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    WTB: Game of Thrones Seasons 1-4 UV

    Edit: Got them all.
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    Does MGM plan on re-releasing A Fistful of Dollars and For A Few Dollars More?

    Since they gave The Good, The Bad and The Ugly an SE it seems only right to do it to the Dollars films. I've been holding off on buying them for that reason. Anyone heard anything?
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    Took this this evening.

    Not sure if there was a pot of gold at the end though. :) http://img39.photobucket.com/albums/...icture_005.jpg I took this one a few months ago. It's the Moon and Venus. http://img39.photobucket.com/albums/...ures_3_119.jpg I took them with a Canon A70.
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    What type of coax to use for underground cable runs?

    I'm going to be hooking up a DirectTV dish about 75 feet from the house. I'm going to be burying the cable. What type should I use for this? Is there a special kind?
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    What are the best science documentary DVD's?

    If this belongs in the TV area forgive me. I have a couple of box sets of science documentary type programs mainly dealing with the universe and the solar system. They are Carl Sagan's Cosmos and Stephen Hawking's Universe. I love these types of programs. I was wondering if there are any...
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    Pic of the new Xbox Live Dashboard, pretty cool.

    Story here. According to the news bit it's coming on August 25th. That kinda surprised me as I was under the impression it wouldn't be out till around the holidays. Or maybe it won't be and MS is just getting our hopes up for nothing again. At any rate, it looks pretty cool and the voice chat...
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    What are the chances of another X-Files movie?

    I was watching The X-Files: Fight the Future the other day and remembered how much I liked it the first time I saw it. I'd love to see another movie based on the series. I watched the series for about the first 4 seasons, but missed most of the episodes after that so I don't really know what...
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    Maxtor 120GB HD for $90 after MIR

    Go here for the hard drive. Then add any $10 or more item to your cart to get to $150 total. Enter the $30 off $150 coupon code. Print out and mail in the rebate. The hard drive only has 2MB of cache, but for that price it's a steal.
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    Anyone heard the Linkin Park: Reanimation DVD-A?

    I was thinking about getting this disc, but would like to know if it's good or not. Anyone heard it? How's the surround use and bass?
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    SOCOM Headset Question

    Is there anyway to turn down the volume on the headset for SOCOM? It's so loud that I end up putting the earpiece above my ear. I searched through the menus and didn't find any headset volume, but I might have missed it. It has to have one, it seems really stupid not to.
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    DVD Player Problem: JVC XV-SA75

    I was watching a movie and decided to go do something else so I got up to take the DVD out and when I got my finger close to the open/close button I got a huge static shock and the screen went blank. The DVD-Audio and Progressive lights on the front of the unit became lit, they weren't lit...
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    Does anyone know why some web pages show up like this?

    For about 4 months now, some web pages display improperly. Here is an example. Hitting the refresh button produces the same result. I've tried everything short of a clean install of windows. I tried to re-install Internet Explorer, but it wouldn't let me because it said I already have the most...
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    Directors Which movies in your collection have you watched the most?

    I was looking for a movie to watch the other day and couldn't decide which one I wanted to watch so I went back to a favorite of mine, The Shawshank Redemption. It's kind of strange, I have over 400 discs but keep going back to a handful of them. Well it's obviously because they are my...
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    New PS2 locks up on Vice City

    I just got a PS2 today to play Vice City and it locks up and makes a clicking noise when loading radio stations in game. It doesn't happen every time though, only about every 15-45 minutes. Needless to say I'm disgusted. :angry: I haven't tried any other games with it yet as Vice City is the...
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    Free Logitech Optical Mouse after MIR - HURRY - ends 1/18

    Amazon has a free Logitech Optical Mouse after mail in rebate. But you have to order it today, 1/18, for it to be valid. Click here to find the mouse. Print the rebate for from here. And add a cheap item like a CD-R to get free shipping. Sorry for posting this so late, but I just found...
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    What are your Top 10 John Carpenter films?

    Being as though I don't feel like starting another tourney, that and a John Carpenter tourney has been done, I figured a simple Poll would suffice. It's simple, list your top 10 John Carpenter films. Carpenter's Best (According to me.) 1. The Thing 2. Escape from New York 3. They Live...
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    FOX: Where is Predator 2!?!?

    Predator 2 is one of my most anticipated titles. Other regions got a nice SE. When is region 1 going to get a release? I'll take a bare bones even. Thanks
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    My X-Box can read CD-R, is that normal?

    I've read that the X-Box can't read CD-Rs so I never tried it until today. I had just finished burning an audio CD so I thought I would give it a try. Low and behold it works! Does anybody else's Box play them? By the way, mine's not modded in any way.
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    Do you find yourself spending a lot time in this little corner of HTF?

    I do, it's kind of funny though. Since HTF has much more to offer then tournaments and such, it's odd that one would be drawn to this little area. I suppose it's just fun seeing which movies the HTF crowd likes the best. When I first stumbled upon HTF, the software area is what I checked out...
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    Max Payne True Matrix Mod 1.5 - Awesome!

    I got this mod off a PC Gamer CD that came with the magazine. It turns Max Payne into The Matrix, complete with a bunch of new guns and new bullet time moves. It's the best mod I have ever used. You can also download it here. It's around 40 megs, but it's definitely worth it.
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    Yogurt vs. Yoda

    Well, since the forum is already saturated with Star Wars threads, I figured another one couldn't hurt. This one's a little more light hearted in flavor. So the question is, if Yogurt (from Spaceballs) and Yoda were to get in tangle, who would reign supreme? Yoda The Force is his ally...
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    Insomnia: Anyone else have it?

    Well, for about the past 5 years I have had varying degrees of Insomnia. It has gotten very bad lately. For about the past 5 months I have only been able to sleep for about 8 out of every 35-48 hours. I don't have any kind of painful medical condition that would cause me not to sleep, I just...
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    Adobe Photoshop Newbie here, any good sites with how-to guides?

    I recently got Photoshop 6 and I have no idea how to use it to it's potential. I'm looking to create wallpapers and edit photos, just fun stuff. Does anyone know of any good sites with how-to guides and step by step instructions on how to use it's various features? Thanks for any input.