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  1. Mathew Shelby

    Basic Home Networking Questions

    As an afterthought, I decided to wire my home for computer networking. My plan all along was to go with a wireless router however, I decided that I want the best of both worlds. I plan to purchase a Linksys Wireless G (http://www.linksys.com/Products/prod...id=35&prid=601) router to hook up to...
  2. Mathew Shelby

    Dayton In Wall Audio Splitter

    I am looking for a very inexpensive surround sound system for whole house audio. I have tentatively ordered this system from PE and wanted to get feedback from those who have used it. I am going to be powering it through a spare HK AV525. Will I need any additional amplification? I do not plan...
  3. Mathew Shelby

    Comments on MTX In Wall Speakers?

    I am moving to a new house and in this house the family room must double as the home theater. I was wondering if anyone has ever had any experience or comments on these model in wall speakers: http://www.partsexpress.com/pe/pshow...302-025&ctab=7
  4. Mathew Shelby

    WTB: Monster Game Link 350

    If anyone wants to sell their Monster Game Link 350 (S-Video/Optical) for the Playstation 2, please shoot me an email at [email protected]
  5. Mathew Shelby

    Season Box Sets & Misc. DVDs For Sale

    I have the following box sets for sales. Each set includes case and all original inserts. Prices include shipping. Nightmare on Elm Street 8 DVD Box Set $65 Oz: The Complete First Season $25 Oz: The Complete Second Season $25 Simpsons: Season One $25 Simpsons: Season Two $25 Sex...
  6. Mathew Shelby

    Negoitating w/ Builders? Need Advice

    My girlfriend and I are considering building a home. It will actually be our first home. We are currently renting a house which has turned out to be a disaster because the landlord will not fix anything and the house is falling apart. This new home is with a tract builder in the area whose...
  7. Mathew Shelby

    One CDRW drive in my computer, what program do I need

    I only have one CD drive in my computer, what is the quickest/best combination (preferably freeware) of programs to allow to rip the file to the harddrive and then burn it
  8. Mathew Shelby

    Bettercables SilverSerpent component cables Dead?!?

    The title pretty much says it all. I have had the cables around 9 months and tonight I went to turn on the projector (Infocus X1 via VESA adaptor) and there was no video of any sort. I love these cables and I really want to get to the bottom of this. I have left a message for...
  9. Mathew Shelby

    Armor All Causes Dry Rot On Tires?

    Is this true? My girlfriend supposedly heard this from one of her friends and now she refuses to let me put any sort of tire protectant (can I call it that if this is true) on her tires. In my opinion, I use BlackMagic TireWet and have had no problems on my 1999 Chevy Blazer. Is it just certain...
  10. Mathew Shelby

    Revolution 7.1 for $64.99

    For those interested in this sound card (I am going to pick it up as soon as the store opens), CompUSA is featuring this card with a $35 manufacturer mail-in-rebate. The starting price is $99.
  11. Mathew Shelby

    HTPC...back to the drawing board

    Ok everyone I need your help. I am trying to put together a HTPC for Infocus X1. I have read the ATI cards are best for this purpose. Which one do I need. (I know don't needcan't afford the AIW 9700. So what card should I get. I am not a gamer. The HTPC will be used strictly for dvd playback...
  12. Mathew Shelby

    Anyone using an Infocus X1 and HTPC?

    I know it is not necessary due to the good scaling of the projector, but I just wanted to see if anyone actually using this setup had any tips/insight for me...
  13. Mathew Shelby

    Building HTPC: Need motherboard/processor info

    Basically, I want something inexpensive that will do the job. Right now, I have a 2.4ghz Dell Dimension which is super quiet and 1.4 AMD which is the noisiest thing next to my refrigerator. So I think I should stick with Pentium 4 1.8 ghz and over. Am I shooting too low in asking for under $200...
  14. Mathew Shelby

    ATI All-In-Wonder Question

    Are the ATI AIW's the way to go for a newbie to HTPC? Perhaps I am getting a little confused but the ATI AIW 8500DV is around $185. The same site lists the Radeon 9500 Pro 128MB for $189. What are the benefits of each. I "might" (probably will) be using it as a PVR but am I correct in assuming...
  15. Mathew Shelby

    Infocus X1 Questions

    I have a couple quick questions regarding this projector. I had all of 45 minutes to play with it before having to go to work. 1. Why is digital cable black and white when I hook it up through S-Video? 2. What is the best method for turning it off. Do I want to flip the switch on the side or...
  16. Mathew Shelby

