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  1. Andrew Grall

    4x2 HDMI Matrix Switch

    Hi guys, I purchased this 4x2 HDMI matrix switch about a week ago only to realize I don't really need it. It is HDMI 1.3b compliant and allows you to send any combination from the 4 inputs to the 2 outputs. You can output to 2 displays... Switch audio/video from up to 4 HDMI sources to one...
  2. Andrew Grall

    LED DLP sets

    I know that Samsung has one of these sets available, but will Toshiba or Mitsubishi be putting out models by the end of the year? I am getting the itch to upgrade my Sony 60XS955 to something with 1080p... I have found that, as long as the TV doesn't have speaker "ears", I could fit a 65" set...
  3. Andrew Grall

    FS/FT: HD-DVDs

    FS/FT: Superman Returns HD-DVD Superman II - Donner Edition HD-DVD Polar Express HD-DVD - traded I'm looking for mostly Blu-ray movies - so feel free to make an offer. Email me if interested. Thanks!
  4. Andrew Grall

    FS: XBox 360 HD-DVD addon

    XBox 360 HD-DVD drive - as good as new - $160 shipped including King Kong HD-DVD Email me if interested. Thanks!
  5. Andrew Grall

    FS: 360 HD-DVD drive and HD-DVD movies

    Hi folks, If possible, I would like to sell all this as a package. If that doesn't work, I may consider going separate, but I may wait and see a bit. Xbox 360 HD-DVD drive Batman Begins HD-DVD Superman Returns HD-DVD Superman II - Donner Edition HD-DVD Smallville: Season 5 HD-DVD King...
  6. Andrew Grall

    Cleaning ceramic tile floors

    Hi folks, We recently moved to a wonderful new house in Tucson, and there is a lot of ceramic flooring in the house. What is the best way to keep these floors clean? We would prefer not to sweep and mop all the time... Any recomendations for a light vacuum that cleans tile well? We could...
  7. Andrew Grall

    Selling home - Traditional realtor or Help-U-Sell?

    Hi folks, My wife has accepted a very nice job in Tucson, so we will be moving at the end of June. That's the good news! The bad news - we have to sell our 1 1/4 year-old house that we built. We got burnt in the past trying to sell a house. It took forever and we ended up with a double...
  8. Andrew Grall

    Target's lack of widescreen DVD's

    Hi folks, I go to Target stores quite a bit... I guess of that type of chain store, I prefer their "atmosphere" a little better, and they are pretty close to my house as well. One thing that really ticks me off about them, however, is that... After the initial release of a DVD, if there is...
  9. Andrew Grall

    Internet radio possible on X-Box?

    While listening to some Christmas music today on my HT system, I had a thought... There is a lot of good Christmas music on some internet radio stations. With the network capabilities of the X-Box and being a Microsoft product, is there any kind of software for the X-Box like media player...
  10. Andrew Grall

    JVC 61Z585 or Sony 60XS955?

    I have waited for over two months for the JVC 61" DILA set that I bought to come in stock. It is finally in and is set to be delivered on Monday. It has, in general, one of the best pictures I have seen, although I have seen some digital noise in some of the brighter whites on this set. On...
  11. Andrew Grall

    Hitachi 60VS810 or JVC HD61Z585

    Hi folks, I bought a JVC 61" DILA (all-black) TV on Sept 6th, but they were out of stock. They aren't expected until mid to late October. So, I've had some time to comtemplate my purchase. I still like the JVC, but I'm starting to be intrigued by the Hitachi VS810 series. Anyone have...
  12. Andrew Grall

    Online during power outage...

    Kind of weird... I'm posting to the forum during a brown-out. Lightning nocked the power out. Brown out actually... Almost everything is out except a few dim lights, and the cable modem and router. So, I'm posting via the laptop on battery power! Weird...
  13. Andrew Grall

    FS: Toshiba 50H81 ISF-calibrated widescreen HDTV-ready - Detroit suburbs

    We are moving in a couple of months, and I would prefer to sell this fine TV instead of moving it... This TV is in excellent condition. It hasn't been used for too many hours, as I have been rather busy... It was purchased in the fall of 2001, ISF-calibrated in 2002, and still has an...
  14. Andrew Grall

    FS: Toshiba 50H81 widescreen HDTV-ready (Detroit suburbs)

