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  1. Leo Hinze

    Jewel case recycling?

    Does anybody know where I can recycle CD jewel cases? I have about 400 or so that I eventually want to dispose of. I googled and found this place - http://www.greendisk.com/gdsite/pack-ITservices.aspx, and they accept jewel cases - http://www.greendisk.com/Pop-ups/Ite...ispose-of.html...
  2. Leo Hinze

    Any good B&M stores in NoVA?

    I want a new motherboard, CPU, and memory. Back in the day, I was all about keeping up with the latest and greatest technology, but now I just don't have the time. I need a good computer store in northern VA (I live in Alexandria) that can sell me what I need at a decent price, give good advice...
  3. Leo Hinze

    I need suggestions for a military care package.

    My brother is currently serving somewhere in Iraq. I am going to send a care package, and I would like suggestions from those who have served and/or sent care packages on what to send. I'm planning on sending a few decks of cards, some sunflower seeds, power bars, dried jerky, peanuts etc...
  4. Leo Hinze

    Decisions, Decisions - 9 pm viewing 10/6/02

    Well, it's finally here. That dreaded day some of us have been, um, dreading. Alias, Angel, and Sopranos, all on at 9:00 pm. Here's my plan. Watch Alias in High Def. Tivo Angel. Watch the High Def re-air of Sopranos on Wed. Luckily Sopranos only has 9 more episodes. But then Six Feet Under...
  5. Leo Hinze

    Love the new Monica Seles commercial.

    I love celebrities who aren't too serious, and can poke a little fun at themselves. For example, the Kevin Bacon commercial that aired during the Super Bowl where he used the Six Degrees as ID for writing a check. I just saw a new (?) Monica Seles commercial for Amex where she in the grocery...
  6. Leo Hinze

    Mega-Threads are too cumbersome to be useful.

    I think the mega-threads are getting out of hand. For example, the AOTC discussion thread. I just spent about two pages wading through an argument between some guy who had a Star Wars spoof line in his thread, and some other guy who thought he was spoiling the movie. These threads have become...
  7. Leo Hinze

    Kids say the darndest things - great news quote.

    I was reading this story kid drives car news story and in the middle, was something that made me laugh.
  8. Leo Hinze

    DDD music on new high res formats?

    I'm curious how albums recorded digitally for red book CD will sound on new higher resolution playback formats like SACD. For example, on of my personal faves, Sting's Nothing Like The Sun, shows DDD on the packaging. What kind of digital equipment did they use/what were the digital...
  9. Leo Hinze

    It's official - I'm cool, OR, when TV uses tracks from semi-obscure albums you own

    So I'm watching one of my favorite TV shows, Six Feet Under, and in the background in one scene, I hear a song that I identify as Sparks by Royksopp. They are a Norwegian duo who plays some groovy downtempo stuff. That the director/producer of the show would choose non-mainstream music that I...
  10. Leo Hinze

    I Pity the Fooool!

    I pity the fool with enough free time/lack of life/creativity to create an HTF themed "Mr. T Vs." Mr. T vs. Everything Can't get enough Mr. T?
  11. Leo Hinze

    Need Help Relocating to NOVA - Arlington/Alexandria?

    I may be moving to Arlington or Alexandria soon. I was actually born in Alexandria, and lived there for a few months as a baby. I grew up in suburban Maryland, so I am not a total stranger to the area. I have not spent time there as an adult, though. I am trying to find information on...
  12. Leo Hinze

    Places that pack and ship large items for cheap?

    I am thinking of selling my Nordic Track skier on eBay. I don't have the original box, so I need to find some place to pack it. It would be great if that place would also ship. I can take it to Mail Boxes Etc., but I think they charge to much for their packing services, and I definitely...
  13. Leo Hinze

    What is/was 'new math'

    Okay. I'm curious. What exactly is 'new math'? And how new is it? And what was old math? And why is new math not as good as old math? I seem to remember a PTA meeting in the mid 70's where my dad (who was a math major in college) stood up and had a heated argument with some guy about...
  14. Leo Hinze

    Help - Accentuate the Positive - which movies other than L.A. Confidential?

    This is driving me crazy. Okay, so I am already crazy, but, well, you get the point. I was singing this song the other day, and my friend and I swear this song was sung in a Disney movie. I know it was in L.A. Confidential. Does anybody know if this was in a Disney movie, or any other...