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  1. Jeff

    FS: Disney Monsters Inc & UP Steelbooks

    Hi! I have Monsters Inc & UP Disney 'Futureshop Exclusive' Blu-ray Steelbooks for sale. Both are new and sealed with no marks that I can see, through the shrink wrap. These are the thicker steelbook cases so shipping is a bit more than usual. I'm asking $45 each plus $10 shipping to the US...
  2. Jeff

    FS: Blade Runner HD-DVD Complete 5 Disc Collector's Edition

    Sold! Thanks! Jeff
  3. Jeff

    How is Audio Advisor these days?

    I ordered a few things from this company years ago and was happy but I'm wondering what they are like now. I emailed them on Monday about the cost of shipping some items to Canada and on Thursday I haven't heard a peep from them. Thanks, Jeff
  4. Jeff

    Can anyone recommend a money market forum?

    ...Preferbly one that talks Canadian currency as well. I have to convert a large amount of Canadian dollars to US and since the Canadian dollar has gone down to 87.90 cents today, I'm wondering if I should do it this weekend or Monday. It would be nice to see what people are speculating...
  5. Jeff

    Surveillance camera recommendation

    I'm looking for a surveillance camera, or better yet a forum that discusses them but I'm not finding much of anything in a search. Someone is being very mean to my car so I'm basically looking for a very small transmitting camera, with a fairly good range, that works in the dark and is water...
  6. Jeff

    Can anyone translate this to French?

    I know this is asking a lot, but what the heck. I sell watches on Ebay and some guy from France is buying watches from me and reselling them for more money on Ebay France. Not a big deal; people do that all the time...But I figure I should put these watches up on Ebay France myself. So I was...
  7. Jeff

    Does anyone here speak Japanese?

    I'm trying to track down a company that makes these watches and I was wondering what the text at the bottom of the photo (link below) says. I believe it's Japanese. Can anyone read it? Thanks, Jeff http://members.shaw.ca/majestyk/metro.jpg
  8. Jeff

    Does anyone have an account with a courier?

    I'm going to be making fairly frequent orders from a company in Hong Kong and I'm wondering how setting up an account works with couriers. Is there a monthly fee? And aside from UPS, which courier is the best to go with? I guess there aren't that many to choose from. I know there is Fedex and...
  9. Jeff

    How do I get IE to open a new window?

    I just did a google search for 30 minutes and nothing. I was wondering how I can get a new window to open up when I click on any link. I know you can do it using the shift key, but is there a way so I don't have to push shift everytime? Thanks! Jeff
  10. Jeff

    Does anyone have an old jewelry store in their neighborhood?

    I'm looking for old watch repair equipment to time and test watches. This equipment was used for watches that were made up until the early 80's, so it wouldn't be used anymore but some old jewelry stores might have them lying around. So I'm wondering if there is an old jewelry store near you...
  11. Jeff

    Anyone here from Japan? Need an item shipped to Canada.

    It's not every day I do this but I was wondering if someone (hopefully someone who's been around HTF for awhile) could buy and ship a wrist watch to me from Japan. Of course I'll pay you before hand and can give you something extra for your trouble if need be. The watch is available on two...
  12. Jeff

    WTB: Paradigm Older SE Series Speakers

    This is a long shot but is anyone in the Vancouver area, or close by, selling either the 3se-Mk3, 5se-Mk3 speakers? Thanks, Jeff
  13. Jeff

    Any reviews or comments on Ed Wood Region 3?

    I did a search for this and I'm surprised that nothing came up. Jeff
  14. Jeff

    Spyware driving me nuts!

    It seems like every single day I have new Spyware on my PC. I just can't keep up with it. I only go to mainstream sites and I still get it. I used to be able to deal with it with no difficulty but now it's just getting out of control. I won't even remove it from friends computers anymore since I...
  15. Jeff

    Sherwood AM-9080 Amp

    Can someone tell me what the height of this amp is (including the feet). I have one of these old beasts on the way and I'm not sure if it will fit in my rack. Thanks, Jeff
  16. Jeff

    What HT gear is made in the USA? (Customs/Duty related question)

    I recently shipped a Parasound amplifer to someone in the US, from Canada, and I'm just now starting to do a little research on how much he would pay for duty. What I have learned is he would only pay his state sales tax if the amp was made in the USA. Now, of course, it is not. I'm not sure...
  17. Jeff

    FCC issue, shipping amplifier via Fedex to U.S.

