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  1. Mike LS

    Mini-DV Camera with digital capture?

    Also check out the Canon Elura series. I know you mentioned the external devices, but they will give you much better performance than using a DV camera. Most all of these will be much cheaper than a camera.
  2. Mike LS

    HP Notebook Problems with Best Buy - (RANT)

    Not sure if I'd go the lawsuit route yet, but I would sure as hell go as far up the management chain at Best Buy corporate as I could go and be as big a PITA as I could for a good while. I'm of the mind that purchasing the extended warranty should shield you from having to pay a penny for any...
  3. Mike LS


    Is the current drive an IDE interface or an SATA? That's really all you need to know...just make sure you get the same interface (connection) that your current drive has and you can get any size available for that interface. You should be able to pull up your system confiruation on the Compaq...
  4. Mike LS

    before E3 I thought Sony Would own the marketshare again this gen

    A bit off topic, but there are some emulators that allow you to play classic 2 player games online. I know of one SNES program where you can play Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat online. Not quite the Live experience, but major fun nonetheless. In some ways it's better because you can use an...
  5. Mike LS

    How can I get an extra USB "header" inside my case?

    I've gone the first route before, though my card reader came with an adapter. See if the following would work.... http://www.performance-pcs.com/catal...oducts_id=1116 As for option 2, I've not seen USB card with header pins on it, but they very well may exist.
  6. Mike LS

    Streaming Media Center

    What functions are you most concerned with? Seems that some models are better at certain functions than others.
  7. Mike LS

    Purchasing new home with "Shed", several questions...

    What about converting the shed to a garage and using the garage as the HT? I know that's only big enough for one bay, but I agree with DaveHo about using the shed as a theater.....eventually you'll stop using it because of the inconvenience of it being separate from your house. Heck, my HT is...
  8. Mike LS

    Need help with Frontpage 2003 (import a site)

    You'll have to log into the site first. Click File/Open and you'll get a normal dialog box. In the file name box, type in the URL as www.website.com and click open. You should then be prompted for the login. Enter the information and the site directory should load. If it loads in the "open site"...
  9. Mike LS

    How do I stop the beeping on my UPS?

    I'm sure there are units out there with the option of turning off the warning beep, but it sounds like the one that Daniel has is a standard computer UPS. Usually those type don't have many user selectable options. You'd just have to check the documentation to see if there is any mention of it.
  10. Mike LS

    How do I stop the beeping on my UPS?

    Depends on the UPS features, but I doubt it. None I've run across give you the option of silent battery operation.
  11. Mike LS

    If a DVD drive is on fritz, can it damage DVDRs?

    If the R disc is finalized, there's no worries to my knowledge. RW's might be a different matter if something is really screwy with the drive.
  12. Mike LS

    HT Value question

    Having a dedicated or semi-dedicated HT isn't going to affect an appraisal in most areas. Any added or detracted value will be in the eye of a potential buyer. That's one thing I thought about before remodeling. It wasn't very difficult to build a dedicated area that can fairly easily be...
  13. Mike LS

    Verizon wireless broadband

    Yeah, it's perfect for remote access. That's really not a very bandwidth intensive process anyway. We use ours for remote VPN all the time....I've even used connection sharing to network other machines off of the EVDO machine and use it for a remote sales setup at offsite events....running 3...
  14. Mike LS

    Verizon wireless broadband

    My boss uses one of these Verizon broadband cards and he loves it. He travels all over the country and I've yet to have him tell me that it wouldn't work where he was (he's usually in metro areas). It's kept him from shelling out $$ at hotels to use the broadband connection where he's staying so...
  15. Mike LS

    Best Video Capture option for $200

    What have you tried?
  16. Mike LS

    PS3 delayed

    It sounds like the online offering will be a very close copy of Live. There is a subscription level, so the free will probably just allow you to chat and do other non-gaming type stuff. I doubt very seriously that Sony will allow an opportunity to make some extra $$ slip by.
  17. Mike LS

    Sound Recorder Program?

    Audacity is great...especially if you work in a church tech department with the same budget that all the ones I've headed up over the years has been ($0). You will have to save to .wav first (as with most programs), but you want that in case you ever need to do any editing (I always loved...
  18. Mike LS

    Is this any good?

    I'm sure it's legit, but remember, you get what you pay for. If your friend is simply looking for a machine for internet access and basic programs, it'll work just fine, but I have a feeling it would choke on any intensive programs or games. Remember that it's got a 1.8gz equivalent...
  19. Mike LS

    Blue tooth with my computer?

    I've never seen a bluetooth headset/mic combo for use with a computer. I know there are bluetooth headphones (Toshiba has a set I know), but none of the ones I've seen have a mic. Not sure if you could make a bluetooth phone headset work with a computer though....don't computer headsets have...
  20. Mike LS

    Recording streaming audio

    Check out Total Recorder. It has a scheduled recording feature and can be scheduled to open your streaming player to a certain URL at a specific time, then record the stream for the amount of time you specify.
  21. Mike LS

    PC trouble, am I in trouble here?

    Have you tried any other spyware removers? Adaware etc? If not, give some other free programs a try and see if they find anything. Have you done a full virus scan since you noticed this activity? You can also run a scan with a program called hijackthis (do a google search) and post...
  22. Mike LS

    Best Video Capture option for $200

    Here's what I use. It's been a great device for the couple of years I've had it. http://www.adstech.com/products/API-...sp?pid=API-555 Price on the manufacturer's site is $199, but you can probably find it up to $50 cheaper elsewhere. tigerdirect.com comes to mind first. I think it's $160...
  23. Mike LS

    Component "Y" cable

    I agree that some signal degradation may occur using simple cable splitters, and there probably isn't a retail product available because of that very reason. I may try it with some spare parts from Radio shack....loss of a little quality isn't a huge deal since I'm limited to 480p on my...
  24. Mike LS

    Component "Y" cable

    Anyone know of a cable for merging 2 component video connections into 1 cable? I know this is really a job for a video switch, but I'm a cheap and don't want to have to get up and flip a switch to go from A to B. I've just gotten an Xbox 360 and want to keep the component cables for that...
  25. Mike LS

    Have 2nd HD power off while computer is running?

    The feature is under Control Panel/Power Options, but I'm pretty sure it groups all drives together. It allows you to specify that your drive(s) power down after X minutes of inactivity, but these settings would also control your C drive which would be a pain in the butt. The only way I can...
  26. Mike LS

    Wireless audio from PC to stereo receiver 12' away?

    How about something like http://www.usr.com/products/device/p...sp?sku=USR6003 There are a ton of wireless media servers you could use, but since you're wanting to control playback from the PC, you'd have to go a little lower tech. The page above says that it's no longer available for...
  27. Mike LS

    Wireless audio from PC to stereo receiver 12' away?

    Do you have a wireless router in your system now?
  28. Mike LS

    HD transfer

    I think you'd be better off removing the 20gb drive and doing ai fresh install on the new disk, then hooking up the old drive as a slave and copying your data off of that. I'm sure there are programs that will do what you want, but it seems that you'd be less likely to run into problems if...
  29. Mike LS

    Pentium vs Celeron

    All running WinXP Pro with all the latest updates and patches....set to auto update as new ones release. I have AVG network running on all the machines and I verify that all are running up to date regularly. I'll run an spyware sweep next chance I get (Adaware is installed on all of them)...