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    A Few Words About A few words about...™ Spartacus -- in Blu-ray

    What a let down. I was hoping for the beauty of the Criterion SD DVD but only in 1080p. Instead we get yet another "oh we must need to filter the film grain and make everything shiney and plasticey for the dolts who don't know better" Wal-Mart crowd. I fear for how the inevitable Back To The...
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    DVD Review HTF DVD REVIEW: Superhero Movie: Extended Edition

    That is absolute truth.
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    New Kubrick SE's

    I suspect we'll see "Barry Lyndon" given an SE treatment within the next year. I'd rather wait a little bit and have it done RIGHT than to have Warner rush it. Yeah I'd love to have "Barry Lyndon" on HD-DVD right now but honestly the 2001 SD-DVD remaster is still very watchable for the time being.
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    2001: A Space Odyssey HD

    Funny thing is that right now "MyExpressCheckout" (sic) shows "In Process"..... yet a box was sitting at by my doorstep this afternoon containing..... I was also on the phone with Warner today. Even on THEIR own end it shows that it hadn't been shipped yet. And yes.... I got the guy...
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    Paramount recalls and re-releases 'The Jack Ryan' collection

    Maybe Paramount with throw in an extra disc for each Jack Ryan film with the extras then repress the first disc with any audio commentaries added. Wishful thinking but we'll have to wait and see.
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    New Kubrick SE's

    It looks like from the DVD Beaver screencaps that there is a little cropping done on the new 2001 SE. If you look at the 2001 Warner remaster screencap then compare it right down below with the SE screencap you can see the SE looks a bit more zoomed in than the 2001 remaster does. Just an...
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    'Shrek the Third' Comes to HD DVD on 11/13

    Too bad the movie isn't even worth the disc its being put on.
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    Has anybody received their orders from WHV Sale?

    Just got off the phone with "Tammy" from Warner's 800 number. She told me that according to her "senior supervisor" that they are expecting to have the issue fixed "by the end of this week" which means they better hurry up (since its Thursday now). She also told me that since they have "a large...
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    Has anybody received their orders from WHV Sale?

    I got told the same thing over the phone on Friday about the computer issues. This is absolutely frustrating as I was hoping to have watched most of "Smallville" Season 6 by now. Instead its sitting on THEIR end while I continue to wait and wait. Warner as much as I love their products they...
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    The Princess Bride - 20th Anniversary Edition

    ... not again.
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    Barry Lyndon

    That's right... I keep forgetting they technically were letterbox transfers since the last time I watched "Barry Lyndon" was several years ago on my now long gone 27 inch Sony VVega.
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    Barry Lyndon

    http://www.amazon.com/Barry-Lyndon-R...0489088&sr=1-2 Amazon is saying Widescreen. Hopefully if this is true then an HD-DVD release is not too far behind. :D Also Lolita shows for an 10/23 SD-DVD release in WS according to Amazon.com: http://www.amazon.com/Lolita-James-M...0489088&sr=1-3
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    'Shrek the Third' Comes to HD DVD on 11/13

    So.... where's the first two?
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    "The Jason Bourne Collection" set (HD DVD)

    You know I just HAD a feeling something like this was going to happen. Glad I held off on buying them on HD until this set comes. Hopefully there will be a good sale on it somewhere the week it comes out too. Thanks Jari K for the info. :D
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    WS Anamorphic Kindergarten Cop 9-18?!

    Best news I've heard all day... and its only 2:40 AM here. :D
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    Those double feature discs all over the place these days

    I'm waiting until that is confirmed on here before I buy that threefer.
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    Toshiba to Debut Third Generation HD DVD Players (HD-A3/HD-A30/HD-A35)

    You know with all the talk of the higher end models.... what about the lowly HD-A3 and how it compares to the HD-A2? Me being an HD-A2 owner I'm very curious as to what is new and/or different between the two.
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    HD-A2 upgrade is now available for download. Now version 2.5!

    For those wanting to find the new firmware a LOT easier: http://tacp.toshiba.com/tacpassets-i...ngfirmware.asp Accept the terms and conditions then select your player.
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    Warner lets some of the Q4 releases out of the bag, including some surprises.....

    Speaking of baffling.... where's the two "Grumpy Old Men" Widescreen editions that Warner promissed us almost two years ago? It shouldn't take an eternity and then some just to release two films on DVD/HD-DVD/Bluray/etc. At this rate I might as well just give up any hope of either one of them...
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    Chevy Chase titles, "Grumpy" movies - WS release this year?

    I suspect that any annnouncement on the "Grumpy" films will be made by the end of September at the latest. Since neither one are really a hot high profile new release Warner doesn't need to spend months hyping them up as they are with even the Kubrick re-re-re-releases... (Did I get that...
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    Currently available Paramount and Dreamworks Blu-ray titles

    From what it sounds like however Blades Of Glory is cancelled on BD all together.
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    8/22 GRUMPY duo not anamorphic; anamorphic versions coming (Correction in Post #7)

    It was said during the Warner chat earlier this year that we are getting them later this year..... kinda like what they said last year too. Until its in my hands. And at this point.... they better release it the same day on HD-DVD since they made us wait this long.
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    Some big news and rumors on The Police

    I highly recommend checking Fiction Plane out. You can't go wrong with it being Sting's son and all.
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    Smallville Season 6 Blu-Ray & HD-DVD 9/18

    This will be a must buy for me on release day... on HD of course. :D
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    HD-A2 upgrade is now available for download. Now version 2.5!

    I've noticed that there are some playback issues with MPEG2AVC encoded material with 2.0 on my A2. After roughly 20-30 minutes of playback there is some pixelated breakup occuring. I have to stop and restart the disc in order to get playback to normal.
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    Where Is New Line Cinema? - Merged, also see post #72

    Which makes sense at least for the major titles like "The Lord Of The Rings" trilogy. But at least release new titles like "Last Mimzy" on the same day as the SD-DVD. At least give us THAT much. Looks like I'll just Netflix "Last Mimzy" for now on SD-DVD.
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    Where Is New Line Cinema? - Merged, also see post #72

    ... what high profiles titles are coming out on DVD this summer? Its not that we are asking for "The Lord Of The Rings" trilogy to be released but at least New Line should be by now releasing its new releases on at least one format the same day the SD-DVD release is (or close to it). Studios...
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    HD-A2 upgrade is now available for download. Now version 2.5!

    Here's a direct link to the 2.0 firmware: A2 A20