgrade the drivers and amps over time. Do you think SVS would also create upgrades to their...
  30. Jean D

    Hissing from rear speakers...Help?

    In my bedroom 5.1 setup, Im running some cheap Cambridge Soundworks Cubes and 12" box Sub off of a cheap low end Sony Receiver. When Im watching something (and I think it happens with both 2.0 and 5.1), I hear a hissing from my rear speakers only. the connections are fine and the speaker wire is...