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  1. Chuck Kent

    Denon DVD player firmware update...

    I did a search and didn't see any references to the updates here at HTF. Jeff Talmadge from Denon posts over at AVS from time to time and very recently alerted Denon DVD users that updates to the 2200, 2900 and 5900 have been prepared and are now available. Specifically, the 2200 and the...
  2. Chuck Kent

    Floyd Fans - The Making of Dark side of the Moon

    I looked and could not find any info on the board for this new DVD. A few random thoughts... Ever since I first saw and enjoyed PF Live at Pompeii, I wanted to see more of the making of Dark Side in the studio (that was part of the Pompeii film.) After Eagle Rock Entertainment started the...
  3. Chuck Kent

    Followup on Denon 3803 two channel bass management

    A few months back, Mike and I had a discussion over how the new Denon 3803 handled 2 channel bass management. Here's the original thread (although it has been edited pretty heavily.) http://www.hometheaterforum.com/htfo...=&pagenumber=1 Essentially, we were trying to determine whether 2...
  4. Chuck Kent

    *Review* Denon AVR-3803

    Mike: Enjoyed the review. I like your brands (I've got a Yamaha and a Denon!) As for the bass management issue, I guess I never saw Denon's quirk as a big deal. It always worked right for the more critical listening modes (Direct (due to the ability to turn the sub off), DPL, DTS NEO, DD and...
  5. Chuck Kent

    Has anyone compared B&W 600 S3 models to Polk LSI series?

    I am curently running Vandersteen 2CE mains and am happy with them. But I still get the urge to try other models every once in a while. But one key thing is that I still prefer speakers that have a warmer tonal balance to them. So, that said... I have a friend who recently bought new B&W...
  6. Chuck Kent

    Outlaw's ICBM component arrives!

    Just received my Outlaw Audio ICBM here at work. I'll be installing it tonight and will post my thoughts soon afterward.
  7. Chuck Kent

    ICBM gets closer!

    Per an e-mail notification, I just verified my ICBM order with Outlaw. If everything stays on schedule for Outlaw, I hope to have mine in place before the end of October. I'm looking forward to finally having the best bass since I started in Home Theater!!!
  8. Chuck Kent

    Question for Denon AVR-3802 owners?

    I recently upgraded from a 3300 to a 3802 in a 5.1 setup. I have been very happy but there is one thing that seems odd. When I set the individual channel levels for the different modes, Mono Movie, Matrix, Video Game, Jazz Club and Rock Arena must all be the same. All of the other modes allow...
  9. Chuck Kent

    A few different thoughts on the Denon AVR-3802

    Nothing earth shattering here, but with most of the 3802 threads talking about sound quality and such, I thought I'd mention a few different things. 1) If you buy or already have a Cinema 7 remote (and the Radio Shack 15-1994 would probably work too), you can apparently generate the remote...