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  1. Jean D

    How are fluance so cheap?

    seriously? I haven't been on this forum in quite some time. Let me say that I was once on a budget and owned the SX-HTB's, since then, I'm not on a budget, and work for a high end home theater company. I gave my Fluance set to my parents because I went in-wall in my new home. If I weren't a fan...
  2. Jean D

    Pearl Jam - "Ten" (Legacy Edition)

    Im impressed by the remixed quality. much more detail has been enhanced I feel. If only this would be done to other great albums from the 90's like Siamese Dream and Under the Table and Dreaming. Anyone else diggin' the new vibe of this classic?
  3. Jean D

    First home theater progress (With Pictures) Opinions/suggestions/coments welcomed.

    I have a set of SBS-01's (white) which are sitting in my basement ever since we bought our house last Aug. I used to have them in our bedroom at our last place and they were absolutely incredible, I loved them. Unfortunately, aesthetics are getting the best of both of us now, and now for our...
  4. Jean D

    First home theater progress (With Pictures) Opinions/suggestions/coments welcomed.

    if your looking into conserving room, you could go with in wall speakers (Speaker Craft has some pretty decent ones). Im assuming you want to localize your gear in that closet space to hide it and have a set of components and hdmi (or cat-5 w/ a balun) to the tv location. in that case you'd...
  5. Jean D

    No place to put center channel speaker

    Can you go in-wall behind the screen?
  6. Jean D

    Goonies 2 News!

    Even more excited than I was to hear Goonies 2 was in production. I started thinking....The Goonies dvd is always in a bin at walmart for cheap money and skimping in features. Perhaps this will prompt a special edition dvd of the original.. Also, several years back I heard that Fred Durst...
  7. Jean D

    Coldplay New album 6/17/08

    Ive had it a while now, its ok. a couple of good tracks you dont get tired of. however, I don't think its as good as they could've made. The other Coldplay albums are much more solid.
  8. Jean D

    Assistance please?

    yes, depending on the box and cable company, I agree. Scientific Atlanta (at least in comcast areas) have an Audio Out, in the setup menu, if your using HDMI, you need to select HDMI not Dolby Digital or Other.
  9. Jean D

    ? about Ethernet cables

    I doubt your ethernet port is even active on the box. cable companys dont use it, its a dead port. FiOS may be different, but I am not sure. best advice I can give is to call their customer support and ask them if its utilized or not.
  10. Jean D

    No sound from TV - only reciever

    Wait, you have to have more than just component cables. if you have components to your Denon, are you talking about all 5 connections, (red, green, blue (picture), red and white (Audio))? cause you should have red green blue and a digital audio out to your Denon. its the only way you'll get true...
  11. Jean D

    "Funplex" new B-52s

    At first listen, given the lyrics on some of the songs, I closed my eyes and all I could picture was 60-somethings dressed in retro-esque nu-wave fashion at a swingers party tossing keys into fishbowls, playing Win-Lose or Draw and Charades, drinking cocktails and pretending they were still hip...
  12. Jean D

    Scott Weiland says STP reunion "in the coming months"

    Army of Anyone was a great band/album though. It didn't disappoint at all.
  13. Jean D

    Who listens to digital cable music channels?

    Once in a while I'll throw on Alternative, Metal, Rock, and Adult Alternative channels on Comcast. Sometimes, I'll read an interesting fact from a band I didn't know before, but mostly, every so often Ill hear an exclusive song or version of a song you cant buy. and sometimes I hear new stuff I...
  14. Jean D


    Honestly, I think she was just looking for an easy way out of the relationship. What better way to fess up to your husband that you don't really want to be married anymore and that you cheated on him, than to win money at the same time. However, I do believe that she really thinks shes a good...
  15. Jean D

    DVD skipping and pausing with Sony NC85 5 disk player

    Yeah, I had a Toshiba DVD/DVD-A player for a couple of years, and then it started skipping like that. I cleaned the lens, but it didn't help. it was time for a new player.
  16. Jean D

    New Portishead in april

    I cant wait. I never thought I'd read those words.
  17. Jean D

    Scott Weiland says STP reunion "in the coming months"

    awesome news. I hope they re-record their original song for The Crow they did before BRandon Lee Died called "Only Dying" its on their demo tape "Mighty Joe Young". apparently the studio version of it is lost and was never found again after they changed the song to "Big Empty" if anyone wants...
  18. Jean D

    Top Albums of 2007 - "Time to throw down!"

