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  1. Micheal

    What if the Sun was to disappear? Joel 3:15

    I recently finished a new short film. Joel 3:15 It's less than 5 minutes and under 50MB. Synopsis... A man awakens in the morning to find that the world is now in complete and total darkness. I'm not looking for votes, you actually can't vote unless you are a member with over 50...
  2. Micheal

    Death Row

    DEATH ROW I made this for a contest... it is a short film (
  3. Micheal

    Does the HTF have what it takes to make a movie?

    I'm in the works to make a short film and I thought it would be fun to let the gang here help create the screenplay. Hear me out, the location is an isolated farm house with an old overgrown barn, it lies about 50 feet away. The house is filled with old furniture, complete with old magazines...
  4. Micheal

    Take a sneak peek at our Horror film....

    Here is a link to a small teaser for a film that we shot this weekend. (Just for kicks of course...):D I edited this clip together in about 20 minutes late last night so be gentle... BTW, I threw in Carpenter's Halloween score since we don't have ours ready yet. Horror Film I'm a...
  5. Micheal

    I'm filming a movie next week!

    Alright, it's just a small project that I've cooked up but it could be quite fun. I wrote a small screenplay that's about 40 odd pages long. It's a horror film. I'm shooting it with a Sony Digital Video Camera Recorder. (Luckily I have a tri-pod to help steady some shots. ;)) We're going to...
  6. Micheal

    Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are having a baby.

    I thought he adopted in the past because he couldn't have kids. I guess not... or maybe... naaaah... Click here for the story
  7. Micheal

    Copyright Laws

    I would like to "copyright" some written material. How does one do this? I have no experience in this area so I welcome any experienced suggestions. Thanks in advance,
  8. Micheal

    Is there any way to make a mock webpage?

    Here is what I mean. As a prank I want to take an existing web page like "Crime library" and put a photo of my friend on the main page along with a description of what he did. I can change the photo, I've figured out that much. (Save page as > web page complete. Go into the folder and change...
  9. Micheal

    Counting to 10 at twenty months old. Parents please chime in...

    My daughter (Madison) just turned 21 months old a couple of weeks ago and she has been doing very well. Our daycare provider is starting to use the term "gifted" but I'm a little more level headed than that. At least I would like to think so.:D Madison has been talking since she was just shy...
  10. Micheal

    Need advice on running a family edition of the Amazing Race!

    This summer a buddy and I are going to put my family through the paces in a "Amazing Race" style game throughout the city. (I live in Ottawa Canada) Just looking for some tips from anyone who is familiar with the show. We don't want one team getting too far ahead of another so I would...
  11. Micheal

    Child care: Should I use a neighbour?

    I'm moving into a new area and it turns out that my neighbour (2 doors down) is a very experienced child care provider. The location would be ideal but I'm quite the pessimist. What if... for some reason or another, things don't work out with her. On the other hand, she seems really nice and...
  12. Micheal


    Typoglycemia I thought this was amusing... hopefully it hasn't been posted here before. Read on... I cdnuolt blveiee taht I cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd waht I was rdanieg. The phaonmneal pweor of the hmuan mnid Aoccdrnig to a rscheearch taem at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it deosn't mttaer in waht...
  13. Micheal

    Amazing Race: Family Edition (merged)

    Who do you want to see competing in the Amazing Race family Edition? I know that it's not going to be airing for quite some time but I was just curious to know what "celebrity" family you might want to see competing. I think the Osbournes would be quite interesting.:laugh: How about the...
  14. Micheal

    BTK suspect charged with 10 murders

    The BTK suspect Dennis Rader has been charged with 10 murders. Not too bright. After all this time I wonder what made him come back. I feel sorry for this guy who as a child witnessed his mothers brutal murder at the hands of Dennis Radar. Sad It seems like there are more and more...
  15. Micheal

    One Day at a Time: Reunion Special

    I'm watching it now, not sure if this is a repeat or not. I use to love this show, should be interesting.
  16. Micheal

    Home Movies

    Anyone here into shooting and editing home movies? If so, what kind of software do you use? I'm looking for some cheap software that allows for some editing and some music overlays. My Nephew is into making movies and I want to help him out a bit. We made a short Michael Myers film and...
  17. Micheal

    She said "I don't!"

