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  1. Edwin-S

    Rising blacks on 2020 LG OLEDs

    I just sprung for and ordered an LG77GX OLED. This is.going to he the most expensive TV I have ever bought, so I want to make sure of something. The GX series uses the same panel and electronics as the CX. I've been reading that the CX has an issue with rising black level. Is that the case...
  2. Edwin-S

    Method for fixing a dented Dome Tweeter

    Somehow, I managed to push in the center of the aluminum dome tweeter on my CM8. Does anyone know of a method for pulling a dent out of a dome tweeter?
  3. Edwin-S

    Gaming Monitor Preference

    I'm looking at buying a new monitor. I can pick up a Dell S2716DG 2560 x 1440 144Hz monitor with a TN panel and Gsync for 450 canadian or an ASUS MG28U 4k gaming monitor with a 60 Hz refresh and freesync. Which would you guys prefer when it comes to gaming and general use.
  4. Edwin-S

    Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation

    Title: Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation (2018) Genre: Family, Fantasy, Comedy, Animation Director: Genndy Tartakovsky Cast: Adam Sandler, Andy Samberg, Selena Gomez, Kevin James, David Spade, Steve Buscemi, Keegan-Michael Key, Molly Shannon, Fran Drescher, Kathryn Hahn, Jim...
  5. Edwin-S

    Studio Ghibli Co-founder and Director Isao Takahata has passed.

    The director of anime greats such as The Grave of The Fireflies and The Princess Kaguya has passed at the age of 82. He died on April 5th, 2018 due to undisclosed health conditions. He was one of the main contributors to the success of Studio Ghibli as a producer on over 20 of their features as...
  6. Edwin-S

    Gaming Rig Build. Suggestions?

    When it comes to computers I tend to go overboard versus what I want and what I need. I always end up spending 3 to 4000 grand on these things because I don't want to replace a computer every two years. Therefore, I always go for more power than I will probably ever use during the lifetime of...
  7. Edwin-S

    The Breadwinner

    If only Gkids was able to do a better job at getting wider releases for the films they licence. This one looks like another great animated film from Cartoon Saloon, the makers of "The Secret of Kells" and "Song of The Sea".
  8. Edwin-S

    Android to Iphone data transfer?

    The company I work for uses Iphones for some unknown reason. I've been supplied with an Iphone6 to replace my GalaxyIV. Anyone know an easy way to transfer data such as pics and contacts? I've tried "Device Switch". It gets to the data transferring stage and then gets stuck. "Move to IOS" is...
  9. Edwin-S

    4K UHD Disc Playability Issues

    I searched for a thread like this and didn't find one, so I thought I would start one where people can report problems with UHD discs not playing. If there is a similar thread to this one, feel free to merge this one with it. So far, I have had issues with two discs as follows: Tiltle...
  10. Edwin-S

    LG finally caved. Go with QLED or another LG OLED?

    LG finally agreed to give me a credit for my defective #G9600 thanks to a lot of arguing by the people I bought my LG set from. They have given me a credit to replace the set. Problem is is that I would have to replace my EG9600 with a 2017 model, none of which have 3D capability. I have 3...
  11. Edwin-S

    Lost City of Z - Canadian release

    I mentioned watching this film over in the movie forum. Colin Jacobson recommended that I listen to the commentary track. The Canadian release had only a 10 to 15 minute fluff piece on the difficulties of shooting on location. It looks like the US release got a commentary and two additional...
  12. Edwin-S

    Despicable M3

    Took this in tonight. Overall, the worst of the 3.The film was all over the place, as the writers apparently didn't have enough material to create a coherent story for the film's running time. The quickest way to describe the writing in DM3 is to compare it to a skit that used to appear...
  13. Edwin-S

    Boss Baby

    'm pretty sure not too many people here went to this flick or would admit that they did go to it. I wasn't going to go and see it; because the trailer didn't do a lot for me. I went to see FF8, but I didn't want to stand in a line-up so I went to see this flick instead. Surprisingly, the film...
  14. Edwin-S

    LG 65EG9600 Screen Spotting

    I've noticed an issue with the screen on my LG set and I'm wondering if anyone else has had or is having the same issue. The issue being that spots have appeared, almost symmetrically, about a quarter of the way in from each edge of the screen. They resemble air bubbles or voids and have...
  15. Edwin-S

    Looking at new SVS PB-1000 sub(s)

    Ok, I'm toying with the idea of a new sub or subs. Right now, I'm using a Mirage BPSS-210 (10" drivers in a sealed box) bi-polar sub, set up at the rear of the room. The sub had stood me in good stead for 15+ years, but it seems like lately I have to start turning it down to keep it from...
  16. Edwin-S

