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  1. Scott Voth

    We Reached Mars!!!

    I watched it on the NASA Youtube channel. It fun to watch the NASA folks emotions go form nervous wrecks to overjoyed. To us it was a one day event but to them it was probably a decade of work from planning to the end of the mission and the mission is really just getting started. It's also...
  2. Scott Voth

    How To My recent cable TV odyssey

    Does your cable TV go through your router? Mine is split off in a junction box on the outside of the house so my cable TV is totally separate from the router other than streaming. I remember in the early days you would just see two or 3 other WiFi routers when you did a search but now there is...
  3. Scott Voth


    Yes, its funny except this crap is tanking the whole market down and a lot of us have our retirement money there since that's the only place we can make any money these days. I don't play the options game. I always followed the if you don't understand it don't do it rule and the stocks...
  4. Scott Voth

    LG to unveil first QNED Mini LED TVs at virtual CES

    I typically go about 10 years before upgrading. I have 2 and 4 year old OLED sets now so it will be a while.
  5. Scott Voth

    R.I.P. - Thomas "Tiny" Lister - COVID-19

    He was one of those actors that was in a lot of movies when you think of it. I remember him best as the President in The Fifth Element. One more loss in a terrible year.
  6. Scott Voth

    Looking for an external hard drive

    I recently got a WD Black 5 TB drive from Amazon for $90 during the Prime Day sale. Prices will probably be the same for Black Friday / Cyber Monday. It's marketed as a Playstation external drive but the instructions say it can be used with anything with reformatting.
  7. Scott Voth

    Sound United Acquires Bowers & Wilkins

    I thought it already was. That's where my Zeppelin came from and it didn't work more than it did. It sounded great when it did work but it kept losing the airplay connection. After one $200 repair that lasted a month I gave up.
  8. Scott Voth

    SIRIUSXM: Still Lazy After All These Years

    The biggest thing I didn't like when XM switched to Sirius was the DJs talking too much. XM had very little DJ jabber - it was just music and the occasional station promo. On top of that, there is a distinctive political slant to some of the DJ's chatter and like most of the media - it's...
  9. Scott Voth

    Problem with my receiver

    I have a TX-NR-1007 that did the same thing. Crutchfield suggested I check with Onkyo and it was covered by an extended warranty. They sent a shipping box and covered all shipping costs. I had it back in about 2 weeks good as new. I was glad because I really liked the receiver. It has...
  10. Scott Voth

    Receiver Advice

    I've decided it's time to upgrade my Sunfire Theater Grand II separate system (no HMDI switching) and want to replace it with a receiver. I was leaning toward the Denon 4308 since it is a really good closeout deal but am concerned that it is 2 year old technology and you know how fast...
  11. Scott Voth

    High Def Cable - Screen Size

    I got a Scientific Atlanta HDTV cable box installed yesterday on my Toshiba Theaterwide 40" set (about 2 years old) and am experiencing some screen formating issues. When in HD colorstream mode, all my non HD channels display in standard format vs 16x9 and my full and widescreen modes are locked...