    He proposed, she ran away. He proposed to her during the halftime show at an NBA game. LIVE! Poor bastard.
  18. Micheal

    I got schmucked by an old lady doing 80!

    That's 80 Kph... Madison (my 1 year old daughter), myself, and Nova the family wonder-dog were in a really terrible car accident on Sunday. A 79 year old woman ran a red light and totalled our Focus wagon. It wasn't one of those "yellow changing to red" situations, it was a clear red light...
  19. Micheal

    *** THE TERMINAL Review Thread

    I managed to see "The Terminal" at a special DreamWorks advanced screening last night. I must say that I was very impressed with Spielberg's latest offering. Not only was it extremely funny, but at times it was also very touching. Tom Hank's does a top notch job of playing Viktor Navorski, a...
  20. Micheal

    Volcano project: Nephew

    My Nephew (Grade 7) has a volcano project coming up. The "demonstration" will be held outside, extra marks will be given for the height/distance of the eruption. Any ideas? :) No explosives... :D Any tips on the volcano design would also be appreciated. Thanks,
  21. Micheal

    Home Theater and Neighbours Question?

    Who here has a HT in the basement of home that is attached to another home? (Like a townhouse) I'm curious, can you turn up the HT to adequate listening levels (including the sub) without getting too many complaints? Please post your opinions here. Thanks in advance.
  22. Micheal

    "Finding Nemo" Layer Change Question.

    Is the layer change on Finding Nemo just after the mine explosions by the sub? (Just before the birds sitting on the water) My Momitsu gave a slight flicker but didn't even pause. I am just curious to know if that's where it is. Thanks,
  23. Micheal

    My dog is going in for surgery... :(

    He has been vomiting for over a day and he can't seem to hold anything down. I took him into the vet and they did some blood work and took some X-rays, then the vet found the blockage in the X-ray. They're going to try an Endoscopy first to see if they can find it and pull it out, if that fails...
  24. Micheal

    Anyone else here own the Momitsu DVD player?

    It's truly amazing! Upscaling DVD to 1080i on my LT240K projector looks incredible! I've run into one small downfall, Disney's Dinosaur DVD won't play on it. It freezes up during the opening scene inside the egg. I've heard one other person mention this (on another forum). Anyone else here...
  25. Micheal

    Micheal's "Survivor Pearl Islands" HTF challenge!

    It's time to pick your Survivor! Same rules as before, the first person to pick a Survivor get's to play. Once a Survivor is picked they go off the list. 16 contestants, 16 HTF members. First come, first serve. Good luck! BTW, I choose Darrah Johnson! :) Travis_S's choice: Name...
  26. Micheal

    Mirage Omni Series!

    I'm thinking of going with the Mirage Omni series as my new HT setup. 2 Omni 260 Floor-standers 1 Omni CC Center Channel 4 Omni 60 Bookshelf (Sides & Rears) 1 OM 200 Sub-woofer SUB Speakers I listened to them during my "speaker search" and fell in love with them instantly. We put...
  27. Micheal

    Babies and your Home Theater!

    I know this has been touched on before but I wanted to bring it up again for some discussion. My wife and I finished our pre-natal courses last night and I asked the instructor a few questions about babies & the possibility of hearing damage in loud HT's. The instructor (who is actually...
  28. Micheal

    The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins!

    Sung by Spock!! OMG!!
  29. Micheal

    This kind of senseless death really bothers me.

    A bus collides with a stationary car and kills the child in the back seat. The parents are in serious & critical condition. :frowning: Story located here... A couple from Toronto had car trouble and had to pull over onto a bus lane along the highway. It's a very long and straight part of the...
  30. Micheal

    Air Conditioner Unit: Vent Open or Closed??

    My Brother has an air conditioner that sits in the window of his apartment. He called me tonight and asked me if the vent should be set to open or closed. I have no idea? I was thinking that if it is really hot and humid outside that he should set it to closed. Any ideas?