    Help me with this decision...Infocus X1 or Matinee 1HD

    I ordered an Infocus X1 from [email protected] based on some recommendations I have read here. He seems very knowledgeable and has answered all my questions. I told him I needed the projector by Friday (yesterday) and as it turned out the Infocus X1 wasn't in stock, so he sent me this...
  17. Mathew Shelby

    New Infocus X1: Getting Everything to Work

    Pretty much self-explanatory...looking for opinions on best setup and best GAF (Girlfriend Acceptance Factor) and EOU (Ease of Use). I have the following: Infocus X1 Toshiba SD 3750 Progressive Scan Harman Kardon AVR525 Sony Playstation 2 Motorola Digital Cable Box (w/ Upgrades S-Video)...
  18. Mathew Shelby

    Infocus X1 and Samsung HD-391?

    Pardon me if I am using the wrong Samsung model number, but I am referring to the DVD player expected in June 2003 (MSRP $349). How will this work (I mean hook up to) the Infocus X1 projector? If so, do you think I will see much of an improvement over my Toshiba SD 3750 progressive scan model? I...
  19. Mathew Shelby

    No Restocking Fees on Projectors?

    Are there any retailers that do not have restocking fees for projectors? I want to purchase either a Sanyo PLV-Z1 or Infocus X1 but I don't want to have to pay exorbitant restocking fees if my girlfriend or I experiences the rainbow effect everyone talks about. Before you ask, there is no one in...
  20. Mathew Shelby

    Why use a separate CD player and DVD player?

    Is there really that much of a difference. Currently I am using my Toshiba progressive scan DVD player as my CD player. I would say I am 75% HT, 25% Music. Will I notice an improvement if I purchase a separate CD player? I am not really into DVD-A or SACD - (lack of selection in music genres...
  21. Mathew Shelby

    Hooking Up DLS10 to HK 525

    I am using my boyfriend's account to try and figure out how to hook up the sub I bought for his birthday. Can anyone please help a girl (who is not electronically/mechanically inclined) set up the DLS10 on his Harman Kardon AVR525 receiver. Speak slow....assume I have no idea what I am doing...
  22. Mathew Shelby

    Anyone have experience with Dayton Audio Cables?

    These are the audio cables from PartsExpress.com's website. I purchased the DLS 10" sub from there and I was looking for a subwoofer cable. At $14.40 for 25' the price is definitely right. All that goes thru it is lows so a higher quality cable isn't really necessary is it?
  23. Mathew Shelby

    DVD Profiler Question

    I apologize in advance if this belongs in the software section, but I have a question regarding the DVD organizing program, DVD Profiler. When I see my total number of discs owned, this does not reflect any box sets, or double disc sets etc. Is it possible to modify it so a two disc set will...
  24. Mathew Shelby

    H/K AVR525 Issue

    I received my Harman Kardon two weeks ago and I finally had an opportunity to use it. Last night while I was watching the 24: Season 1, the display lights went dim. The fan kicked in as well. This happened twice during one of the episodes (the receiver wasn't working too hard-volumer around -30)...
  25. Mathew Shelby

    Be honest-what do your student loans go for?

    Aside from the obvious obsessions (home theater, first and foremost) what else are you using your student loan money on. As I will be graduating after this semester, student loans will no longer be available for me to abuse (I mean use). As for me, this is how I used mine. Freshman Year-Down...
  26. Mathew Shelby

    "Entry level" High End DVD players

    No, this is not an oxymoron. I have read in a few threads that many consider the Panasonic RP82 to be an entry level high end DVD player. Now that many stores are no longer carrying it, what would be your second choice? I am looking for something to replace my Toshiba progressive scan DVD...
  27. Mathew Shelby

    Blockbuster Bashing

    I know they have probably been bashed enough in this forum, but is anyone else experiencing this problem: I live part time while I am going to college in Tallahassee, Florida. Almost every store in Tallahassee is franchised so they do not always honor the same deals as corporate stores...
  28. Mathew Shelby

    Reformatting Question

    I cannot find my original Windows 2000 discs and my computer has been getting slower and slower recently. So my question is: Can I reformat my hard drive to clean everything off and leave the operating system in place? Then I guess my next question would be: How do you do this? And please, treat...
  29. Mathew Shelby

    Help with DVD Player Settings

    While watching a movie the other night (Copycat), I accidentally hit the setup button and I guess I never took the time or learned how to do it correctly, but I was welcomed by tons of options to tweak the dvd player. My problem is that DVDs seem to have better picture clarity in Interlaced...