    The Good, The Bad, and the Queen - ST Hellyeah - ST Korn - Untitled Marilyn Manson - Eat Me, Drink Me Modest Mouse - We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank Saul Williams - The Inevitable Rise and Fall of Niggy Tardust Smashing Pumpkins - Zeitgeist
  19. Jean D

    Let's Share Some Goth

    Machines of Loving Grace VAST Team Sleep (Chino Moreno (Deftones singer)'s side project H.I.M. The songs Jonathan Davis co-wrote for the Queen of the Damned soundtrack are incredible.
  20. Jean D

    which component cables to buy

    RG 6 and 59 is typically for coaxial cable. basically it's shielded more and can carry the signal over longer distances with less loss (generally its thicker and has a thicker center conductor if its RG-6). so I was a bit confused when I looked at the pictures on monoprice. However, RG6 is...
  21. Jean D

    Hooray! iPhone hacks are back!

    Let me get this straight because I was a bit confused. the "hacks" are web apps? So basically you can have a icon to launch the "website" instead of going through safari and opening a favorite? its just a shortcut?
  22. Jean D

    Boosting FM reception to A/V receiver

    Well, I took the really cheap way out. I used leakage. I took my RG-6 line, and stripped it back several feet so that only the braiding, and center conductor were showing ( I even took the dielectric out), twisted it all up, and hung it in the attic. This basically allows all FM band signal to...
  23. Jean D

    saul williams The Inevitable Rise and Liberation of NiggyTardust! (nin related)

    My favorite track on this album is "WTF!" hands down. This track is just awesome. This just feels like NIN. In case anyone didn't know NIN's last major label debut is coming out its titled "Y34RZ3R0R3M1X3D" and an Open Source fan driven Remix album is also available online titled "The...
  24. Jean D

    Connection Requirements for Xbox Live?

    Xbox Live recommends turning off any and all NAT settings on your router, this will limit your connection to other gamers and cause their voice to break in and out and whatnot. read about it here
  25. Jean D

    saul williams The Inevitable Rise and Liberation of NiggyTardust! (nin related)

    Thanks for the heads up! :emoji_thumbsup: I didn't know about this.
  26. Jean D

    UK's "The Verve" being Reunited

    via NME.com Apparently the Verve got together, hit record and the free track being released is what occured. its not bad either. By the way, if anyone downloads this and needs album art for the ID3 tag, I've already created one here.
  27. Jean D

    New iPods Coming Next Week (9/5/07)

    I ended up getting the 160gb Classic. Ive loaded about 130gb of music. some songs in some albums wont play. Much like on iLounge, Ive tried removing, adding, nothing helped. I havent tried to re-rip, but I will, others already have and say it doesnt help though. Also, I have a few albums from...
  28. Jean D

    New iPods Coming Next Week (9/5/07)

    OK. My wife and I just went to Apple. They didn't have the 160gb Classics in stock nor the iTouch. However, we looked at the Nano's, 80gig classics's and the iPhone. Personally if price wasn't an issue, Id go with an iTouch or iPhone and the 160gb Classic. The woman at the store said the 160gb's...
  29. Jean D

    New iPods Coming Next Week (9/5/07)

    I'm thinking I may take a trip to the local Apple store to see if I can play with these new models to further make up my mind. Im thinking either the new 8gig Nano or a Classic, just not sure of storage on it. Im sure you've all heard that the New Line of iPods Not Compatible With Old Third...
  30. Jean D

    What are your favorite music related cell phone ringtones you've used or now use?

    I 2nd that! I purchased the song, which gives me limited rights to use it how I want without profit from it, or something like that. therefore, I can use any 30 seconds of it I want for free.