    Hello folks, We will be moving within a few months, and I think it would be better for the TV if it doesn't travel on a truck for several hundred miles... Toshiba 50H81 widescreen 50" HDTV-ready set 2 component inputs ISF-calibrated in 2002 used sparingly (I'm a busy person) in...
  15. Andrew Grall

    HDTV football frustration

    Hey folks, Well, with the increased amount of pro football that will be broadcast in HDTV this season, I've decided to take the plunge into the HDTV world. I live in the Detroit suburbs and am a Green Bay Packers fan, so here are my options as I see them: Comcast HDTV: I am a current...
  16. Andrew Grall

    Considering Comcast HDTV and inputs

    Hey folks, With more and more football games being broadcast in HDTV (or at least EDTV), I am thinking of finally taking the plunge to digital cable. That, and the fact the fact that Comcast is currently running a special where digital cable is only $5.95 for the first 3 months...
  17. Andrew Grall

    CPU died... Replace CPU or minor rebuild?

    Hey folks... My P4 CPU died... The obvious quickfix is to buy another pentium 4 to replace it... Or should I do a minor rebuild? I currently have: Abit IT7-MAX dead P4-1.6 512 MB Samsung PC2700 60 GB Maxtor Geforce4-4400 SB Live value So, I could just replace the processor with...
  18. Andrew Grall

    Difficulty controlling Unreal Championship

    Hey folks... I picked up Unreal Championship a few weeks ago when it was on sale at EBX. I haven't found the game very enjoyable, however, as I have found it much more difficult to control and aim in relation to Halo. Any suggestions? Do you slow down the controller sensitivity?
  19. Andrew Grall

    Comcast Detroit to get HDTV

    I just heard on the news that Comcast in Detroit area will roll out HDTV support within the next week or two... Is it worth getting it? Part of me says hell yes, so I can actually use that HDTV feature of my HDTV! Part of me says... Is the price worth the little bit of HDTV programming that I...
  20. Andrew Grall

    PS/2 to USB adapter?

    I have seen inexpensive USB to PS/2 connectors, but are there inexpensive PS/2 to USB connectors? I recently bought all the parts to build a new computer including a new PS/2 Microsoft Internet Keyboard. The motherboard was faulty and immediately fried itself. The new motherboard I ordered has...
  21. Andrew Grall

    Anyone have Hunter for X-Box yet?

    I'm planning on picking this one up... Any bargains on it? (
  22. Andrew Grall

    Would anyone else be excited about a remake/sequel to Rise of the Triad?

    I remember playing this game years back, and it was just fun... Better multiplayer and better graphics than doom, in my mind... Anyone else think a remake/sequel to this game would be fun?
  23. Andrew Grall

    Good ISF in Detroit suburbs?

    I am considering getting my Toshiba 50H81 ISF calibrated in the next few months... Does anyone know of a good ISF technician in the Detroit suburbs? Thanks.
  24. Andrew Grall

    X-Box Football - Madden, Fever or NFL2K2?

    Hey folks! I just received my X-Box, and I'm a football nut, so... I could see having 2 of the three titles. Which 2 of 3 would you recommened? NFL Fever 2002- Supposedly has the best graphics... Madden 2002 - It is the best Madden available, and I am familiar with Madden. NFL2k2 - I...
  25. Andrew Grall

    Anyone seen X-Box's on the shelves anywhere today?

    Just curious if anyone has seen these anywhere today, or if they are all awaiting new shipments... ------------------ View Dr. Grall's DVD collection
  26. Andrew Grall

    Where would be best to try to get an X-Box now--post-launch?

    I live in the northern suburbs of Detroit, and now that it's actually here, I'm drooling to get my hands on the X-Box. My wife is even coming around after hearing about the DD 5.1 and HDTV capabilities... Any ideas where I might go to get this sucka? :) ------------------ View Dr. Grall's...
  27. Andrew Grall

    Can you convince me to sell my PS2 and get an X-Box?

    Hey folks! My wife would pretty much kill me if I went out and bought another console just a year after purchasing the PS2... So.... I am considering the prospect of auctioning off my PS2, games and accessories on ebay, and buying the X-Box, some games, and accessories... My question... Is it...
  28. Andrew Grall

    Thinking of hooking up a HTPC--Suggestions?

    I will be getting a new Toshiba 50H81 soon, and have an extra PC sitting around, so I'm trying to figure out how much effort it will take to set up an HTPC. I'm a builder of computers, so that's not a big deal, but if it costs much to do (after paying so much for my TV), I might wait a few...