    TIFF Founder William Marshall Dead

    I figure this is movie related so I'll put it here. The year is not starting out well for movie industry related people. William Marshall, one of the founders of the Toronto International Film Festival died on Jan 1, 2017 from cardiac arrest. He was 77...
  17. Edwin-S

    Personally, I think 4K Blu-ray is going to be another bust

    So far, I am coming to the conclusion that 4K Blu is going to be another failure like 3D was and for much of the same reason. The reason being these studios are completely out of touch with reality on pricing. The studios are repeating the same mistake that they did with 3D Blu releases. They...
  18. Edwin-S

    Kung Fu Panda 3

    Looks like there is no thread for this film. Saw it last night. It turned out better than I thought it would be. Not quite as good as the first, but better than the second one. The action scenes were well done and I liked how they used a "2D animation" style for flashbacks. The use of split...
  19. Edwin-S

    Disney's upcoming animated film Big Hero 6 - Trailer 1

    Looking forward to this one. Disney looks like they have re-taken the mantle from Pixar.
  20. Edwin-S

    Transformers: Age of Extinction

    Okay, don't laugh. :) I saw the trailer for this in front of TRANSCENDENCE and I have to wonder if, after three tries, Michael Bay has managed to make a Transformers film that might be good. The cinematography of the film looked different from what his previous efforts. It had a more natural...
  21. Edwin-S

    Hardwood floors in the bedrooms and kitchen? Any thoughts?

    I'm planning on doing some long needed repairs on the house I "own", including replacing the existing stucco and wood siding with vinyl and replacing the windows; however, the flooring also could use replacing. I have been thinking about installing a hardwood floor in the living room, dining...
  22. Edwin-S

    Opinion needed on the Panasonic 65" VT30 series

    Just an update. The set has been pretty good so far, but I have run into a problem. I updated the firmwares on the TV set and my PS3. The IR 3D glasses, prior to the updates, worked properly past 7 feet. Now, I have to be sitting 7 feet or closer to the set in order for the glasses to sync. If I...
  23. Edwin-S

    CES: IMS Research's 2012 TV Innovation Awards. You might be surprised by who won.

    Samsung for Plasma TV performance?!!! I hope it works better than their Blu-ray players do.
  24. Edwin-S

    Aardman's "The Pirates"

    A couple of trailers for Aardaman animation's new flick slated for 2012 release. Looks promising; although, it's a long way off with a predicted March 30 release. The official trailer: The UK trailer: The UK trailer is the better one IMO. The first one must have embedding disabled.
  25. Edwin-S

    3D 3.5M 3D Blu-Ray Discs sold, 50% were actually purchased. Have you bought a 3D Blu-Ray Disc?

    Here is why I think the sales are low. 1) Less discretionary income due to a recession brought on by massive fraud on the part of Wall Street. 2) 3D disc sets and 3D movies are ridiculously expensive. 3) The glasses are annoying to wear, but the biggest problem is that they cut light output to...
  26. Edwin-S

    Satoshi Kon, director of "Paprika", "Millenium Actress", passes away

    While reading about the proposed Indy V movie, I saw this   http://www.joblo.com/anime-director-satoshi-kon-has-passed-away     His films, including "Perfect Blue", "Tokyo Godfathers" and the two mentioned in the thread title, were some of the more unique and creative films in anime. I...
  27. Edwin-S

    Rango looks interesting.

    I watched the official trailer for this on youtube. It's not due out until March 4, but it certainly seems different judging by the trailer. It looks promising in an off kilter sort of way. I thought a neat scene was the gang(?) riding roadrunners against the setting desert sun. The computer...
  28. Edwin-S

    *** Official PREDATORS Discussion Thread

    So it sounds like McTiernan got it all right the first time, making this "reboot" less of a reboot and more of a rehash.......right?
  29. Edwin-S

    *** Official THE PRINCESS AND THE FROG Review Thread

    Well, it was nice to see the return of a traditional cel style animated feature. Unfortunately, I don't see this film as being the renaissance of handdrawn animated features. It wasn't a bad film. In fact, it had some good business but, overall, it seemed rather uninspired. The musical numbers...
  30. Edwin-S

    Looking for replacement tweeters for Mirage M5si. Suggestions?

    I'm looking for replacement tweeters for my left speaker. Mirage no longer stocks parts for these speakers. I would like to know if anyone knows where I could get equivalent replacements? Purchasing new speakers is out of the question at this time. Would any titanium metal dome tweeter be...