    I recently did a deal, here, in the Hardware For Sale Forum and I shipped a Parasound amplifier to the US, from Canada. via Fedex. Shortly after, they haulted the package and left me a message saying that I need to contact them to fill out an FCC form. Now it's looking like I can't contact them...
  18. Jeff

    FS: Parasound HCA-1500A 205 x 2 Channel Amplifier

    SOLD! Thanks!
  19. Jeff

    FS: Parasound HCA-1203A 3 Channel Amplifier

    Sold, thanks!
  20. Jeff

    FS: Sherwood Newcastle AVP-9080 DTS/DD Pre/Pro

    I'm selling my wonderful titanium Sherwood Newcastle AVP-9080. I could probably go another couple years using this but I've got the upgrade bug. According to Widescreen Review, the AVP-9080, with its many features, "easily equals or betters the performance of anything anywhere near its price...
  21. Jeff

    Anyone here speak German?

    I was wondering if someone who speaks German, and of course English too, can help me out. I found an auction on Ebay from a German seller who will ship worldwide but his english isn' very good and I need to ask about 5 or so questions. Is there any chance I could email someone my questions and...
  22. Jeff

    What's a good newspaper to place a classified ad?

    I'm looking to place classified want ads in various newspapers (or whatever I can afford) in the US. I'm hoping that some newspapers will allow me to just put an email address so no one has to call me long distance but that's a whole other issue. Anyway it doesn't really matter where in the...
  23. Jeff

    Dotcomtoolbar will not leave my computer

    Has anyone really successfully got rid of this spyware that attaches it's self to Explorer? I have done everything and it won't go away and at this point, I don't think it will. I have run Ad Aware, Spybot, Hijack this and have followed Symantec's instructions. There seems to be nothing more...
  24. Jeff

    Has anyone else not had Fixblast work for them?

    A friend of mine, who has XP, has the Blaster worm. I went there to run Fixblast on their computer but the program can't find it. I know the computer is infected with it since before the computer shuts down (which doesn't always happen) a Norton popup window will come up saying that the...
  25. Jeff

    Where to get shipping materials in Canada? (or from the US)

    Ok, so I checked out Ebay, and of course no one ships packing materials (peanuts) to Canada. They'll ship to Alaska however...Go figure. I did find one seller that ships shipping boxes WAY up here. Anyway, I'm wondering if there is a company that people can suggest that sells shipping boxes...
  26. Jeff

    I need to setup an auto reply

    I'm going to put an ad in a paper and I need to leave an email address that will send a fairly lengthy auto reply. I won't leave my computer on 24/7 so it's going to have to be from a service like Yahoo but Yahoo themselves only give you 10 lines. Hotmail doesn't have such a thing at all. Any...
  27. Jeff

    Can someone who speaks Italian translate this for me?

    There is a guy from Italy who is auctioning a watch I'm interested in. He speaks a little english and has given me a little information on the watch, but can someone translate the original text on the auction? Altavista's translation site doesn't do a very good job. Below is the link...
  28. Jeff

    How to change watch batteries?

    Every once and a while I'll buy an assortment of old watches from Ebay and I'm sick of bringing them to the jeweler to install the batteries, since they charge so much. My problem is not opening up the watch but how to determine which battery it takes. Is it possible? How do the jewelers do...
  29. Jeff

    Ebay: How do I post a pic next to my description?

    Yes, I know Ebay has forums but they're aren't many replies. I've also done an hours worth of searching on Ebay, and Google and have come up with no answers on how to post a picture next to the description instead of having just that green box. Thanks! Jeff
  30. Jeff

    Is there a good form for watch collectors?

    I've done a couple searches and can't find any half decent forums, not forms like the subject says. :) Thanks, Jeff